Dean Winchester Dhampir - Purgatory

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You don't have to read "The Truth about Dean Winchester", "Elkins" and "Sammy Finds Out and so does the Demon" as they are respectively parts 1, 2 & 3 of this (now) 4 Part Story, but it really would help.

CHAPTER 01 The Real Reason Why Benny and Dean are Brothers in Arms

Previously: After Sammy found out Dean thought everything was going to be okay, but then when are things okay in the Winchester world.

Dean guessed that the first sign of trouble he really should have picked up on. It was the smile that Sam gave him after getting his soul back. After all the pain and suffering, the wall in his head, and the troubles of Castiel siding with Crowley, he thought the smile was odd, but Sam was tired and he passed it off as nothing but the effects of no sleep and the drugs Dean had given Sam so that he could rest, really for once. He should have known better and the next day when Sam asked a question, Dean realized that Sam though meaning well was totally wrong. Dean just could not tell him the truth so he lied and said "The cravings had gone".

The question was simple really, it was a Sam afterthought, i.e. it was Sam's big brain looking really for a ray of sunlight from a soul-less year. To try and find one thing that had been right to do. Of course it involved Dean, and it was this, since the time Sam had allowed Dean to be turned fully into a vampire, (for which he was slightly regretful), Sam had thought that the cure which worked obviously had removed all the vampire parts in Dean, thus changing Dean from a Dhampir to a full human, and though as I said He regretted allowing the change to happen, when he realized this, he saw the first and probably only good thing to come out of this. Dean was human.

There was only one problem with this and that was that Sam was not sure that it was a true possibility. But Dean had got rid of the amulet (though Sam had rescued it from the trash), and Dean appeared not to be going out so much or popping into hospitals in the dead of night, so Sam after keeping an open eye, or trying to with everything going on that is, asked Dean if it was true. He figured Dean would know, wouldn't he. Sam just never figured Dean would lie to him about it, and that is what Dean did. He could not removed the one good thing Sam thought had happened. This dean figured might not end well but if it helped his brother stay this side of sane, he would deal with it later. Unfortunately later never came, and this was how he found himself in the currant situation, but more of that later. First let me explain that Dean wasn't exactly lying, he was forgetting to tell the full truth. You see the cravings had diminished and for a while even he believed that it could have worked. But about a month after having the cure, while visiting a hospital, a nurse opened a fridge and he knew he was not cured. The smell was intoxicating and the sight of it lying there in bags just begging to be drunk. That night he snuck back and drained a few packets. Then he cleared out a few more into a mini fridge and went to a bar. The pretty girl never truly understood why the first time she saw him, he was so sad. She happily kissed the tears away and never knew why.

The next day, he was back to normal and Sam never saw the little changes to his behavior. Going out a little more and feeling a little more like the world was carried on his shoulders. Bobby did of course but then he had figured that the vampire cure would not make Dean human. He didn't make a big deal of it, just increased the stores a little to include blood, beer and m&m's. Dean didn't openly say anything about it, well he was going to but Bobby being Bobby just handed him a beer and called him a idiot. It was the first time Dean had smiled since the cure. Bobby barely held in the tears.

Now don't get me wrong, Dean was going to tell Sam the truth but just never really got down to it. First Crowley and his search for alphas, then meeting the first vampire. Now that did not go well, but more on that later. Then the Leviathans. So really he never got a chance. He figured that the best time to tell Sam was after they had dealt with Dick Roman. Then during the celebrating he could tell Sam the truth. He was still a Dhampir. Unfortunately, he now found himself in Purgatory. On the bright side he was not in Hell, and really Purgatory was Paradise for a dhampir. All he did was fight, kill and fight again, and run. Purgatory is really good for cardio.

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