Here we go! *awesome music*

The wonder has a name: The Avengers. (Yeah right. *ducks*)

The Captain America look. (Who in this room is A: Wearing a spangly suit, and B: Not of use? Poor Steve...)

Iron Man - the choice of all. (All? ALL?! I want my Steve! Or Loki.)

The Real Smell of Thor. (Blech. Do I really have to tell you?, It's not the smell of Pop-Tarts!)

Make Someone Happy with a Hulk! (About what? Destruction and doom?)

With A Name Like Black Widow, It Has To Be Good. (I don't like spiders. Not at all- *death scream*)

Hawkeye. It's What's For Dinner. (Aaaiiii! Cannibals!)

Super Loki is Almost Here! (Da-da! SUPER-Loki!)

The American Way of Director Fury. (He's a spy. Even his secrets have secrets...)

Maria Hill Comes to Those Who Wait. (Yeah. Staring at her for a long time would probably get you a slap - or worse.)

My Phil Coulson, your Phil Coulson, Phil Coulson for all! (LEAVE THE DEAD ALONE!)

Erik Selvig rules. (At what? Being a minion? Cause he didn't even do that very well.)

You can't stop Pepper. (Agreed.)

JARVIS, I want it all. (No, Tony.)

No need to worry with Steve Rogers. (STEEVVEE! *muffled squee*)

Tony Stark rocks. (Yeah - but don't tell him. His ego's already bigger than the 800 pound gorilla in the room.)

Bruce Banner - be prepared. (Poor Brucie... *hides behind truth, justice and the American way - I mean Captain Spangles*)

Natasha Romanoff strikes back. (You better believe it.)

Clint Barton, whiter than the whitest! (Holy cow, I'm white and nerdy! How'd I get so white and ...Don't shoot! It was just a bit of fun- *twang*)

Thanos never sleeps. (He's always watching... Always waaattcchhhiinnggg...)

Take what you want, but leave the Tessaract alone! (Please don't. I still need that.)

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~RandomCelt and DarthMihi