Hello, people. Nightlingbolt here. I don't like doing just Author's Notes, but I feel like the situation calls for it.

Some of you have been asking me to make this story a NaLu. This, however, goes against my plan for this story, which I've stated multiple times is to make it equal parts NaLu and Natza. I'm not going to make one or the other endgame just to please myself, and I'm certainly not going to make one or the other endgame just to please you guys (trust me, I'm holding in several hundred profanities that apply to certain readers, but could potentially alienate my entire fanbase).

I've said since Chapter One of this project that I plan on writing endings both for NaLu and Natza, and that this story is meant to appeal to fans of either ship. But I'm warning you all now, if I see one more review asking me to make this NaLu or Natza - JUST ONE MORE - then I'm deleting this story. I don't know what part of "an ending for each ship" you people don't seem to understand, but it's disheartening for me to read a review and realize that there are people out there who don't seem capable of reading the little notes I do at the beginning and end and understanding my intent with this story, and instead ask/beg/demand that I write the story to fit their ship and their ship alone, when clearly that goes against my plans, which I had ALREADY ESTABLISHED, and makes me not want to continue the story!

In other words, I wrote this story because I ship Natza, yet want to understand NaLu better, and instead I find an understanding that I am completely justified in calling the NaLu community a "zombie horde." I would say the same thing if my reviews consisted of people asking me to make Natza endgame. I love Natza, true enough, but this isn't a pure Natza story, just as it's not a pure NaLu story!

So to recap, I am disgusted with the amount of reviews I get asking me to make this NaLu, and one more will cause me to delete this story, and I don't think you bloody want that, do you? No, you don't. So stop asking me. That goes for my Natza-shipping reviewers - even though you've done nothing wrong, I have to act in the interests of fairness.

So anyway, that's what's going on. I advise you not to test me, because I'm dead serious about carrying out this threat. I suppose I'll work on Death the Kid T-Shirt when I get home, because I really don't want to work on this right now.