Chapter 1

Harry opened one eye and groaned. His whole body felt sore and broken. He knew he deserved it though, for every person who'd died for him. You see at the ministry last year Harry finally killed Voldemort. He'd hoped that the end of the war meant that he wouldn't have to go back to the Dursleys. However there were still Death Eaters left and Dumbledore thought it would be best if he was put back under the Blood Wards at his family's house. Shaking himself he realized he'd better get his worthless arse out of bed before Uncle Vernon woke up. If breakfast wasn't on the table he would get a beating. Not that he didn't deserve it, but the blood was really difficult to get out of the carpet. Standing up he winced. By his assessment he had a few broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, and all the toes on his left foot were broken. This was in addition to the black and blue bruises covering every inch of his body. He limped down the steps. The brunette winced with every step and wished he didn't have to walk down them. Soon after that he berated himself. At least he had a room and he hadn't been stuck back in his cupboard. Why was he being so selfish? He reached the kitchen and began to prepare the food with his good arm. Soon the smell of sizzling bacon filled the house. It made his stomach growl, but he didn't sneak any. He knew better than that. The last time he'd eaten some of his uncle's food he'd been beaten to an inch of his life, lost food privileges for a week, and made to remain in his cupboard for the whole week. Hearing footsteps Harry quickly turned back to the cooking food. "BOY! Where are you, worthless freak?"

Quietly he answered, " In here sir. I'm making breakfast." Vernon Dursley entered the kitchen and sneered at the sight that met him.

"I suppose your hoping to be fed?"

Harry brightened. "Yes sir. Please sir." Suddenly his uncle backhanded him across the face.

"You ungrateful little brat! Are you suggesting I don't feed you enough?" Harry's eyes widened and he shook his head quickly. "Oh I think you are," his uncle crooned. "Do you need to be taught a lesson?"

"No! No uncle I'll be good I promise. I'm sorry for being ungrateful! I am!"

"You're lying boy!" His uncle lunged at him and slammed him face first on the ground. After pulling of his belt he began to mercilessly whip the boy with it, ignoring his pleas for him to stop. Harry felt the blood seep from each fiery cut. Picking the boy up Vernon slammed him into the wall and started pummeling him in the face. His last though before darkness took him was to wonder how much trouble he would be in because he didn't finish breakfast.

Draco Malfoy looked around excitedly. He was in public for the first time since Voldy Pants had been defeated. Draco wasn't sad to see him go. His bastard father had been kicked out of Malfoy Manor by his mother and thrown in Azkaban by the ministry. He would never have to take the Dark Mark and for that he was thankful. He and his father had never seen eye to eye. His father wanted him to marry Pansy. Regardless of the fact that she was an annoying bitch. He'd wanted Draco to learn the Unforgivables and how to torture people, despite the fact that he couldn't stand blood. No, his father never understood him and vice versa. So excited for the new school year at Hogwarts he was in Diagon Alley for the supplies already. Draco was determined to earn Harry Potter's friendship now that he didn't have to pretend he hated him. Things would be different this year he was sure of it. Looking around he saw several of his peers and realized he would have to make amends. It helped that he had spoken against some of the Death Eaters standing trial, but that would only convince them he was on their side. He'd need to make sure they understood how sorry he was for the past five years. That all he'd wanted to do was say sorry and beg for forgiveness every time he insulted them. Spotting a bunch of redheads out of the corner of his eye he conc,used that now was the perfect time to start. As he strolled over to the Weasleys Ron caught sight of him first. He didn't scowl, but he didn't look to welcoming. "Malfoy. What are you doing here?"

"I'm getting my school things. I also wished to apologize to all of you." At their shocked faces he continued, "All my life I was expected to act a certain way and when I arrived at Hogwarts it was no different. My father made it clear to me that I was to make your lives hell a d for that I'm sorry." He waited for their response. Suddenly he was enveloped in huge embrace.

"Oh you poor thing! I couldn't imagine. To.d who you could and couldn't hate. Consider us your surrogate family. You and your mother both." Draco was shocked. He could here the others laughing.

"You're choking him mum. Let him go before he dies of suffocation." Mrs. Weasley shushed them, but let him go anyways.

"Thank you. It wasn't only me though. Blaise, Greg, Vince were forced too."

"Then they are welcome too." Mrs. Weasley said kindly. He nodded his thanks and turned to the remaining members of the family.

Ron said quietly, "You made my life hell, but seeing as how you had to got through hell to make my life hell I think I can forgive you. As long as you apologize to Harry and Hermione. Especially Hermione for what you called her."

Mrs. Weasley interjected, "If you and you're mother would join us for dinner next week Hermione and Harry should be here."

"I'll ask her."

Ginny was next, "Hmph. Well you're not bad looking, so I won't mind being in really close quarters with you." She winked at him.

"Ginny!" Came the shocked gasp of her mother.

"What! You can't deny he's sexy." The Slytherin felt himself turn red. He wasn't very experienced in the sex department and was rather embarrassed at being called sexy. Flushed he turned to the twins.

"We don't have-"

"Any problems with you-"

"We do have to warn you-"

"That if you're apart if the family-"

"You will be treated as such-"

"Which means that-"

"Certain products of ours-"

"Might be tested on you." They way they talked confused him.

Ron laughed, "You'll get used to them eventually Malfoy."

He cringed," Draco. The only things I have in common with my father is my looks and my last name. I never wanted to be called Malfoy again." Everyone looked at him sympathetically.

Mr. Weasley said, "Well if you're not like your father than welcome to the family." He blinked back tears at this.

"So what brings you here."

"School supplies. We need to got to the Apothecary. I made it into the git's potion class."

Draco shivered, "Did you know he actually has feelings?"

Ron looked shocked, "He does?"

"He's going to be my step-father soon."

"You're mother and Snape? How is that even possible?" The two of them headed to get Potion supplies as the rest of the family split up.

"Well my mother was good friends with him in their seventh year and it became more and they fell in love. But then she was forced into an arranged marriage with Lucius." Ron didn't miss the use of Lucius instead of father. "Since he was a Death Eater Sev took the mark to stay close to her. After the war they can finally be together."

"That's nice, even if it is Snape." After getting their supplies they met with he rest of the Weasleys and had lunch before flooding back to their respective homes.

When Harry came to he felt like he was on fire. The pain was worse than the Cruciatus curse. Harry would know, he'd been under it before. Groaning he sat up. He needed to know how much damage had been done, but first he had to clean up the mess he made. It was painful work, but he finished. Working his way up to his room, he looked in the mirror. His back was a mass of dried blood. His body was littered with large fist-sized bruises. The dislocated shoulder was in so much pain and his face... His face looked unrecognizable. It was huge and puffy and a myriad of colors. He nose was broken and very very crooked. It all hurt so much, but he was too tired to do anything about it. Collapsing on his bed he realized that it would be his birthday in three minutes. Supposedly all wizards and witches reached their full magical powers and came into their Inheritance on their sixteenth birthday. He wondered what his Inheritance was. He found it hard to imagine that he could be powerful. After all him defeating Voldemort was just a fluke. Lucky even. One minute to go...

30 seconds...

15 seconds...






Pain. That's was what he felt. It felt like his whole body was on fire. not able to take it anymore he passed out for the second time. Awakening again he felt good for once. Stronger. Not in pain. It was different. He also felt smarter. He could see what his uncle did to him was wrong. No one should be beaten. Springing up he looked in the mirror and gasped. His eyes while had been emerald green before, were now Avada Kedavra green and just as piercing. They were also slanted. His hair was fuller, but still in that just-had-the-best-shag-of-my-life hair style. He had muscles now and a six pack. His skin had a golden glow to it and he was a good six inches taller. Seeing his ears he gasped, they were pointy and sensitive. They felt very good when touched. All of a sudden he realized what he was. He was an elf. Obviously the books had it wrong and elves weren't short because he was most definitely an elf. He realized he could see and he wasn't wearing his glasses. He also discovered all of his injuries were healed. Harry had been handsome before, but now he was downright, plainass sexy. But being called a worthless ugly freak all his life meant that he would never believe it. The door creaked open. "Time for your birthday present freak." He was tackled to the bed. He looked up at the looming face of his uncle. He wasn't afraid, but he was confused by the odd look in his uncle's eyes.

"Get off me!"

"No I don't think so. Ever since Petunia and Dudley left I've haven't been getting any and you're the perfect replacement." He was still confused when his uncle reached up and began to stroke his ears. The stroking felt good, but comprehension dawned on him when Vernon grabbed his cock through his jeans. Disgust filled him and he struggled against his uncle. His uncle, however paid no notice and began to remove Harry's jeans. Panicking he used his newfound strength to bodily throw his uncle from his room. After shutting and locking the door he packed all of his belongings. Prodding Hedwig awake he wrote a quick note to the Weasleys stating what had happened and that he'd be staying at the Leaky Cauldron. He sent her off, grabbed his Firebolt and sprinted out of the house. Sticking out his wand he called the Knight Bus.

Mrs. Weasley was making breakfast when she got Harry's letter. She was furious at how he'd been treated, but she had to smile whenever Harry wrote he didn't know why it had happened. If he was an elf he had to be beautiful. Trust Harry to be oblivious to that. She had to schedule another trip to Diagon Ally to make sure he was getting on okay. When her family came down including Draco who had become fast friends with Ginny and had a tentative friendship with Ron, she showed them the letter. Their reactions were close, if not the same, to hers. Draco surprised her. He was beyond furious. "That bastard muggle tried to rape him! I'll kill him," he growled. The Weasleys stared.

Ron spoke up, "No offense Draco, but why do you care so much?"

"Because I've always wanted to be friends with him."

"Because he's the boy-who-lived?"

"No. When I first met Harry in Madam Malkin's I didn't know his name. He never told me. I was intrigued by him, but I couldn't show him what I was really like, I had to be my father's perfect image of pureblood supremacy. Harry couldn't stand me though and didn't want to be my friend. I've always wished though. Mrs. Weasley thanks for breakfast, but I think I'm going to go lay down a bit more."

"Go ahead dear. Goodness knows we didn't get much sleep with Ron and Ginny going at eachothers throats." Grinning he headed up to his makeshift bed on the floor. The manor was huge, but the burrow had the feeling of homeliness to it. Collapsing on the bed he fell asleep to an interesting dream. He and Harry were alone in what looked like the Room of Requirement doing things that friends don't normally do to eachother. On fact he was being straddled and Harry was grounding his erection into Draco's. Faster and faster until he moaned Harry's name and exploded. Waking up with a start he flushed when he realized he'd came in his pants. After cleaning up he sat on Ron's bed. It wasn't that he'd had a wet dream, although that was pretty mortifying, it was that he'd had a wet dream about a guy. And not just any guy, but Harry Potter. Was he gay? He'd never kissed a guy before, or a girl for that matter. He'd fantasized about girls before, but he'd never wanked to thoughts of them before. He thought a bit and realized he'd thought more about Harry than any girl he'd ever met or seen no matter how attractive. He groaned. This sucked. If he and Harry became friends he would want more. He always wanted more. Looking in the mirror he fixed his hair and not noticing the door opening he said to himself, "You might be gay, but you do not have a crush on Harry Potter." Turning around he yelped when he saw Ginny, Ron, and the twins. Ginny and Ron were doubled over laughing. He scowled at them.

"Gee Draco-"

"When did you figure-"

"Out you were gay?"

"Did little Drakey-poo-"

"Have a little wet dream-"

"About our dear Harry?"

"And if you did-"

"Should we tell Harry about it?"

Blushing he yelled, "No! Please don't!" The twins smirked at eachother triumphantly. Draco realized he'd been tricked. By Gryffindors no less! The other two gingers got a grip on themselves.

Ginny soothed, "Don't worry Dray none of us will tell him or anyone else. Or I'll hex them." Everyone shivered at that. Harry had personally taught Ginny how to hex and while she wasn't as good as him Harry she was certainly a formidable person.

"Okay then. Up for a game of chess Ron?"

"Prepare to get your arse whooped Blondie." Scowling at the nickname he set up the game and set about rather pathetically losing the game.

After getting a room at the Leaky Cauldron and getting money from Gringotts he got his school supplies. He was getting rather anxious as people were giving him rather odd looks. Deciding it must be his slightly too small clothes he decide to get some new clothes. He was partially right abut the clothes being why people were staring at him. The whole place was shocked at this good looking man. His clothes were very tight on him and showed off everything leaving little to the imagination. Not noticing the man staring rather obviously at his ass he walked into the first clothes shop he saw. Which just happened to specialize in very tight clothing. The witch at the counter was only a year or two older than him. "Hello. I'm looking for a whole new wardrobe, but I don't know anything about fashion. Help me?"

She looked him up and down and winked at him, "Anytime Anywhere sweetheart." She leaned forward a bit to show her cleavage. This was a sexy customer and she was going to show off every one of her assets. Harry blushed. He didn't think the witch knew she was putting her breasts on display, but he noticed and he was embarrassed for looking.

"So..um.. Clothes." The witch, named Rose, had Harry try on several clothes that he looked great in for the next few hours. He was standing in his boxers when Rose burst in with more clothes.

"Oh! Sorry. I'll just put these down." Harry blushed and nodded. The girl was very pretty and he found himself staring at her chest. He was a little embarrassed when he hardened. Flushing he hoped she wouldn't notice. Luck was not on his side. She smirked a little and came closer. His breath hitched. He'd never kissed any one before and didn't think he'd be good at it. Her lips met his and their tongues battled. He couldn't believe someone wanted to kiss him, but here she was. Her hands reached down and grabbed his clothed erection. He moaned a little. He really wanted to touch her boobs, but he was afraid as to what she would think. She solved that by taking one of his hands and placing it on her breast. He squeezed a little and she seemed to like it so he kept doing it. Rose pulled his dick out of his pants and he gasped when her mouth enclosed it. Moaning he jerked his hips, but she held them down. Swirling her tongue along the tip and into the slit and he felt his balls tighten, before he spilled down her throat. Gasping for breath he gaped at her. Rose pulled his boxers back up and said, "So do you want all these taken back to your rooms?"

"Everything except the black pants and that green shirt." He said once he'd gotten his breath back. He changed and looked into the mirror. The pants hugged his form and the shirt showed off his muscles. Leaving the shop he decided he wanted some piercings. He made his way over towards a shop that did that sort of thing. He was met at the door by a wizard named Brian. A little enthusiastically he asked if he could do anything for Harry in a very suggestive tone. Brian sighed when the green-eyed beauty gave him a puzzled look. But brightened when he requested a stud and a nipple ring. This meant he had to take off his shirt and Brian was looking forward to that.

Turning to get the utensils ready he asked, "So, what's your name?"

"Harry Potter." He froze. This sexy beauty was Harry Potter? Oh god he was now way way out of Brian's league. He turned around and grew hard at the sight before him. Harry was lying flat on his back in the chair in very tight pants, with his shirt off. "How much will this cost me?"

Huskily he replied, "I'll give you 50% off for a favor." He pressed his erection into Harry. Harry looked at him with piercing green eyes. Instinctively he reached it to stroke Harry's slanted ears. Immediately Harry leaned in closer and moaned, making his cock twitch. He then heard he most erotic words ever.

"I don't know how to give a blowjob."

"I'll teach you." And he did. And he'd be damned if it wasn't the best one he'd ever had and he'd had several. Harry left the shop with a nipple ring, a stud and feeling surprisingly tired. He was surprised that there were people who wanted him. Reaching his room at the Leaky Cauldron he collapsed into his first peaceful sleep in awhile.

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