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Besides which, six chapters in, I didn't even get to the main point of the story: Erza losing her memories of Natsu. I had this grand plan in my head, with Team Natsu plus Gajeel fighting a dark guild, Erza fighting a climactic final battle with the master of said dark guild, and combined with my depression around Memorial Day, I just felt like it was plodding.

Anyway, Scenes is still on hiatus. I may actually rewrite it in the end, but I just want to see how the Grand Magic Games arc winds up before I commit myself to it. Pretty much the same deal with Infuriating and Figuring It Out, the former of which I feel can stand alone anyway. Again, I want to see just what kind of character development Team Sabertooth goes through.

Anyway, about this fic, it's an ErzaxNatsuxLucy love traingle, something which I've been eager to try for a while, which is pretty much why I haven't updated anything in the last two months - well, that and Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. I know, I know, but hopefully this is something worth reading. Actually, since this intro is taking up so much space already, I'm just gonna say goodbye here. So until the next update, peace and love from Nightlingbolt. Enjoy the chapter.

I do not own Fairy Tail or its characters, Hiro Mashima does.

Erza Scarlet was not looking forward to the task ahead of her. This Herculean endeavor intimidated her more than any monster could. Her opponent was a greater threat than any dark mage could be. Yes, Erza was to clean Natsu's house.

Natsu and Happy were away following a lead on Igneel. He and Lucy had apparently gotten into a fight, so the Dragon Slayer had asked Erza to clean his place up while he was gone, since he was still mad at Lucy, and therefore didn't feel right sleeping over. Erza had agreed, but on the condition that Natsu would polish all her armors when he got back.

And so, Erza steeled herself to face the grime and mess that was Natsu's cottage in the woods. She had told him countless times to clean up after himself, and why he never did was beyond her. Perhaps he never anticipated having guests, which confused Erza. The place was really nice if it was kept clean. Lazy dragon.

As soon as she walked in, she was greeted by a familiar blonde. "Lucy," she greeted with mild surprise. "What brings you here?"

"Hey, Erza," Lucy greeted back. "I felt bad about mine and Natsu's fight, so I figured I'd do something nice for him and clean his house while he's gone."

"What a coincidence," said Erza. "He asked me to do the same thing. Will you require my assistance?"

"That sounds great," said Lucy. "Thanks, Erza."

Erza requipped into her "cleaning outfit," which was a skimpy French maid costume, and said, "Shall we get to it, then?"

And so the girls cleaned up the modest cottage. With their combined efforts, they were finished in as little as three hours. Lucy looked at their handiwork with pride.

"Wow!" she said in disbelief. "It looks even cleaner than the last time I did this!"

"I agree," said Erza. "I really must get on Natsu about keeping this place neat. He simply doesn't realize the beautiful home he has!"

"I know!" said Lucy. "That color goes perfectly with the molding!"

Erza smiled. "We'd best put everything back in its proper place," she said.

Lucy did not need to be told twice. She made her way towards the container they placed Natsu's belongings in and randomly pulled out a green book with a lock. She had grabbed it by the strap, which had caused the lock to rip off, leaving the book to dangle open.

"Careful, Lucy!" scolded Erza.

"Sorry!" said Lucy hastily. She closed the book and, purely out of curiosity, checked the front cover. Suddenly, an evil grin made its way to the Celestial mage's face.

Erza heard Lucy snicker, looked at the book, and snapped right into action. "I see you've found Natsu's diary," she said sternly. "Put that back where it was immediately! Those words are not meant for our eyes!"

"Oh, no no no no no!" said Lucy in an uncharacteristically wicked tone. "Do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for this golden opportunity? Natsu goes through the letters I write to my mother all the time! It's only fair that I get to invade his privacy for once!"

Erza sighed. "I can see I'm not going to talk you out of this one," she said. "Very well! But I for one plan to keep my hands clean of this endeavor, so leave me out of this!" She Requipped a pair of headphones connected to a Sound Pod and climbed into Natsu's hammock, eager to take a nap after a hard day's work.

"Your loss," muttered Lucy. She opened to a random page and began reading to herself.

July 4, X784

That lead I mentioned was a bust, but I did meet a girl in Hargeon. Her name's Lucy, and she's a Celestial mage, whatever that is. She wanted to join Fairy Tail, so I took her back with me. I mean, how can she NOT be part of Fairy Tail? She's smart, she's nice, she's pretty... No, Natsu! Stop it!

Thing is, I considered making a move on her, but I'm still afraid to get back into dating after... Lisanna... I dunno, what if I lost Lucy like I did her? No, I'm just not ready to go through that again! But you know what? It's probably worth it for that really comfy bed she has!

Lucy frowned. She appreciated that Natsu liked her, but if he was going to get over his insecurities about dating, she'd rather not have it be for her bed. She flipped to another page, this one dated some time after the battle with Eisenwald.

So I just got back from spending a night in jail with Erza. What did we do? Well, the Magic Council came to arrest Erza for the damage we caused trying to stop Eisenwald. Keyword: WE. Like hell I was gonna let Erza take the fall for something we all caused! So I donned an Erza costume and tried to take her place. Only thing, though, is it was just a display of the Council's power and I got us both locked up for the night. I regret nothing!

But you know, when we were locked up, I randomly remembered that bet I made with Gray back when we were kids. The bet was that the first out of the two of us to become an S-Class mage would marry Erza. But then Lisanna joined, and things took off from there.

I dunno. Between meeting Lucy and rediscovering Erza, I feel like this is all some grand plan, maybe Lisanna's way of telling me to live my life. Hell, Elfman and Mira are living their lives, so why the fuck can't I? Still, I've never felt the way about Erza that I did last night, and that scares me somehow.

"No way!" exclaimed Lucy. "Erza! You have to see this!"

Erza grumbled. She was just about to fall asleep, too. "Lucy, I told you already that I don't want any involvement in reading Natsu's diary." she said.

"Natsu wrote about you," said Lucy. "About his feelings for you."

That piqued Erza's curiosity. For as long as she'd known Natsu, she'd never seen any signs of romantic interest from him. But to think he had such feelings for her? She forcefully took the diary from Lucy's hands, leaving her to read over her shoulder, and began reading an entry dated after the Phantom Lord war.

Apparently, Lucy's some sort of heiress. She ran away from home and her father sent Phantom Lord to get her back. Not like they could. I mean, Lucy's a mage of Fairy Tail now! We don't let our family go that easily!

But she did go back home to cut ties with her father, only we thought she was going back home for good. I can't really explain it, but the thought of Lucy leaving Fairy Tail... that was like a knife through my heart. It felt the way it did when Lisanna died, and I didn't like it.

"It seems Natsu likes you just as much, judging from the contents of this diary," said Erza. She continued reading from where she left off.

And now, something happy: Erza said I'm gonna surpass her! Just thinking back on it makes me feel... validated somehow. Like all my training is actually worth something. But I did feel something else when she told me that. You know how a girl goes gaga when a cute guy tells her she's cute? Yeah, I felt like that, too.

It's weird, though. Lately I'm feeling all these weird feelings for Lucy and for Erza! Gahhh, I wish Gildarts was back! I need someone to talk to about this shit! Oh well, I'm off to find Gray. I could use a good punching bag right now.

Lucy giggled, causing Erza to shoot her a sharp glare. "You have to admit, though, his delivery was kind of funny," said the Celestial mage.

"Only kind of, though," agreed Erza. The next entry took place after Laxus's failed attempt to take over the guild.

Been sick, long story. Laxus tried to take over the guild. It's cool, though, Gajeel and I stopped him. All the Fairy Tail members got to fight each other, but Gramps kicked Laxus out because of it! I don't get why, any idiot could tell the guy was just blowing smoke!

"He did threaten the entire town," said Erza. "That's not something anyone should take lightly."

Besides, Fairy Tail's bonds are strongest when everyone's fighting! Strengthening the bonds between Fairy Tail's members – isn't that what Laxus was trying to do all along? It might as well have been, given that his Fairy Law spell didn't work on us.

"Wow. Natsu's smarter than I give him credit for," said Lucy.

"It's no surprise," replied Erza. "Natsu was always wise with matters of the heart."

So I told Gramps how I felt about the whole deal, but Erza talked me down. Come to think of it, this is the perfect segway into what happened before that. That is what Lucy called it, right? Segway?

Lucy facepalmed. "So much for being smarter than I give him credit for!" she said.

Erza made a disapproving sound. She hadn't really noticed it, possibly because she knew him, but Natsu had a tendency to misspell words. Oh well, at least his handwriting was decent.

Anyway, Loke gave us tickets to an island resort, where Erza's childhood friends kidnapped her. We all tried to save her, but she escaped, so we felt like things were resolved. Until she went to fight Jellal, the mastermind of the group. I was confident that Erza could beat him, until Simon explained the emotional advantage Jellal had over her. And then... something snapped in me. I can't explain it, but as soon as I knew what was going on, I was thinking, "Beat Jellal! Protect Erza!" So that's pretty much what I did, except I had to eat Etherion, the Council's superweapon, to get on even terms with him, which is pretty much why I was sick.

I think I've got everything figured out now. I like Erza. I mean, really like her. She used to be just a rival, not to mention a friend, but what Simon said... made me realize that I wanted to protect her. I mean, she's so much stronger than me, but now I know just how delicate she can be. Like I said, Erza's strong, but guys like Jellal make her weak, and I'd give my life to prevent that from ever happening again!

And you know what? I don't even feel guilty about Lisanna. I think this is what she would want for me – to find a new purpose in life, someone new to protect. I thought I'd have that with Lucy, but according to Happy and Bixlow, she and Loke are a couple. Not that I'm not happy for them, but isn't there some rule among Celestial Spirits that you can't date your owner? Not that I'd know, but it obviously doesn't seem to bother them, so I guess that's all that matters.

Lucy looked outraged. "That stupid cat!" she yelled. "We are so not a couple!"

"Why not?" asked Erza. "You obviously care for each other."

"True," said Lucy. "I don't mind that I'm still his owner, but you have to remember, Loke was banished from the Celestial Spirit World for indirectly causing his last owner's death, and I don't want him in any more trouble because of me."

"Kind of sounds like me and Jellal," said Erza. "It hurts to think we can never be together. However, we have to think of Fairy Tail first. I won't damn our guild because of my own selfish feelings!"

Lucy nodded. "Love sucks, doesn't it?" she asked.

"Damn straight," agreed Erza. She read the last paragraph out loud.

Today I tried telling Erza how I feel, but for some reason, I just couldn't spit the words out. So I challenged her to a fight, she beat me in three seconds, world keeps on spinning, aye? But someday, I'll let her know the truth. I swear on my Fairy Tail stamp!

Erza was silent. She was struggling to take in the fact that Natsu liked her as more than a friend, maybe even loved her. She flipped to the next page, eager to learn more.

You know, for having taken out one of the strongest dark guilds, I should be more fired up than this. I mean, we got new member in Wendy and Carla, but something still pisses me off.


Yup, the bastard who tried to sacrifice Erza is alive. Except he's not so much of a bastard now. In fact, he helped me beat Oracion Seis's leader. Of course, the Council tried to take him away. I was the first to defend him, if only for Erza's sake. But Erza herself stopped us. I guess I would have too. She's already losing Jellal, and I feel like shit thinking she could've lost all of us too.

Part of me wanted to tell Erza how I felt right then and there. I know it sounds selfish, but I just wanted to let her know that it was gonna be all right, that Jellal didn't want her crying over him. But I just couldn't do it. She gave me space when Lisanna died, it's only right that I do the same. I mean, Erza really did love Jellal. She does. I can't just tell her not to love him, can I? No, I can't. I won't!

But really, Jellal is a good man. I didn't think so at first, but then he offered me this gold fire called the Flame of Rebuke. When I ate it, for a second I felt like I was Jellal. All his guilt, all his desires... it's like I ate a piece of his soul! And I know that Erza would be happy with him.

I can't lie to you. When I saw Jellal was alive, I pretty much lost it trying to get to Erza before him. Those same thoughts from the Tower of Heaven kept pounding in my head. But then Lucy found me, and I calmed down pretty much instantly.

Lucy has this sort of power. She can make me feel like all is right with the world. It's like she banishes the darkness with a smile, and you feel like you can do anything as long as she's by your side.

Lucy and Erza keep me grounded in their own unique ways. One keeps me sound of mind, and the other heals my spirit. Loke and Jellal are lucky bastards for having their love, because I can't imagine my life without either of them in it.

The two girls looked at each other. Neither knew what to say without potentially starting a conflict with the other. Finally, Lucy spoke. "I should probably put this back where I found it," she said nervously.

"That would be best," agreed Erza. "Let's also agree to forget everything we read today."


The two young women put Natsu's belongings back in their original spots, and they parted with the promise to see each other tomorrow, but nothing more.

That night, Lucy and Erza each had dreams of a certain Salamander. Lucy dreamt of lying carefree on a riverbank next to Natsu. Erza fantasized about the Dragon Slayer's arms enveloping her as if made of armor. Each woke up suddenly in the night, saying the same thing.

"I think I like Natsu."