O-kay, here is the last chapter of Gang. The boss battle against Arlon, as well as the action stage. Let's do this.

Let's Bring the School Down! Kami vs. Arlon!

Arlon's Lunar School For Learners

Nighttime soon came, and the full moon was hanging bright over the sky. Dressed in her fancy school uniform, Kimaya Heartly approached the school in a casual fashion, eager to learn more about good manners. As she passed down the bright white halls, a tiny Kami and Vweeb poked out of one of the pockets of her dress. They gripped and slid down the wavy fabric and took land on the floor, hurrying to creep under the door of a closet. Once there, Vweeb aimed his ray gun at Kami and restored her normal size, the woman having to squat to fit in the janitor's closet. "Everywhere else is clean..." she mumbled, bending down to pick Vweeb up. "Now, let's go find Kimaya and her friends."

As Vweeb was placed on her shoulder, he said, "Now that we're at this, can't you rip this suit off me? It's starting to itch..."

"Maybe later. There's something off about Arlon's school, and we're gonna find out what."

Kami creaked the door open a crack and glanced around the hallway. As she carefully stepped out- "Ahh, Miss Kami! I did not expect to find you in here." They both winced, turning to face Arlon, who stood by two of the armored soldiers.

Kami put on a serious look and declared, "I'm taking my daughter and the rest of her friends back. And you're going to undo whatever it is you did to them."

"I'm afraid that's entirely out of my purview. Unfortunately, hypnosis on a rowdy bunch of kids like them only lasts so long. Thankfully, classes are in session for each of them as we speak, so they'll surely have another good dose in time."

Vweeb noticed a painting on the wall to their left, his eyes widening. "Lady, check it out!" Kami turned, and saw it was a painting of none other than Viridi. Vweeb faced Arlon again and yelled, "You're one of Viridi's henchmen, aren't you? !"

"Oh, it seems I've been caught." Arlon sighed. "Miss Viridi is the person whom I serve. I only arrived on this planet based on her orders."

"Where are you really from?" Kami asked.

"I'm afraid you've been given enough information. My Hall Monitors here will have you dealt with. Gentlemen:" the soldiers loaded and took aim with their cannon-arms, "attack."

Kami grabbed her keychain in her right hand, allowing it to spawn into the Jungle King Keyblade. Vweeb dropped to the floor and pulled out his Tri-gun, ready for battle. (Play "Razoff's Mansion" from Rayman 3.)

Stage 5: A Servant's Paradise

Mission: Rescue the Gang members and catch that crazy butler!

Kami dodged the cannons and sliced one of the arms with her Keyblade. She afterwards kicked off the soldier's head and knocked it over. Vweeb leaped around the floor to avoid the other one's cannon, afterwards leaping on and running up its arm before jumping into its eyehole and blasting it. When both soldiers were defeated, they watched as Arlon sprinted down the hall, turning down a left corridor. "After him!" Kami yelled as they engaged pursuit. They hurried down a very long hallway of vases, statues of peoples' heads, and paintings of white-wigged people. To their surprise, some Bumpety Bombs dropped from the ceiling, lighting their fuses as they rolled toward the two. Kami swatted them away with her Keyblade while Vweeb blasted them, and they all self-destructed in seconds.

"Mmm, the porridge is quite good-"

"Yes, quite good indeed." At the sound of these voices, Kami and Vweeb hurried down the hall. They peeked into a room where Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin, as well as Kaleo Anderson were sipping tea, all dressed in smooth uniforms, with a view of the full moon hanging over the opened roof. They took notice of a switch and slid down the stairs to flip it, but some Hall Monitors appeared and shot giant acorn bombs. Kami back-flipped and tossed her Keyblade like a boomerang to slice one of the guards in two, while Vweeb shot at the other's feet and made it dance before it tripped. Kami ran to flip the lever, causing the ceiling to close. However, Kaleo still appeared hypnotized.

"Now, I say, that's as far as you go." Arlon appeared on a platform high above the floor of that room. The silver-haired butler started tossing cards at the woman, but Kami ran around and evaded them. She took notice of the chandelier on the ceiling, so when Arlon tossed another card, she spun her Keyblade and deflected it towards the chain from which it hung, the card slicing the chain and causing the chandelier to drop. One of the candles lit up Kaleo's fancy clothing, disintegrating it in seconds before the sensation caught on to him.

"EEYOOOOOWW!" Kaleo leapt into the air, dropping and rolling on the floor to put the flames out. From jumping that high towards the ceiling, the smoke drifted to one of the ceiling faucets, causing them all to activate. Meanwhile, one of the other candles lit Peter Griffin up.

"Oh dear, what's this?" Brian asked in his British tone.

"Oh, it seems I've spontaneously combusted." Peter replied.

"Are you quite all right?"

"That's okay, I've grown quite tired of living."

"Ahh, all good, then."

"Oh, is it raining again?" Stewie asked.

The sprinklers quickly flooded the room, leaving the other three men to drown. The water allowed Kami, Vweeb, and Kaleo to float, and as it rised higher, they got closer to Arlon's platform. The butler immediately dashed away, the three climbing onto the platform and dashing after him. They made turns down various hallways as Dibble Dops appeared and launched bombs, creating powerful water spouts. Kami and Kaleo immediately skidded to a halt just inches before the water spouts. However, Vweeb was caught in one and propelled to the ceiling, where the alien had a good view of the Dibble Dops for him to blast each one of them in the eye.

"Today, some sporting good news for the Lunarian Frondon Flompemwonglers, after scoring 20 yonks to 40 lings, thanks to Fraton Trombwiggler, in today's sporting game of cricket. Is that good? We don't know! It's what we do!" Arlon's voice sounded through the intercom.

After knocking out some Nutskis, the three peeked down the alternate hallways as the corridor split in two. Arlon peeked his head out of a closet behind Kami, gliding across the floor as he zipped past Kami, making some sort of windy sound as the three chased him down the hall. They chased him to a theater room, where Beat sat among the many rows of chairs as the screen projected a view of the moon. "Today, the moon remains one of our many good friends." Arlon spoke on stage. "For thanks to its riveting beauty, people do not have to harm their eyes as they try to see, and great hypnosis is exercised everywhere."

A couple of Captain Flares poofed out of thin air and started launching meteors. Kami tried to strike a meteor, but her Keyblade couldn't penetrate as the rock pushed her back. Kaleo simply burped Gas Bombs at the fire monsters and destroyed one. The other one avoided and prepared to launch another meteor, but Vweeb shot his stun ray and made it vanish. At this time, Kami hurried onto the stage where Arlon was, proceeding to lay a series of blows against him, then finally knocking him through the screen, causing the projection to vanish. Arlon stood up, and bolted down the passageway behind the screen.

"How do we wake him up?" Vweeb asked as he and Kaleo got to Beat's side.

Kaleo thought for a second before his mind sparked. He engulfed some Purple Flurp, and- "BUUUUURP!"

"DYAAH!" Beat was blown out of his uniform, standing and glaring angrily at Kaleo. "Dammit, Leo, you KNOW I hate smellin' yo' stinky-ass burps!"

"HE'S BAAACK!" Kaleo exclaimed, embracing him in a hug.

"Then let's keep going." Kami instructed, and the others ran after her down the passageway. They progressed down a labyrinth of nicely polished halls, making turns every which way and having to take down Bumpety Bombs. Along the way, they passed another painting of Viridi, a painting of Phosphora, Cragalanche, Mighty Poo, as well as some grey rabbit in a butler suit and monocle.

"Today, in Memorial Week, we honor the esteemed Mr. Herriman." The intercom sounded. "His bunny brilliance of putting imaginary hooligans in their place shall not be forgotten. His routine continued for years before he met an unfortunate end by the fangs of the vicious Werehog that ensnarled him."

"Sorry." Sonic the Werehog said out of nowhere.

"Oh, yeh? We', here's what I gots to say to dat!" Beat exclaimed before unleashing a sound wave to blow a hole in the painting, revealing a secret passage.

"Good find." Kami said before crawling through the tunnel, followed by the others. They crawled their way to a chamber where Rhyme and a few other captured children were sewing together puppets of animals with monocles and top-hats.

"Jus' a few more before yer all ripe and crikey, Mr. Dingo, wot-wot!" Rhyme said in a British/Australian accent as she fixed the puppet of a dingo.

Over behind a cardboard counter, Arlon seemed to be playing with a puppet of a donkey and one of a penguin. "'I say, Mr. Pengy-Poo, that's quite a full moon we have out tonight, yakka-yakka.'"

"'You bet yer gizzards, Mr. Ding-Dot-Donk, wakka-wakka!'" Hanging over the puppets was a tiny, cardboard full moon, hanging by a string.

Just then, a bunch of Puppits dropped from the ceiling, and the floating monsters proceeded to drift over to Kami and start dealing smacks. Several of them surrounded her, but the woman performed a spin attack and wiped them all out in one swing. A group of Flages appeared to take their place, the Nature ops specialists poofing all around the room and striking the heroes from all sides. Kaleo made a Poison Whip and wrapped it around one's wrists to swing it into another. Beat then jumped and slammed down on both of them, leaving Vweeb to shoot their eyes. Kami ran to attack Arlon, but a Flage appeared in her path. However, the ghost-like enemy was suddenly smacked from both sides in the head by an unseen force, which then smacked it against the wall. Kami raised a brow in confusion, but Kaleo yelled, "THANK YOU, STEWIE!"

Kami shook her head and ran to lay more blows against the blue-skinned butler, tearing up his puppet booth in the process. He recovered and bolted down another hallway.

"Chim-chim-cherio!" Rhyme cooed, playing with her puppet puppy.

Beat ran, grabbed her arm, and said, "Yo, Rhyme, we gotta git!"

"Okay, then." Rhyme simply pulled off her fancy dress and placed the knit-cap on her head. "Let's go!"

"Wait… you weren't even hypnotized?"

"Not really. Talking British was fun! Especially when you were doing it."

"Gyaaaahhh!" Beat freaked out in embarrassment.

The four kids proceeded to follow Kami as they chased Arlon down the hall, the butler panting as he ran as fast as he could down the mazy corridors. They scampered down several more pathways, and by the time they reached a wider hallway of historical people statues, the man was long gone.

"I say, why don't we play a little hunting game?"

"AHH!" Kami yelped and jumped away when a laser shot down from the ceiling, nearly hitting her feet.

"One's coming at the little rodent."

"IPE!" The ground where Vweeb stood was zapped, becoming black with soot, but the tiny alien was shown to have jumped to Kaleo's nose.

"AAHHH!" Kaleo screamed and ducked before a laser could strike him.

Beat looked up and noticed the small turret about to shoot him, but he instantly tossed a music note and wiped it out. With that, the kids proceeded down the halls in search of Arlon. "You know, for one of Viridi's henchmen, none of this really even seems to suit Viridi's version of nature." Vweeb said. "Just what's Arlon's deal with Viridi, anyway?"

"Let me tell you what my 'deal' with Viridi is. She is disgusted with humans' unruly behavior much like I am. In the process of wiping them out, it is my job to teach them the proper ways of what a society with their existence is supposed to be like. Sadly, humans have already come too far. So despite my efforts to teach them the proper ways, they all have to go, anyhow. This whole thing just keeps them from fighting back like the ruffians they are."

"Well, it's a step up from all the regular fighting you guys've been doing." Kami replied.

"Nn, yes. I wish I could say the same about you."

"Well, you should've thought twice before brainwashing my daughter."

"What befalls you or your family is no concern of mine. I am beholden only to Mistress Viridi. And you all are thorns in her side."

"A loyal butler until the end." Vweeb said.

"Boy, this guy IS lame! Let's take him out fast!" Beat exclaimed.

Kami kicked open the double doors to find the school's library. They made their way through all of the mazelike aisles of books, in which Dibble Dops popped out and launched more water bombs. Kami flipped over one of the spouts and sliced a Dibble Dop while Rhyme blew music notes through the water and knocked the other one out. Kami then decided to climb up the book shelves like a ladder, then hop her way across the shelves before dropping down in the center. Kami gasped as two Hall Monitors were trying to force her daughter to gaze into a telescope, aimed directly at the full moon.

"Kimaya!" She raised her Keyblade and ran to strike the two guards, releasing Kimaya, and afterwards slicing the telescope.

"Hmm, that won't do at all." Arlon said. The man snapped his fingers, and Kami was instantly pulled backward by an invisible force, which revealed to be a Flage. Kami tried to shake away, but was unable to, and she was about to be sliced by another Flage.

Arlon smirked at this, but gasped when he viewed over the many aisles of books, seeing them all topple over like dominos. "TIMBERRRRRR!" Beat called on the other end. Before the Flage struck Kami, they felt the shadow loom over them, gasping before the gigantic shelf came down and crushed them all. (End song.)

"MOM!" Kimaya's eyes widened, and the girl hurried over to the fallen shelf and started tossing books out of the way. Kimaya stepped back when she saw an arm stick out from underneath, and Kami pulled herself out from under the heavy shelf, grunting with pain as she helped herself up.

"I'm all right." She gasped. Kimaya sighed with relief.

"KIMI!" The two looked across the fallen shelves to see Beat and the others running across.

"Beat, you dumb shit! You coulda killed mah ma!" Kimaya yelled.

"Ahh, come on, Kimi, ain't you gotta admit that was awesome."

"Ah know one thing, Ah'm gettin' outta this shit." Kimaya stated as she proceeded to rip her uniform off.

"Well… that's everybody." Kami observed.

"Um, not quite." Vweeb corrected.

The six entered a doorway where Arlon escaped through, gasping with utter shock from what was inside. An auditorium of dozens of kids was lit up by the enormous full moon hanging in the heavens over the open roof, and the hundreds of children were entranced by its beauty. "Well, this…this ain't cool." Kimaya said.

"Okay, you kids get out of here." Kami instructed. "It's not safe for you. I'll deal with Arlon."

"Man, you sure about that, Mom? That dude be on a crackhead if you know what Ah'm sayin'."

"Kimaya, I already messed up by sending you all here in the first place. I'm not risking your lives by letting you come to fight Arlon with me."

Kimaya sighed and eye-rolled. "A'ight, whutever, Mom. But if you ain't come home, Ah'm tellin' Dad Ah told you so." With that, the Gang members left, and Kami chuckled to herself at that statement. Once they were out of sight, the woman made her way through the audience room, around the audience and onto the stage as she was about to enter a backstage chamber.

"Waa-a-a-a-ah!" Kami toppled over at the sudden tremor.

Outside, the entire school trembled as it slowly rose off the ground. Roots and dirt dropped from beneath the establishment as it was finally off the ground, rising into the starry night sky.

KND Moonbase

The Moonbase felt quiet around technical nighttime, and Cheren remained in his office signing papers as he released a yawn. "Think I'll grab me another soda." When the operative left his office and crossed the bridge, he found his second-in-command gazing out the large window. "Hey, whatcha doin', Panini?"

"Oh… nothin'." The Irish girl rested her head on her hand and sighed. "Just gazin' at the full moon."

Cheren went to stand beside her, looking up at the beautiful moon as well. "Yeah… it sure is pretty." But at that instant, Cheren realized something. "Um… Panini?"


"We're on the moon."

"Oh. Then what's…" Suddenly, the moon vanished from sight, making the two gasp.

The moon zipped back into existence as the floating school was on its way there. "Oh, blast! Has that invisibility shield been faulty all this time? ?" Arlon exclaimed. "Hmm, must be when those two hooligans crashed into it before. No matter. I will proceed with the plan, anyway."

After a few more minutes, the school finally took land onto an open spot on the fake moon's surface. Kami was able to stand up again, and the woman curiously entered the doorway. She gasped in surprise when she found herself in an open area above the school, high up in outer space. In the distance was the real moon, where the Moonbase rested, and standing in the center of the arena was Arlon himself.

"What…What is all this?" Kami asked.

"Kami, I humbly present to you, the Lunar Sanctum. You see, my dear, when I first arrived on this planet, I decided to take this little space station with me. My plan was to guide the little hooligans into my school and mold their rebellious minds into more polite ones, using good old-fashioned hypnosis. Of course, anyone knows that true hypnosis, and entrancing of the mind, can only be done by the glorious beauty that is the moon. Along with my very own special mix of moonbending."

"Moonbending?" Kami questioned. "You mean like… waterbending?"

"Oh, goodness, no. Cresselia controls both the moon and the waves. It is its own element. Moonbending is gifted to ones with a serene mind such as my own. Requiring calmness and tranquility. Much like the Jedi in a way, but moonbending is different from psychic. Moonbenders possess mystical powers that can alter the night, and many other features that our great moons give us… such as your ability to see." The serene man waved an arm, and the area around Kami became pitch-black. When her vision reappeared, Arlon glided behind her, startling the woman as she jumped around to face him.

"Since the moon is such an entrancing body, that's where the hypnosis comes into play. The moon can slowly ease the mind to become weary, and the mind can even be molded to do whatever we want. And so, I hypnotized the young ones by a demonstration of my power. Sadly, though, if I had used the moon that hovers over this world, the children would have suspected something. …Which is why I brought my OWN moon from Planet Lunaria, using this beauty!" Arlon held up the crescent moon locket in his fingers. "The Lunar Locket grants anyone a version of artificial moonbending, and in the hands of a moonbender can be quite deadly. The moon is also able to create nonexistent visions, which was how I designed it to be invisible… for a time. Were my moonbending powers strong enough, this could have been empty space."

"Hmm…" Kami took a moment to absorb all this into her head.

"And now, the grand unveiling." Kami shook as the entire moon began trembling again. In a few moments, the massive station opened up to reveal a gigantic glass eye, glaring directly down at the Earth. "I have watched all of these hooligans transform into fine, young, high-class individuals. From the heavens, the Lunar Sanctum saw through my eyes, absorbing every detail of the result of my hypnosis. On my command, it shall emit a fantastic beam, and all on Earth shall be transformed into well-mannered butlers and maids, much like myself. Then… there will be no one to interfere with Mistress Viridi's plans."

Kami faced the man with a serious glare and gripped her Keyblade tight. "Not as long as I'm here to kick your butt."

"Ahh, they never change." Arlon sighed. "I had hoped you were more mature… but sadly, you have just the same heart as you did when you were a kid. But if that is how it shall be… I guess I have no choice. So, enguarde, Missus Heartly." Arlon bowed. "It is my greatest honor to represent Mistress Viridi…" Arlon looked up, his right eye brimming with an eerie red light, "and the Forces of Nature…" (Play "Power-Hungry Fool" from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.)

Boss fight: Arlon the Serene

Kami charged and swung at the butler, but Arlon swiftly leapt over the woman and landed behind. Kami performed a spin attack, but the butler glided backward and unleashed a bunch of cards at her. Kami dodged the cards and made her way to the man, dealing a couple of blows against him. Arlon glided around the area, leaving pitch-black along his trail. Kami walked around aimlessly in the total darkness, but Arlon appeared behind her and zapped her with a laser. She jumped back to her feet and ran to swing at him, but Arlon already avoided. The butler kept jumping around the room, releasing trails of blue flames that exploded on the ground. Kami paid attention to where the blue flames were coming from and was able to find Arlon, running to deal him some blows.

The light was restored to the area, but Arlon slipped away from Kami's grasp. She ran to try and strike him some more, but Arlon ducked and slid smoothly along the ground, performing a spin-kick to knock Kami off her feet. Arlon backed away and punched his arms upward, conjuring blackish-purple spiked crystals around the field. Kami stood up and jumped over the crystals to swing at Arlon, but the butler grabbed her Keyblade and attempted to push her into the crystal. She suddenly released her own grip, causing Arlon to stumble forwards a bit, and Kami took this moment to kick him off his feet and make him fall against the crystal.

Arlon recovered and made all of the crystals vanish before sliding in the center of the field. There, he spun around at high speeds, unleashing a series of flying cards which Kami had to duck to avoid. Lots of the cards stuck into places around the battlefield, and once Arlon stopped, he glided over in attempt to kick Kami down onto the sharp projectiles. Kami fell, but pushed the Keyblade against the floor to keep herself up, then flipped overhead to land on a safe spot as Arlon walked over to toss more cards at her. Kami shielded from the cards and swung at Arlon, but the butler back-flipped several feet away. Black roses emerged from his sleeves, and he tossed them at Kami, but she held her Keyblade up and caused the sharp roses to stick to it. She noticed the flowers beeping and immediately shook them away before they exploded on the floor.

The explosion blew the cards away, and Arlon ran to throw some kicks at Kami, but she defended before sliding behind and laying a few blows against him. Arlon jumped away and darkened the area once again, leaving only a dim light. In the dimness, Arlon held up his Lunar Locket and used it to move the moon around. The moon brimmed and emitted a blue glow onto the arena, creating several Arlon copies. Kami swung her Keyblade and hit all of the Arlons she could, but they all turned into puffs of smoke, and they kept moving around, confusing her. At last, the real Arlon shot up from behind and kicked her away, but Kami stood her ground as she turned to face him, running to swing her blade, but Arlon dodged out of the way once again. The butler was lost among the dozens of clones, so Kami kept aimlessly swinging.

The real Arlon jumped over her and dropped more blue flames, and Kami barely dodged before they could explode. When the smoke cleared, Kami was nearly out of breath, covered in soot, but all of the Arlon clones seem to have vanished. She ran to attack the man, but he vanished into smoke, and Kami was kicked away from the right side by the real Arlon. She weakly recovered as the butler launched two cards that stuck into the ground in front of her. The cards grew to Kami's height and grabbed the woman, pinning her to the ground. Kami struggled to get away, looking up as Arlon flew into the heavens. The man came down, quaking the ground with a crescent moon wrecking ball, which dangled from a chain. He rode the wrecking ball as it swung around the field, and the cards forced Kami to stand up so it could knock her around. Kami had little recovery time as the crescent moon kept coming back and bashing her around.

After enough beatings, Kami was knocked to near unconsciousness. Arlon held a devious smirk, levitating the small, sharp moon above the woman, and about to bring it down. Before he could crush her, however, Beat suddenly flew into the area and punched the man clear in the face, knocking him off of the wrecking ball. When Arlon tried to recover, his face was instantly met with a Poison Whip, leaving a red mark on his cheek as he bounced further away. Kami looked up to see what saved her, finding the Gang members surrounding Arlon, and her daughter bending over her. "You okay, Ma?"

"Kimaya?..." Kami rubbed her sore head, "What happened? I thought I told you to escape."

"Ma, when was the last time Ah ever listened to you?" Kimaya smirked. "And i's not like we COULD with the school goin' inta space and all! DUUHHH!"

Kami chuckled as she allowed her daughter to help her up. They all faced the fallen butler as Kami readied her Keyblade. "It's six against one." Kami announced. "What're you gonna do, now?"

"Very impressive, Mrs. Heartly." Arlon spoke, standing to brush himself off. "But I believe it's time I show you the true extent of my…" he gripped a rose in his teeth, knelt down on one knee, and used his Lunar Locket to make the moon's rays shine directly on him, "Lunar Magic…" The man stood and threw his arms out, creating blue flames all around the area. Arlon glided around the field and launched all of the blue flames he could at the kids, but they avoided as quick as they could. When Arlon launched two flames at Kaleo, he quickly burped a Gas Bomb and destroyed the fires, blowing the flames and everybody away.

When the smoke cleared, Arlon was shown to be surrounded in blue spiraling flames, smashing his hand against the ground several times and launching fiery shockwaves. Kami jumped the shockwaves and dealt a few more swings against the butler before he jumped away. He split into three clones, and those clones split into more. Several of the copies tried to stomp on Vweeb, but the little alien shot each one he could and made them vanish into smoke. Kimaya whipped out her Poison Whip and rapidly swung it around, slashing all of the ones she could.

The clones' numbers were growing shorter as Kami finished off a few more. "Where did he go, now?"

"Look!" Rhyme pointed. "He's up there!"

Arlon was at a higher point in the school, kneeling down as he fixed his monocle, glaring straight at the Lunar Locket. "I say, I am quite behind schedule. Best get this done now."

The Lunar Sanctum turned until it was aimed directly at the United States down below, Arlon's gigantic eye keeping a steady stare as it filled with a red energy. "He's about to blast the Earth!" Kami exclaimed.

"C'mon, Rhyme, Ah gotta plan!" Beat yelled. "Yo, dudes and Miss Heartly, git up there and stop him!" They nodded as Kami and the others climbed onto the school's roof, while Beat dragged Rhyme into the building.

Kami rushed headfirst toward the butler and took her swing, but the Arlon illusion vanished. Kaleo noticed him several feet to the side and burped a Poison Bomb, but once the smoke cleared, the illusion vanished as well.

"Over there!" Vweeb yelled, noticing another Arlon. While he was focused on his Lunar Locket, the group ran over to strike him, but he waved his arm and created a shroud of pitch-black. "Crud. Now how do we find him?"

Within the school, Beat and Rhyme beat away several Royal Guards before finally arriving at the office. "Finally! Man, Ah dunno what's so rockin' 'bout this harpsichord bull, but le's see how Arlon feels about a little rock!" Beat smirked.

"I don't think he'll like this!" Rhyme said.

The two placed their boombox before the PA microphone. They switched the PA on and placed hands on the boombox, channeling their musicbending energy. The boombox was fueled with power, unleashing a powerful sonic wave of loud, obnoxious rock and roll.

"Dwah!" Arlon winced at the sudden sound of the blasting music. The darkness vanished, and the sounds of the boombox shook the entire school. Arlon cupped his hands over his ears, wobbling uncontrollably as the building shook.

The massive laser that was charging within the eye suddenly blacked out, and the gigantic glass began to crack.

"Well, guess that's it for this place." Kami figured.

"Well, Arlon," Kimaya smirked, "looks like yo' moon just got whupped."

"No!" Arlon jumped to his feet. "If this fortress falls-" He was unable to finish as the floor gave way, causing them all to drop into the auditorium below. "OOOOFF!" The crescent moon wrecking ball fell through the hole and landed on Arlon's cranium. Tears welled in his eyes from the pain, and the butler fell backward unconscious, the Lunar Locket bouncing off of his neck.

"So, uuh, any way off this thing?" Kimaya asked.

"You know, we have survived quite a few explosions back in the day." Kami remembered.

"Den Ah guess we goin' down!" Beat grinned, folding his hands behind his head.

After a few more minutes, the gigantic sanctum plummeted towards the Earth, catching fire as it fell through the atmosphere and crashed into an open green field. (End song.)

Sanctum Ruins

Within the burning wreckage of the Lunar Sanctum, the many captured children, all covered with soot, hurried out to meet with their parents. Rupert Dickson ran up to hug his mother, Emily, Berry Bean scampered over to tackle her mother, Terry Stork grumpily walked up to his parents, Bartie and Ginny, and Kaleo excitedly ran up to his relieved parents. Francis brought a S.P.R.A.Y.S.H.I.P. down to the wreckage, and Zach and Maddy had Arlon in handcuffs, leading the defeated butler into the ship. "Well-p, that solves the case of the mysteriously missing kids." Cheren stated.

"And another one of Viridi's commanders in prison." Panini smirked.

Kami and Kimaya dizzily walked out of the wreckage, their clothes torn and burned. "…How the heck did we survive that shit?" Kimaya panted.

"Oh well… all well and good." Kami gasped.

Kimaya finished catching her breath and brushed some dirt off her singed clothes. "Mom… you were pretty cool in there."

Kami smiled. "Thanks, Sweetheart."

Kimaya glanced away in guilt. "Mom… Ah'm sorry for bein' such a bitch. I won't listen to that shit, anymore…"

Kami sighed and got to her knees, placing a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "No. It's my fault, Kim. I wanted you to be like how I envisioned, but… it was wrong of me to change who you are. You can still listen to what you like, and… all that other stuff. But… can you at least focus more on school? And no more stealing… please?"

Kimaya smiled. "Sure, Ma." The two embraced in a hug.

"AW, YEAH! FAMILY RECONCILANCE!" Beat exclaimed as the Gang members walked over.

"I think you still need to go back to school." Kami stated.

"Ahh, don't kill the moment, man! We jus' kicked Arlon's ASS! Tha's what we do! Kickin' butts and takin' names, that's The Gang's way!"

"Taking names?" Kimaya smirked. "Liiike…"

Kami smirked. "Daisukenojo Bito?"

"KYAAAAHH!" Everyone laughed at Beat's sudden reaction. "Kimaya! ! ! You SWORE you wouldn't tell her! !"

Kami giggled. "Come on, you all. Who wants ice cream?"

"ICE CREEEAM! ! I'm first, Stewie!" Kaleo exclaimed before running off.

"I get the chips!" Rhyme smiled.

"Banana sundae fo' me!" Beat grinned.

"Heh! I can chow down two cones full!" Vweeb exclaimed.

"Man, that is SO fake."

"Ah'll help pay for it, too." Kimaya offered.

"Aw, thanks, dear." Kami smiled.

When everyone had cleared from the burning wreckage, the Lunar Locket was left lying on the ground. A shadowy being stepped up to the misplaced locket and picked it up. A wide, creepy grin was spread across his round head.

And so ends another story in the Nextgen Series. Yeah, I couldn't really think of a way for them to escape. XP I mean, they HAVE survived quite a few explosions on some occasions, like when the Moonbase crashed. XP I also hope to go a little more into the new element, moonbending later, as well as musicbending. Sequel series needs new elements. ANND, take a guess who the shadowy being was! XXP But next time, we will finish Operation: ERASED, which was already typed up and completed. Laters.