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Author's Note: I'm so glad Reba is back on TV, and I'm really liking the show so far. Decided to dip my toes into the fandom and hope to write more soon. Enjoy!

Reba Gallagher wants a fresh start and moving to California is it. Nashville isn't the place to raise her family anymore, especially since it reminds her of her cheating bastard of an ex-husband. She loved him, but he betrayed her way too many times over the years. She will always be grateful to him for giving her Cash and June, however, because they mean the world to her. But Reba cannot get over the humiliation that she suffered, especially when Kim keeps throwing it in her face.

She is a strong, independent woman – A survivor. Reba will get her career back on track and not live off the money she got in the divorce. Cash, June, and her mother are depending on her, and she will not let them down if it's the last thing she does. She'll teach June that she shouldn't let anyone – especially a man – walk all over her. She put up with it for years because of their kids, and the cheating – which she suspected but had no proof of until recently – was the last straw.

Reba is going to raise hell and take down anyone who stands in her way. She is no one's puppet.