Okay, to anyone who was looking to more Scorched Wings, that story's been temporarily cancelled, until I think up a decent ending. What was gonna happen, basically, is Fybi gets her wings back (yeah, still trying to think of a better reason how that happens), Sector W beats Phosphora in her Moody Storm base, they get her Lightning Sash and use it to heal everyone else, and then Phosphora gets taken to Arctic Prison, so that's where she is now. Yeah, and due to recent circumstances, I don't really have much interest in continuing at the moment; the story seriously needs to be rewritten, anyway, it didn't sound like many people were enjoying it much. But hey, maybe someone will come up with an idea for me. Anyhoo, this new story, I hope will be much better. It introduces a brand new future kid to my series, and one of my favorites. Soo, let's begin.

Heartly Household

It was relatively quiet outside the Heartly household. Well, not entirely. The day was regularly sunny as a car pulled into the driveway of the home. The grown, married woman, Kami Heartly stepped out of the car and proceeded to open the trunk. A dozen bags and such of groceries cluttered the trunk as Kami hauled a couple into her arms, struggling with them as she carried them to her front door.

Inside the house, the sounds of piping loud music and rock-and-roll ruined the quietness of the outside. Up in her room, a young girl with very short, blond hair and a black baseball cap relaxed on her bed, nodding her head to the music. The girl wore a black, sleeveless shirt that exposed her bellybutton, thin, black pants that cut off around the ankles, black socks, and had spiked wristbands around her wrists. Her black shoes were lying turned over on the floor, and she also had a black collar around her neck.

Once Kami finally entered the house, the sound of this loud music met her ears as she set the groceries on the ground, stopping to catch her breath. "KIMAYA, dear! Can you help with the groceries?"

Upstairs, the girl continued nodding to the music, her eyes closed as she totally ignored the woman's call.

Kami, realizing she wasn't coming down, sighed and followed the music upstairs to the girl's room. "Kimaya?" she called as she opened the door to the room, decorated with stereos and posters of gothic-like bands, poisons, and other such things. She found the child still ignoring her as she nodded to the music. Kami rolled her eyes and immediately entered to push the button and turn the stereos off.

Kimaya Heartly ceased her nodding and opened her emerald green eyes to look up at her mother. "Yo, Mom, what gives?"

"I need help unloading the groceries."

"So, git Dad to do it."

"Dad isn't home. So, if you want your supper, I'd suggest you help." Kami stated as she was about to head downstairs.

"Pssh, I want YO' supper…" Kimaya mumbled.

"What was that?"

Kimaya sighed, "Nothing.", and got up from her bed to go downstairs with her mother.

Cleveland Train Station

The train station was bustling with people as a train pulled in and stopped precisely at its point. Crowds and bunches of people piled out, the last one being a strange, slim man with black, slick clothing, silvery white hair, a very long, silver mustache that stretched around 20 centimeters, in which both sides were bent at an angle, black shoes in which the sharp toe-ends were curled upward, white gloves, and a monocle on his left eye. If that didn't make him sound like he stood out from the crowd enough, perhaps the fact that his skin was a bluish-purple will.

"Mmm, I say, that sun is awfully bright." The man said in a low, British accent, using his right hand to block his view of the sun from his face. "Regardless, this seems to be a fairly nice town."

"Remember the mission, Arlon." A female voice spoke through his communicator in his ear. "You can't let anyone know who you are."

"Why, of course I do, Mistress Viridi." The man replied. "Why, what we need is a serene, subtle approach. I shall not fail you, I shall promise you that."

"I should hope not."

The slim man reached in his pocket and pulled out a circular locket, which had a mysterious design of the crescent moon. The man stared at the locket for a while before hiding it in his pocket, then proceeding to make his way through the crowds of people, while uttering, "Oops, so sorry, my good fellow", "Ahh, bonjour, my good sir," and "Wonderful weather, eh wot?" As he walked away from the huge crowds, his eyes brimmed an eerie red.

So, yes, it was a short chapter, but they all are. The Nextgen Series is more TV show than videogame. The first real game is going to be Operation: MASKED. Anyway, this introduces Kimaya Heartly, daughter of Jeremiah and Kami Heartly. We'll get to know more about her later, but until then, CHUG IT UP! Hehe, guess where that's from. ;D Later!