So this is the beginning of The Rebels!:D I know this probably sucks, but my friends came barging into my room while I was writting and they were all like 'WE ARE GOING OUT CAITLIN GET DRESSED INTO NICE CLOTHES!' So I had to go and they wouldn't leave me leave! I am now writting this at 23:30 exactly and I am SO FREAKING TIRED D; Some of the mentors will also have POVS in this story and this is what is probably coming up this chapter. It's gonna be pretty long, Last thing, I KNOWWWW some people mentioned in this haven't even won their games yet, but I want them to be in this story so like they are, MWAHAHAHAHAHA POWER OF THE AUTHORRRR! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

*Morgan Reunites With Beetee

*Jules loses the plot

*Freck and Fortemo plan a party

Beete's POV:

I bet the Capitol are searching everywhere for us now, I just hope they don't find us till we're ready..

Morgan Kileen's POV:

I really want to see Beetee now, The Capitol saw me kill the cameras. I need to know my familys safe! I see Beetee down the hall and immedietly run towards him. "Please tell me their alright.." I beg. I think of my mum and my dad and my two little sisters, Kaylin and Raven. "We got the two girls out ok but Demitria and Warren are..." He cuts off. I feel tears welling up in my eyes. I'm only 16! I shouldn't have to be planning my parents funeral! I begin crying into Beetee's shoulder "Shh.. I'm not going to lie to you and say it's ok. I know this isn't ok, but now you have 2 little kids to look after Morgan, You need to be strong." He tells me. "I'm tired of being strong." I say, more warm tears spilling down my cheeks. "I know, but you need to stay strong for a little bit longer ok? For Kaylin and Raven" He says cupping my face in his hands. "Ok.." I whisper. We walk to a lift and shoot upwards. He leads me down halls to room '901' and lets me in. "I'll be downstairs if you need me." He tells me. I walk into the room when Raven immedietly throws herself at me crying. Kaylin's glaring at me. "This is your fault Morgan!" She starts shouting. "WHY COULDN'T YOU JUST HAVE DIED IN THE ARENA INSTEAD OF KILLING OUR PARENTS WITH YOUR FUCKING ACT!?" She screamed. I could not believe she just said that. "How could you.. How could you say that to me. I volunteered for you! I took tesserae to feed you, I did illegal things to make sure you ate a meal everyday! I looked after you when mum and dad were having a tough time. I held you when you cried. I cleaned up your vomit when you were sick. I have done everything for you." I say with tears in my eyes. "I made sure you were safe." I said to her. "But maybe I should just give up on that. Kaylins a big girl! Kaylins 13! Kaylin can keep herself safe without ME anymore!" I snap. "Morg.. I - I didn't mean it that way.." She tries to explain. "Then while you try figure out what you meant, I'm going to go to the briefing room, because even though your hurting me, I'm still protecting you. But only for Raven." I glare and storm out of the room.

Jules Reese's POV:

I can't believe they won't go back for her! "Why NOT!?" I'm still roaring at Haymitch. "I have told you 7 times. We can't." He says lazily. "YOU DON'T EVEN CARE! YOU DON'T CARE THAT ONE OF THE PEOPLE I CARE MOST ABOUT IS POSSIBLY DEAD! I HATE YOU ALL!" I begin screaming. "Jules calm down." Brutus says to me. "CALM DOWN!? MY BEST FRIEND HAS BEEN RIPPED AWAY FROM ME AND YOUR TELLING ME TO CALM DOWN!" I scream. "Just shup up and go to sleep or something" Haymitch sighs. I just storm out of the room cursing them all.

Freck Kilbee's POV:

Me and Fort got a room together! In district 13 you can't have your own room. It's more fun this way though, I'm sharing a room with my best friend! "Hey we should through a party to celebrate our new room!" Fortemo grins at me. "Yeah!" I smile. "Only invite fun people though." I say strictly but still grinning. "Wouldn't dream of inviting boring people" She giggles. "I'll go invite people and you can get the room ready" She says. "Oh yeah, you go socialize and leave me to deal with the boring stuff" I chuckle. "Aha, I'll see you in a bit" Fort chuckles at me. The rooms here are fairly spacious. I knock on our neighbours door and a girl around 13 answers. She looks alot like someone else I know.. "What do you want" She looks at me angrilily. "Kaylin go back into the room and stop being mean!" I hear another voice. Another girl with shimmering red hair who looks about 14 or 15 comes to the door. "Sorry about her, she's in a mood. Hey you were in the games with my sister weren't you?" She asks me. Now I know who those girls look like. Morgan!. "Oh yeah." I smile. "I was just wondering if you had any fairy lights? We're throwing a party later so we need some." I ask. "Oh yeah we have a few. We have a little disco ball thingy too" She smiles. "Come in" She tells me. I follow the girl into the room. The other girl who has blonde hair is glaring at me. "I'm Raven by the way, And that little child sulking over there is Kaylin" She says pointing at the girl with blonde hair who is still glaring at me as if I've killed someone. "I'm Freck" I tell her. "Oh I know, The Capitol made a big deal out of you while you were in the games" She said. "Everyone loved you, I thought you were pretty cool, but obviously I was going for my sister, no offence." She says. "None taken." I tell her. Her head is fully inside a trunk. "Ah, here we are!" She says and takes out the fairy lights and the disco light thing she told me about. "Thanks" I grin at her. "You can come to the party if you want, it's just next door." I tell her. "Come in around 10 o' clock." I let her know. "Sure!" She smiles at me. I say goodbye to Raven and go to our room to decorate

Fortemo Reese's POV:

I running around like a headless chickens trying to find everyone. I see Morgan up ahead and I run towards her panting. "MORGAN! MORGAN! WAIT UP!" I scream and continue sprinting towards her. "Whats up" She smiles. "Party- At- My- Room- 10-" I pant at her. "Co- Come?" I still pant trying to catch my breath. "Sure" She giggles. "Here" She says and hands me a bottle of water. "Thanks" I say slightly less panty. Panty... is panty even a word?.. Nevermind. I down the water and sprint off again in search of the rest. I've only found Morgan, I still need to find Silver and Tabytha. I'm asking the victors kids too, only the important one's though! so I also need to find Caiden, Kadira and Emma Mason, Lauriee and Riven Odair, Danielle and Warren Abernathy, Enobaria's kids whose second names I do not know, Dagger, Slasher and Caitlin. Georgeous names aren't they... and Chaff and Seeders kids whose second names I also do not know, Perrie and Raina. you'd they won't be too hard to find because they all know eachother and always go around in their own little gang wouldn't you? Well your would be very WRONG! First I found Kadira, Lauriee, Caitlin, Danielle and Slasher hanging around the weapon development centre, that figures, these guys and some of the most vicious victors kids known to history, They all said they'd come. Then I found Perrie, Raina and Emma by the cafeteria. Their all coming too. I then found Caiden, Riven, Dagger and Warren checking out every girl that seemed to walk past. Their coming also, but I suspect it's only for the girls. Still, their coming! I didn't think any other victors kids were here, until I saw Brutus's kid walking around with his best friend from his district. Marco and his friend Zara are together so much of the time, everyone thinks their dating. I'm sure they are, they just say their not, BUT FORTEMO REESE KNOWS BETTER THEN THEM! I walk over and invite them. Since they know me they said they'd I find Silver and Tabytha having a conversation. Their both happy to come so I race back to the room so me and Freck can get changed. Freck has made the room look amazing! It's dark yet bright as she has lights and disco balls hung up all over the place. Freck's already gotten changed. She's wearing a pretty puffy black dress with little silver roses sewn on. I pull on a blood red mini dress and put on a black leather jacket. I straightened my curly brown hair and pulled on these REALLY old brand shoes that I love. Their called converse all stars. Mine were in all different colours but I chose the red because they match my dress! We're just about ready when we hear the first knock at the door

ok I know your all thinking i'm awful because it's Saturday, not Friday. BUUUUT as you saw my excuse up their ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and that I was writting this 23:30, I fell asleep at my laptop and woke up this morning to see my last sentence was ' I glared and stormed out of the roomkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkk with aload of K's as I slept with my face on that key! So yeah basically this was WAYYY shorter than I would have liked but I want it up. I was supposed to have the ACTUAL party in this chapter. I was also supposed to have some things with Tabytha and Silver. Here's whats happening in this next chapter FOR SURE!

* The Party

* Morgan takes too much, has an hour long conversation with a shoe

* Silver gets drunk

* Tabytha vomits on a victor

* The victors children get WILD