Dean Winchester Dhampir - Purgatory

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You don't have to read "The Truth about Dean Winchester", "Elkins" and "Sammy Finds Out and so does the Demon" as they are respectively parts 1, 2 & 3 of this (now) 4 Part Story, but it really would help.

CHAPTER 03 The Real Reason Why Benny and Dean are Brothers in Arms

Previously: Castiel let go at the portal and smiled. He had started doing good, by making sure Dean did not get him out. Castiel turned away from the portal has it blinked out of existence and smiled. He was wrong, Dean could not bend the laws of creation. Castiel was still in Purgatory and now he could begin paying for the mistakes, he had made. He ran, he hid and then one day out of the blue he found himself on the side of the road, and burst into tears. Now he knew, Dean had a power within him or God himself made sure there was a way for the things Dean wanted to come to pass. Castiel had to find Dean or Sam or even Benny before anyone else found Dean. Anyone else who had discovered the truth, the real truth. That Dean was changing. Maybe it was the cure. Maybe it was a reward. Maybe Gabriel wasn't dean after all, or maybe just maybe Gabriel was dead and the world needed a Trickster. Someone who knew about the supernatural. Someone who wanted to punish the guilty. Someone who had the power, the ability, the love of life and the sweet tooth. Someone called DEAN!

When he managed to pull himself together, Castiel realized he was weak and the markings he had placed on Sam and Dean still hid them from him. It took time for him to grow strong enough to track the two Winchester brothers down, and when he did, he was relieved to find them together and slightly more relieved to find Benny was not with them. When he first appeared in the bathroom behind Dean, it was to confront him as to what he was doing, but then by Dean's surprised reaction, Castiel realized Dean did not know what he was doing. So Castiel paused and instead of demanding a explanation as to how Dean had got him out of Purgatory and Sam back on the road, He waited, answered the questions put to him, and hoped he was wrong.

Almost to prove that he was wrong Castiel determined to Sam and ask him some questions, but what he found out did not help him at all. Castiel did not ask Sam questions which might have been a better idea but did what angels normally did instead, i.e. they stood close, shut their eyes and read all they needed to know about a person by breathing in the vapors of their spirit in a way that only angels can do. It got them a lot of information but did tend to leave out small details. He learnt about the girlfriend, her father and the strange return of her husband, just before Dean's return. That worried him. It was also worrying that Sam seemed no longer to be able to fully understand his brother's actions and emotions as if something was subconsciously blocking him. There was also a worry about Benny underlining nearly every thought about Dean, Sam had.

All this did nothing to ease Castiel's mind, and if he knew what else was going on, he really would have been worried and instead of staying to watch over Fred Jones, he would have stuck to Dean like glue.

To actually find out what was happening, we must go back to Dean's time as a vampire and the following chat with the first vamp. Remember the vampire asked if Dean enjoyed it. Dean understood what he meant really meant. Did Dean enjoy killing all those vampires. An entire nest. You might wonder why would a first vampire be interested in the feelings of a hunter but then you would want a answer. The vampire was interested because as soon as Dean had been bitten, it knew. Where Dean was, who or rather what he was. Thus the first did not want to lose him. You might wonder what was it that made the vampire contact all his children at that precise moment. Was it fear of an angel on a rampage. Was it the fear that hunters would understand vampires still existed and start hunting them down. No it was the fear that his nest master would destroy Dean. Dean who's blood was siren call to the first. A dream that the first vampire thought would never exist again. He had tasted such blood in Pompeii just before it was buried. He barely escaped and cried for the child lying dead before the ash from the volcano. But that brief moment was proof that such beings could be reborn. Now he faced one such being, hiding in the skin of a dhampir. That was why he called to his children. That was why he sung with joy when Dean was cured, and that was why he told him "See you next season". It was time to start planning for Dean to join the family permanently. Then he planned to change the world to his own design.

Unfortunately he was not the only one planning. Others or should I say one other had been watching Dean, the Apocalypse, Lucifer, Michael. Nothing had escaped her gaze. Not even when Castiel sought to lead heaven did she stop watching Dean. You might think that she was his guardian angel, for she learned all about him. She questioned others. Sought out souls that had known him. Children from schools as far back as kindergarten. All reported the say thing. At the beginning kind and shy, but as he grew older, the words changed, to "bad boy", "caring", "strong and silent", "eyes of a hawk", "beauty", "don't mess with his brother", "wish he had been mine" etc. Naomi was curious. She had the feeling there was more to Dean then met the eye. So she slipped away from the apocalypse, from Castiel, from Heaven. She spoke to Anna. She watched as Anna went back in time and saw how Michael killed her, but did not touch nor punish anyone else. It was at that point that she decided to watch further. To check further. Now she knew Dean was the Michael sword but why had a dhampir been chosen. She went to the moment of his birth, possessed a nurse to watch and saw the truth. She did not see the birth of a dhampir, she saw the birth of a Nephilim. At first upon seeing the truth she was confused. How was this allowed to happen. Was not the order that all children born like this should be killed. But he was a dhampir why or more importantly how. She flew to the night where the Winchesters life changed.

She watched as the child Dean, was tucked into bed after being caught reading comics. He was human now. Only if she looked deeply and carefully would she have seen the Nephilim hiding within. What had changed. Then she saw the demon arrive. A father place a baby into Dean's arms and tell him to run outside. By the time he crossed the threshold of the front door, he was a dhampir, strong, agile, cunning and the lust for destruction that drove the Nephilim's early life turned to a beginning bloodlust. Of course the human part was still in control that night. The presence of the demon, had been felt by the Nephilim within and the human part had shaped a defense. So that the boy would be strong, so as to help as he wanted to help since the amulet had been given him. Naomi recognized a God amulet when she saw one. Created to control the bloodlust of a dhampir. But what was lesser known was they aided Nephilim also. The reason was simple, the amulets allowed the human part to gain control. Naomi cried, the human part. The part of Dean that loved his family, had on that night changed Dean so that he could help his family. But why a dhampir. She folded back time to see again what happened. There must be a reason why the human part would choose to shape Dean as a dhampir. Then she saw it, lying on the floor now disguarded, the comic book, partly hidden under the bed. BLADE! If she had not known so much about humanity, she would have understood, buy now she understood.

Naomi, made her back to her time and pondered what to do. She knew that now Dean was in Purgatory, and Castiel was with him. The other angels viewed it as God's justice. The rebel angel and the dhampir in Purgatory. But Naomi also knew, as did all others that Michael was in the cage and Heaven needed order, so she started to organize heaven. Then she thought, she would rescue Dean from Purgatory, and after she taught him and changed him, Heaven would have a new Michael. Step one she thought, make sure a vampire knew a way out. Surely a dhampir would trust a vampire, especially if he knew a way out. It was just luck that Benny was the vampire, or was it fate, for Naomi may think she runs heaven but then she couldn't find Chuck, when she wanted to ask him some questions.

Bu he wasn't. Dean had a lot to do with him being out of Purgatory and he was right Dean was changing, but really it was not his fault, but then it had never been his fault, no matter what he thought.

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