Chapter 8

Draco was fighting the urge to laugh. After telling Harry that he was under no exceptions to have any sort of chocolate, he'd sat in the corner pouting. Occasionally he'd throw Draco a pleading look, only to be denied again. "Harry you're not getting any chocolate!"

"But Dray I neeeed it!" Harry pouted, whiling trying to look threatening, but failing miserably.

Smirking Draco said, "Hate to break it to you Harry, but you look cute, not particularly threatening." Harry's eyes narrowed. Draco gulped suddenly feeling a whole lot threatened.

"What did you just say?" Harry asked advancing on Draco, while raising his wand. Draco escaped to the corner.

"Nothing I swear!" Harry kept coming towards Draco and he finally pounced-

Draco threw up his hands as if to wield off an attack, but when none came he lowered them to see Harry happily licking his fingers clean of the last of the chocolate. "Harry!" Harry shot him a sheepish look.

"Sorry." Harry apologized.

Dryly he said, "Somehow I doubt it." The green-eyed boy shot him such a happy smile that his heart stuttered for a moment. He really does have a beautiful smile. Not being able to resist he crossed the room and gave Harry a sweet chaste kiss on the lips. Even though it was a short kiss he drew back panting. The taste of Harry was addicting. His lips were like sweet candy. After pulling back he noticed that Harry was pouting in disappointment. "Don't worry, "he said huskily, "We can always kiss later."

Harry rolled his eyes and said, "The kiss was nice, but that's not why I'm upset." Harry frowned. " You kissed the chocolate right off my lips."

Draco stared at him. And then he stared at him some more. Draco's head was spinning from kissing such a beautiful creature and the elf was upset because he didn't get to lick off the rest of the chocolate on his lips. Typical.

"You really know how to boost a guy's self esteem." He said sarcastically. Albeit rather harshly. He felt guilty as soon as he saw the hurt look on Harry's face. "Sorry I guess I just felt more about the kiss than you did," he mumbled.

Harry just looked at him. "You're an idiot Draco. You honestly think that didn't mean anything to me?" He gave Draco a kiss on the cheek and walked into the other room. Draco looked after him confused. "I think I should talk to Hermione and Pansy. I wonder what he meant by that?"

If Draco honest to god thought that he didn't think the kiss meant anything, he was wrong. It had meant a lot to him. To be able to trust a male enough to kiss him after what happened with Pucey...well let's just say he liked Draco a lot. But if Dray didn't realize how big of a deal this was than he wasn't going to tell him. He'd just have to figure it out for himself. He was so lost in thought that he started when the Potions Master said, "Well I didn't hear any yelling so I assume that you two made up?" Harry nodded.

"Sev! He got me chocolate and a snake! Her name is Kyra! She loves chocolate too!" Severus blinked at the onslaught of information. He buried his face in his hands.

"For the love of Merlin and all things magical, please tell me that idiotic boy did not give an elf sugar."

Cheerfully Harry answered, "Yes he did. You should try some." He looked around noticing that he'd finished it all. "Oh. I was going to give you some. Really."

"I'm sure you were. Draco!" Harry looked as a sheepish Malfoy entered the room. "My dear godson pray tell me why you thought it wise to give him chocolate?"

Harry jumped onto the bed and yelled, "Because it's tasty!"

The dark-haired man yelled, "For Salazar's sake you are never getting sugar again!" With that he spelled Harry unconscious. Although secretly he was pleased that his future adoptive son was still capable of childish behaviors after all he'd been through.

Draco looked at him uncertainly. "Was that really necessary?"

Severus gave him The Look and answered, "Would you rather me lose my sanity?"

"No bu-"

"Then yes." Draco snapped his mouth shut. "And what in Salazar's sake were you thinking when you gave an elf chocolate?"

"That umm...Harry would like it?" He meant to sound firm, but it came out more like a question.

The Potion's Master stared at him. "You should've been a Hufflepuff. You're just as emotional as one."

"I am not! Take. It. Back." Smirking Severus charmed his robes to match the Hufflepuff colours.

"Perhaps we should talk to Dumbledore about a resorting. With that hair and all..." Draco ran to the mirror and looked at his hair in dismay. It was yellow and black. And worse, it was a horrible sickly color of yellow. That was it. This. Meant. War. He turned angry eyes on his soon-to-be step-father and with a wave of his wand turned him into Gryffindor colours from top to bottom.

"There," he said smugly, "now we're even."

"Why you insolent little-"

"Silencio." Sev continued to yell at him. He shrugged. "No one gets away with messing up my hair." He paused, "Maybe Harry." The Potion's Master rolled his eyes and mouthed 'how sweet.'

During the fray neither noticed that Harry had finally released the glamours around his ears, allowing his beautiful elven ears to be seen by all.