Dean Winchester Dhampir - Purgatory

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You don't have to read "The Truth about Dean Winchester", "Elkins" and "Sammy Finds Out and so does the Demon" as they are respectively parts 1, 2 & 3 of this (now) 4 Part Story, but it really would help.

CHAPTER 02 The Real Reason Why Benny and Dean are Brothers in Arms

Previously: Now don't get me wrong, Dean was going to tell Sam the truth but just never really got down to it. First Crowley and his search for alphas, then meeting the first vampire. Now that did not go well, but more on that later. Then the Leviathans. So really he never got a chance. He figured that the best time to tell Sam was after they had dealt with Dick Roman. Then during the celebrating he could tell Sam the truth. He was still a Dhampir. Unfortunately, he now found himself in Purgatory. On the bright side he was not in Hell, and really Purgatory was Paradise for a dhampir. All he did was fight, kill and fight again, and run. Purgatory is really good for cardio.

And for what turned out to be a year, that was all he did. Of course he was searching for a way out and for his angle, but the dhampir in him loved the chase, adored the kill, and feasted well on the blood. About three months in Dean begun to wonder if he was beginning to become more vampire then human. He longed for the kill. For the next poor monster that ran across his path and foolishly believed that he was a weak human. That was about the time he ran into Benny.

Now Benny had heard that a human was alive in Purgatory. He had heard about a angel with a price on his head. He had heard that the human was looking for the angel, and of course Benny figured he knew a way out. So he went looking for the weak human. It was only in the clearing that he realized his (all really all the monsters) error. He circled after killing the poor fool who had helped him track Dean down, and as he circled and looked closer at this supposed weak human, he saw the truth. This was no human. This was a living, breathing Dhampir and it was in control of itself. Now don't get me wrong, Benny in this first encounter had a advantage, he had fought dhampirs before. He knew all about them, and that was how he knew instinctively that he was facing a Dhampir and a strong one too. For a second he figured his dead friend had followed the wrong trail but when Dean mentioned his angel, he knew this was the guy he was looking for. But could his plan work with a dhampir?

It took another month to find the angel, and let me say that Castiel was not happy with the situation, on so many levels. Dean had not only found him but seemed to be forming a strong connection with a vampire. Also Dean was about to agree that he would transport the vampire's soul to earth. But Castiel found that he could not argue the point. He himself knew he deserved to be in Purgatory, how ever much dean told him that they would all get out. Castiel knew he would not. He found himself watching as the bond grew stronger between Dean and Benny. Silently wishing that such a bond still existed between him and the righteous man. The righteous man. Chosen by God to do his work. He remembered how he had felt when he first saw him in hell. He could not believe that the dhampir so enjoying his work as Alastair's Apprentice was the one God had commanded to raise. Castiel shook himself. Heaven had commanded it but then he had seen with his own eyes Dean kill the whore of Babylon. Such a thing should have been impossible for him. Yet it was only in that moment that Castiel saw that God had truly chosen Dean. How he was right to side against heaven for him. Castiel's pace slowed slightly, he understood, as he heard Benny laugh at some joke that Dean cracked that he himself would not have understood. Castiel, angel of the Lord was feeling jealousy at the growing bond between vampire and dhampir. He was right, he deserved to be here. Some angel he was.

Then suddenly Castiel was raised from his sullen thoughts by Dean nudging him on the shoulder. His eyes full of silent worry. Castiel smiled and quickened his pace. He saw Benny as if with new eyes. Maybe God had chosen Benny now to lead Dean onto his next mission. He would aid them to escape and then at the last moment he would stay and hope Dean understood, finally, that Castiel deserved to remain in Purgatory, to serve penance for his misdeeds on earth. He should have trusted Dean, and gone to him instead of following Crowley. He truly deserved to be where he was, but Dean and maybe even Benny did not. With new found determination Castiel marched forward, saying a silent prayer that indeed he was finally doing the right thing.

At night he sat and listened to Dean and Benny, growing closer. Watching each other's backs in fights. It reminded him of the first few fights he witnessed while doing heaven's work. Before he rebelled. It was always Sam and Dean, two brothers. Now he watched as Benny filled the gap where Sam used to be. Things had changed. Something had changed. The few times he spoke with Benny, they ended up arguing. He really could not see why this vampire had chosen to fight with side by side with them. Was it only that he needed Dean to carry him through the gateway, or was there some other reason. why would a vampire turn against his own kind. But then had not a angel turned against heaven. He looked at Dean. Maybe for the first time he saw, how relaxed, how happy, he was here. All the time he ran, fought and killed, but he was happy. It was then that Castiel realized the most important thing about Dean. No matter what happened Dean had a belief that there was a way to work things out. In that belief he never faltered, he never lost faith. Dean was sure there was a way to get rid of Lucifer. He was sure there was a way to beat the leviathans. He was sure there was a way to escape Purgatory. And on thinking on it Castiel realized that a way always appeared as if by magic. Dean became the righteous man blessed by God, to defeat Lucifer. He discovered the tablet and the prophet to help him rid the world of Dick, and now Benny appeared with a way out of Purgatory. Castiel shook his head. It could not be. Such power to bend the laws of creation where left to Gods and tricksters. Dean was a dhampir. He pushed his thoughts to the recesses of his mind. Dean was convinced they would all get out. Castiel knew that he would not leave for here was where he belong to try and right the wrongs he had done. Therefore he was wrong yet again. Not even Dean could get him out of here, no matter how much faith he had in the "No-one gets left behind".

Castiel let go at the portal and smiled. He had started doing good, by making sure Dean did not get him out. Castiel turned away from the portal has it blinked out of existence and smiled. He was wrong, Dean could not bend the laws of creation. Castiel was still in Purgatory and now he could begin paying for the mistakes, he had made. He ran, he hid and then one day out of the blue he found himself on the side of the road, and burst into tears. Now he knew, Dean had a power within him or God himself made sure there was a way for the things Dean wanted to come to pass. Castiel had to find Dean or Sam or even Benny before anyone else found Dean. Anyone else who had discovered the truth, the real truth. That Dean was changing. Maybe it was the cure. Maybe it was a reward. Maybe Gabriel wasn't dean after all, or maybe just maybe Gabriel was dead and the world needed a Trickster.

Someone who knew about the supernatural. Someone who wanted to punish the guilty. Someone who had the power, the ability, the love of life and the sweet tooth. Someone called DEAN!

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