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In the last chapter: Lori, Carol and the other women had safely found their way back to the rest of the group after having let walkers into the cell block they were being held in. The walkers had killed all of the guards who had abused the women…but maybe one had been lucky enough to escape.

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Chapter 7

Everyone had made the new women in the group feel right at home. Hershel and Amy had helped to fix up some of their wounds and Maggie and Glenn had made sure they had a good meal to eat. The women were all more thank thankful and had all agreed to play a part in protecting the group, all of them had already volunteered for guard duty or to help out in any other way they could.

Having more people in the group made everyone feel better. Knowing that there were more people out there and not just walkers gave them all some new hope, even if it was only a little.


Carol was with Daryl up in his cell. She was using an old rag to clean herself up with, trying to make her bloodied wounds look a little less messy and slightly less severe. She had changed out of her old clothes and had already joked with Daryl about burning them…joked but she was deadly serious. Clothing wasn't something she had tons of anymore, or had ever really had, but she sure as hell never wanted to wear the clothes she had been abused in again.

"You know, if you want to talk about what happened, I'm happy to listen. I mean, you know, I can be here for you." Daryl said to her, wishing he was better at being sensitive, especially when it came to Carol. He genuinely wanted to help her. She had come to mean so much more to him than just friend.

Carol placed the blood stained rag down in the sink and turned to face him, a smile on her beaten face. She then walked over to the cot and sat down beside him. "Thanks." she replied.

"I mean it, Carol." he protested, desperate for her to know he was serious.

Carol smiled at him then leant forward and placed a thankful kiss on his cheek. She then lay her head against his shoulder. She had thought she would never get over what had happened to her, not truly anyway, but she suddenly wondered if she could with Daryl's help.

When she felt him wrap his arms around her and gently hold her close to him she didn't need to wonder, she knew she would get though it with him by her side.


Lori was sat with Rick out in the yard. She was holding her baby in her arms, barely able to pull her eyes away from her, and when she did it was to look at Rick or watch Karl who was stood talking to Hershel and Amy. She couldn't help but notice how happy he looked. She had felt like it had been months since she had really seen him smile but seeing it now helped soothe her somewhat.

She turned to look at her sleeping daughter again. "I truly never thought I would get to see her again, or you or Karl. Thinking that I had lost you, even though I would be dead, it broke my heart."

"You never have to worry about losing us, any of us." he said placing one hand on Lori's face and moving forward so he could place his forehead against hers. His other hand cupped his baby's head.

"I love you so much." Lori told him.

"I love you too."

They shared a loving kiss before they both sat looking around at their friends, all of them back together.

Suddenly a thought began to worry Lori. It had been playing in the back of her mind but fearing her friends and families safety she turned to Rick and said, "Rick, back in the other block, I think we let in enough walkers to kill the guards, but what if we didn't. What if they were able to escape. What if they show up here. If you knew the things they did, what they did to Carol, what they did to the others, what they would have done to me if we hadn't gotten outta there."

"Don't worry. Glenn, Daryl and I are going to search the corridors after the group turns in for the night, if we find any of them…well lets just say they will never hurt anyone again."

"Thank you." Lori replied with a smile, knowing full well that she could trust her husband to protect her and the others.


Rick was walking through a corridor alone. Glenn and Daryl had gone in another direction, usually splitting up wasn't their first option but they had a lot of ground to cover quickly to make sure the place was a safe as possible. So far all seemed okay and the corridors were empty of walkers…and guards.

Suddenly Rick froze. He was sure he had heard something coming from down the corridor and around the corner. He steadied the axe and the huge knife in his hands and slowly made his way forward. He slowly rounded the corner and just ahead of him saw a small barred door. Sat by it was a guard.

Rick heard a sound behind him, but he wasn't startled as he recognised it. It was Daryl's bow being loaded. The quiet 'click' sound made the guard look up. He reached his arms through the bars towards Rick and Daryl.

"Please, help me!" he begged.

Rick slowly walked over to him, his weapons still aimed and ready. Daryl was right behind him. "Are you one of the guards who helped out our friends?" he asked.

"The women," the guard, who just so happened to be Doc Martin, said, "We found them, the one was really beaten up, cut bad and deep, but I'm a Doctor. At least I was before all this craziness started. Are the women okay, are they alive? Our block got over run, we couldn't get it back under control. I think I'm the only one who made it." he said, putting on an Oscar winning worthy act of an innocent man.

"You Doctor Martin?" Daryl asked.

"Yeah…did one of the women get back to you? God I hope they're okay?" he lied.

"Oh they're fine. Told us all about you though." Rick replied.

Martin suddenly pulled his arms back and rested his head against the bars of the gate. "I'll bet they did. Look, I'm not a bad guy. I'm just a guy who tried to make the best out of this shitty situation. I mean…what would you guys have done?"

"We wouldn't have held women captive and beat them and raped them whenever we felt like it!" Daryl growled at him.

"Look, just let me through this gate. I'll get out of the prison, you won't have to see me again."

All three men suddenly looked up at the sounds of muffled moans and scuffing and dragging sounds. It was a familiar sound to all of them - Walkers approaching.

"FUCK! Please let me through!" the guard begged, knowing the sounds were coming up behind him.

"Why would we do that?" Rick said.

"You should have never hurt Carol, or Lori or the others!" Daryl yelled, hoping his voice would bring the approaching Walkers on quicker. It worked, they rounded the corner in a small herd and upon seeing the guard began moving as quick as they could towards their next meal.

"DAMN-IT, let me through!" Martin yelled!

Rick and Daryl took a step back. "This is called revenge!" Rick yelled over the sounds of the hungry Walkers.

The guard knew his fate was sealed. He knew he was about to be torn to pieces. "Those bitches deserved everything they got! My only regret is I didn't fuck Lori!"

Rick wanted to open the gate and beat the guard to a pulp for what he had said but Daryl quickly grabbed hold of him and held him back as the Walkers reached the guard. He turned to face them and tried in vain to fight them but the herd quickly fell on top of him.

Rick and Daryl turned away and could only listen as the sound of Doctor Martin being torn to pieces echoed in the corridor around them.

They left the corridor behind, the sounds of the guards screams getting fainter and fainter until they stopped altogether. Both men focused on how the women they loved were safe. How they had them back and how they would continue fighting in a world gone to hell to keep them and the others in the group safe. After all, they were the only thing that one an other had left anymore and that was more than worth fighting for.

The End.

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