I've not wrote a walking dead story before so figured I'd give it a shot. I'm a huge Lori and Carol fan so this is how I hope things may turn out in future episodes for them. If you don't like the character of Lori or Carol then you may not want to read this story, don't just read to bash the characters.

Summary: Lori wakes up in the boiler room, she's bleeding but she's alive. She's alone until a familiar face, Carol, runs into the room, followed by a bunch of walkers. Has she woken up just to be eaten alive? Carol chooses to go with a group of men who claim to be guards and claim they can help Lori….has she made the right choice or has she put her and Lori in more danger.

This is based on the TV series and not the comics as I haven't read them yet but I would love to one day.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Chapter 1

Lori slowly opened her eyes. They felt as heavy as lead. For some reason she had thought she would wake up somewhere….well she wasn't sure where but it wasn't back in the boiler room again. She looked up at the same ugly ceiling, glanced at the same ugly walls. Then she suddenly smelt the coppery stench of blood and like a wall the pain suddenly hit her as she became fully conscious.

She couldn't help but cry out in pain, in excruciating agony. She placed her hands on her stomach and was almost sick when she felt the gaping wound and her warm blood that seeped from it. She grabbed hold of her shirt and pulled it around her as tight as her weekend body would allow and then held it down over the wound, once more she cried out in agony.

She had to quickly silence herself, something that wasn't easy, as she heard footsteps approaching. She knew it had to be a walker, probably smelling her blood. The stench of it was knocking her sick it was so strong but she knew to a walker it would be a heavenly smell and chances where she would be its first meal in a while.

She managed to roll onto her side and pull herself along the dirty floor but the movement made her scream in pain. She lay there, still, too weak to try to move again. She couldn't help but think it so cruel to survive being cut open so her baby could live only to be then eaten by a walker. She could only pray her death would be a quick one. She had already lost so much blood, how long would it be until she bled out totally. She hoped a few deep bites would be enough.

"Lori!" she suddenly heard.

Recognising the soft voice she rolled herself onto her back, crying out in pain as she did so. The agony was making her head spin, making her vision blurred and black around the edges, all of it making her want to fall back into unconsciousness.

"Oh my God, Lori!" Carol cried as she fell to her knees beside her.

Lori noticed how the woman didn't even think twice about coming up to her but she understood her reasons when she asked, "Lori, was this a walker. There's so much blood, I can't tell if you were bitten!"

"Not bit….C-c-caesarean….M-Mag—Maggie…no choice!" Lori told her with a cry of pain.

Carol felt her stomach turn. She knew Maggie had done her best but it was all wrong, and she knew Lori needed urgent care or she was going to die. She had practised helping deliver the baby and then fixing Lori back up, but not like this. She needed the groups help, she needed equipment.

Carol suddenly heard a bang as the door to the boiler room swung open. She looked up and saw a fat and slow walker making its way over to her. She quickly moved behind Lori and hooked her arms under Lori's and began dragging her back, realising she was unconscious again.

The walker was slow, but Carol was struggling to move Lori and the walker was getting closer and closer. She was shocked when the walker was suddenly shoved right out of the way by more walkers, four of them all moving fast towards them. Carol screamed knowing the walkers where about to get both her and Lori.

She jumped a mile when three men suddenly ran in. She watched in shock as the men easily killed the four walkers. It was obvious to her that these men had killed them before and being in prison she wondered what else, or rather who else they had killed.

When all the walkers where taken out the men ran over to her and Lori. "Was she bitten?" one asked her as he looked down at Lori. He was white and very tall, big built bt it was obvious he had lost some weight and some muscle recently.

"No, she was pregnant, it was caesarean." Carol told him.

"Have you been bitten?" another of the men asked her. This man was also white and very tall, he wasn't as well built as the other two men.

"No…no. Neither of us have been bitten. Please, you have to help me help her!"

"Okay, we need to get out of here." he replied.

Carol was about to tell them about Rick and the rest of the group but until she knew more she decided it may be safer for the group to say nothing. She allowed the biggest built of the white men to scoop Lori up. "She's bleeding pretty bad. We have to get her to the infirmary as soon as possible." he said.

"You can get to the infirmary?" Carol asked.

"Not the main one, but we're hiding out on G-block. It's the safest place here as it was once where we housed the most dangerous creeps in here. They were locked up pretty much day and night, but there had to be a small infirmary there so we weren't moving them through the rest of the prison." The third man told her. He was black and tall and reminded her so much of T-dog, a thought that brought tears to her eyes that she had to quickly wipe away.

"You're guards here?" she asked.

"We were." he replied.

"We can talk later, but right now we have to get going. I think there's a herd coming!" the other white man said.

"Okay, come on let's get going!" one of the men said, all Carol could do was follow, praying she was doing the right thing.


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