Chapter 1: The Man

He had been flying around for ages trying to find a suitable home or even somewhere him and his flier could just stay for a few nights, but so far, no luck. " Brad, I am tiring, I must rest now" said Thanatos. Thanatos was Brads huge, strong, and loyal bat, he was gray, and usually seemed to have a power around him, years of training left him with huge muscles that even Brad had to admit, were very impressive. "yes, we must eat and rest, I shall watch first, find a safe place." he responded. Brad was an eighteen year old man who was battle hardened, and extremely deadly. He had a muscular build but not as big as some he had seen, just built, long silvery - blond hair, which was tied into a ponytail, but the most outstanding feature was his eyes, they were a dark shade of red instead of the natural purple, it signified death to his enemies. He was shunned by his old kingdom for being a rager. He had been able to learn a lot about his abilities and control himself, he even studied a type of fighting the overland call " Kung-fu". But even with these skills, his kingdom saw him as more of a burden than a blessing, and 2 months ago, he was exiled along with his flier. The two touched down on a ledge that seemed to be a safe place for Thanatos to hang while he slept, and Brad started to prepare food.

They had stolen and foraged for what they could, but it seemed everyday, they had even less than the day before. Looking at the food packs, Brad grimaced. "Damn, looks like I will have to give Thanatos my beef...again" thought Brad. He started to cook and then sat down to write in his diary. Some people thought it was childish of him to keep one, but now more than ever, he decided that if him and his bond died, he wanted people to know the story. " month 5 of my 18th year" he started to write. "we have been traveling for a long time now, we have either found abandoned houses, or less than willing travelers to help. We are running out of food, and soon if we don't find something worth while, we shall surely perish. Sometimes I wonder if I should have left Thanatos at the castle, he had a sister there, and was very famous among many. But he insisted he come along, not because of our bond, but because it was the right thing to do."

Brad sighed as he started at Thanatos sleeping and whisper to himself,"why couldn't you just listen to me...". He then continued to write," we have stopped on the ledge looking out onto this...plain of sorts. I'm not sure exactly where we are, and I haven't seen any gnawers around. I have been told by one of the travelers that there is peace with the gnawers in this land...I have no idea how that could happen. The Humans have lost to much to gnawers...and gnawers to humans as well." he stopped writing for a moment to clear his head, he was babbling again... "Anyway, as stated, we are on this ledge, we will sleep here for now, if anyone finds us dead, I would appreciate you reading this journal".

He ended it there and closed the book, setting it in plain site if someone were to cross their paths and find them dead. He then continued to cook in silence. It took Thanatos 4 hours to feel completely re-energized and when he awoke he quickly ate and then the two sped off. " Than, I will sleep now, if there is trouble, wake me." he said. Thanatos just nodded and Brad fell off to sleep. He awoke some hours later, still in darkness. "Than, where are we?" he asked. "well, as I said for most of this trip, I do not know." he responded. " it seems we will spend many night like this indeed..." he said. Thanatos just laughed and responded with,"many nights indeed." they flew on for hours in silence before the neck muscles in Thanatos's neck went ridged. "Gnawers?" Brad asked. " just one gnawer, he seems to have picked up our scent too" Thanatos replied. Brad drew his sword and prepared for a fight before he remembered what the traveler said to him.

flash back:

"Mind your sword son, Gnawers are friends here, only attack if you are on your way now"

end flash back.

Brad still kept his sword by his side, but didn't return it to his sheath. "Stay in the air, but don't attack unless it poses a threat" Brad said. Thantos to show he understood and waited for the gnawer. About 5 minutes later, an giant gray rat with two diagonal scars came galloping towards them and started to slow down as he reached them. "what business do you have in tracking us?" Brad called down. The Giant rat looked up and gave a spine chilling smile. " well well well, a new kid in we didn't have enough already" the rat said back. Ignoring his comment Brad asked " who are you, and what is it you want with us". "My name? Possibly you should tell me yours before I tell you mine". The rat said, glaring at them. "My name is Bradley, this is my bond, Thanatos, we mean no harm." Brad responded.

"Ripred, pleased to meet you." Ripred said sarcastically. " you may come down now Brad, I grow tired of being ever so lonely down here." Ripred said again. Thanatos slowly lowered Brad to the ground but they were both ready for action if it came. Ripred caught sight of Brads sword and looked at him questioningly. Brad's sword was indeed very different, Brad made it himself with a mixture of gold and iron for the blade, to give off a golden sword look. And for the handle he used one jewel on each side about the size of a baby's hand, with black metal surrounding the red jewels. After explaining, Ripred looking impressed. " it is a fine sword no doubt son." he said. After a little while of chit chat, Brad got strait to the point. " listen, Ripred, I am looking for a new kingdom that can handle a rager being in it midst, do you know of any?" the rat shot him a surprised look," are a rager?" and before Brad could answer the rat had swung it's tail directly for his head, only to find his tail caught in Brad's hand.

Thanatos was already in the air when Ripred yelled at him to quit. " I was simply testing his abilities, no need to get all upset about it." Ripred said mockingly. "after all, it's so hard to find another rager, I thought me and...the boy were all that was left. ...The boy, the rat, and Brad? Three ragers? Who was "the boy" what was this rat talking about? " what do you mean?" said brad with a confused tone. " well, I am a rager, and so is another...kid I used to know...his name was Gregor, perhaps you may have heard of him?" the rat said. Brad of course, has never heard of this "Gregor" so he shook his head. " no? Well you must have come from very far, to have not heard of the overlander rager who saved the kingdom of Regalia." Brad's mouth dropped open in shock, " an Overlander and a Rager?" brad said breathless. "Yes, he was indeed a handful, annoying, dense, and sometimes even aggressive but that doesn't changed the fact that he was my friend...come with me" the rat said. " where will you be taking us?" Brad asked. The rat responded by saying,"you two? You two will be coming with me, to Regalia."