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* The Party

* Morgan takes too much, has an hour long conversation with a shoe

* Silver gets drunk

* Tabytha vomits on a victor

* The victors children get WILD

* Freck and Fortemo get in serious trouble

_Fortemo Reese's POV:

Before I open the door I freeze and look to Freck. "Freck, we don't have any drinks.." I say. Someone knocks on the door again a bit impaitently. "Oh don't worry, I stole some stuff outta Haymitchs room!" She giggles and opens the door revealing Caitlin, Slasher, Kadira, Lauriee and Danielle looking really pretty. Caitlins wearing a gold long-sleeved mini dress and a black bolero. I guess she owns alot of gold things being from 2 and all, Slasher her sister is wearing a black long-sleeved mini dress with a golden bolero, I see what they did there!

Kadira is wearing a green one shoulder dress but it's nice and flowing, not tight and weird. Lauriee is wearing a midnight blue shoulderless dress and Danielle is wearing a purple sleeveless dress. "Come in" I grin and they come in. "Nice job for a party that wasn't thrown by a Victor!" Kadira smiles. "Oh yeah, I heard about those! Their supposed to be mad" I grin. "Oh they are!" Danielle giggles. "Danielle had a one ni-" Caitlin begins but Danielle smashes her hand over her mouth. "No one needs to know that Caitlin!" Danielle blushes. Caitlin bites Danielles hand and continued to speak. "As I was saying before I was so RUDELY interupped" Caitlin smirked at Danielle, "Danielle got super drunk and had a one night stand." Caitlin smirks while Danielle glares at Caitlin. "And how come I didn't know about this?" Slasher questions. "It was that day you were sick" Caitlin tells her. "You always miss the good parties" Caitlin giggles. "Do you guys have any drinks?" Lauriee questions. "Yeah, I'll just get them out now" Freck answers, finally joining in the conversation.

Freck pulls out some white stuff. I can tell the girls recognise it immedietly as I see them looking at each other with weird looks. "Oh the old times" Kadira giggles at Lauriee. "Shut up!" Lauriee giggles too. Caitlin picks up a bottle and looks at it, "White liquor, how'd you get it" She smirked at us but I think she already knows the answer. "We uh.. found it" Freck says. "Don't lie, We all know you stole it from my dad" Danielle chuckles. She laughs at our shocked faces. "Don't worry, I won't tell him! We always steal that stuff for OUR parties." She smiles at me. Just then theres a knock at the door.

"I'll get it, it's probably just the 4 dufus's A.K.A Warren, Riven, Dagger and Caiden" Caitlin giggles and opens the door. As Caitlin predicted, the four boys burst into the room.

Silver Sable's POV:

Me and Tabytha are on our way to the party. She's wearing a yellow puffy dress. When we knock at the door a girl with flowing black hair who I don't know answers the door. "Who is it Slash?" I hear another girl say. The girl runs up to the door, She has bright red hair. "I suppose your here for the party?" The red head asks us. "Yeah" Tabytha says. They let us in and I must say Freck and Fortemo did a great job with the party. I see aload of people I don't know here. I know them like , I know who some of them are, their victors kids. I just don't know know them. I recognise the Fitches , their Enobaria's kids. Dagger, Slasher and Caitlin. I see Tabytha go talk to two people with black hair. I think their Haymitchs kids, I met them in the hovercraft. Makes sense Tabytha knows them, they live in the same district.

Caitlin Fitch's POV:

My brother is such a perv! I can see him trying to get his eye up Lauriee's skirt! I walk over and smack him in the back of the head. "What the fuck was that for!?" He asks me shocked. "Perv on my friends one more time and I swear, I will pull a mom and rip your throat out with my teeth" I hiss at him. He nods dumb-founded. I wonder if my boyfriend is in 13 yet. I don't think he's managed to convince his district to rebel yet though so I mightn't see him for a while. He's Cashmere's son. He's not at all like his family though. His family are pricks to be name is Louis. I feel sorry for the two girls hosting this party. It's a bad idea to invite aload of teenage victors kids to a party. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around to see Danielle, my best friend, standing behind me with some shot glasses. "You game?" She laughs. "Oh bring it on Dani" I smirk. We walk to the table and Freck pours us ten shots of liquor each.

"Ok, on 3" Freck says. "And no cheating Cait" Danielle points to me. I am known for cheating so it's not an uncommon accusation. All I do is giggle and say "Ok". "1, 2, 3" Freck says and we're off. I down my first 6 easily. I then start to feel the burning sensation in my throat. I down 7 and 8 with a bit of difficulty but I hate to lose so I ignore the pain in my throat and take the last 2. "DONE" I shout and see Danielle just taking her last one. "I WIN DANI" I grin. I take a glass of the stuff and walk off arm in arm with Danielle. I can see she's getting a bit tipsy already. It'll take me a while more, but parties are no fun when your sober so I drink the liquor within seconds. I take a few more glasses and I begin to feel tipsy so i'm happy dancing with Dani like a retarded moose. I'm not actually drunk yet but i'm gonna say I am so I can get away with this and I scream aloud "IM A RETARDED MOOSE EVERYONE!" with a stupid look on my face.

Kadira Mason's POV:

The parties going pretty alright. When the rest of the victors kids get drunk though, it will be whole different story. Caitlin's a retarded moose apparently. I search the crowd for my best friend and see her talking to Dagger. He's been perving on her all day, I saw Caitlin giving out to him awhile ago too.I SHALL SAVE HER! ZOOM! I run over. "Hi Dagger" I smile. "Hey Ka-" He begins but I say "Bye Dagger!" And he walks away. "Thank you! He wouldn't leave me BE" Lauriee stresses jokingly. Our group of friends are quite stupid actually. Theirs Dani and Caitlin who take the stupid 1st place prize for sure. Then me and Lauriee 2nd and Slasher and her friend Ashel were 3rd. Ashel has been disowned now. We told her about the rebellion and invited her to 13. We got "God how could you do that to the Capitol after they did all this for us!?" Then Caitlin gave her a "Fuck you bitch!" Caitlin really lives up to the red hair of hers.

I love my friends though, we also help each other with weapons. Caitlin's helping me with my knife skills. She's also really good with tomohawks but their like axes so I didn't need help with them. Lauriee and myself drink a few glasses of the liquor and go to dance. My sister and her friends are really late. They probably found out we were going too and decided not to go.

Danielle Abernathy's POV:

I know i'm drunk now. I feel bad for whoever needs to clean this up. Caitlin's having a chugging contest with her sister, Lauriee and Kadira are doing the funky chicken, I'm making shadow puppets on the wall and the boys are perving on everyone. Just a pretty boring normal party for us really, thats how crazy our parties are. We have foam cannons from the Capitol and everything! The boys are just starting to get some drinks so the peace will not be kept for long. I can see Dagger stumbling around and you can smell the alcohol from a mile away. This party is actually getting pretty boring and i'm just about to leave when someone else comes running in the door. I recognise her as Morgan. "Sorry!" She says as the door hits me "I was late and in a rush" She says. "It's fine" I smile. All of a sudden Dagger stands up on the table screaming "I BELIEVE IN MAGIC!". He then jumps on the table and falls on the floor. Maybe I will stay after all.. I can see Caitlin walking over glaring at her brother. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU BASTARD!?" She screams at him. She's also slurring. She's drunk. I can't help but giggle. I walk over to Kadira and Lauriee. "Why is it, Do you think, that everytime we go to a party, they end up trying to kill each other?" Kadira giggles to us. "Not a clue, but it makes for good entertainment!" I giggle. "True that!" Lauriee smiles and high fives me. I see a girl pop her head in the door and I feel like gagging. "Is that?" I begin. "No, It can't be" Kadira groans, But it is. She walks over to us wearing too much make-up. A bright pink mini-skirt that is blinding me. And a top that basically looks like a bra. "Hey girlfriends" The dumb blonde smiles at us.

Gloss' daughter Azure is the stupidest person alive I swear. All the boys beg to kiss her toes though. "Hey.. Azure" I smile weakly. I see Caitlin stumble over and I see Lauriee smirk at me. "I bet you 20 dollars that Caitlin hits her" She whispers to me. "Oh your on Odair" I giggle. "What are you doing here?" (A slightly more sober from beating her brother), Caitlin asks. "I'm here for the party. Duh." She says. "How did you get here?" Caitlin asks again. "Dagger asked me to come" She says. I see Caitlin go rigid. She picks up the nearest thing which is a plastic cup, still hard though, and throws it as hard as she can at Dagger's face. It lands him square in the eyes and his nose begins to bleed. "How could you do that to my boyfriend?!" Azure shrieks. Caitlin's eye begins twitching. "B-boyfriend?.." She asks. "Yes!" She screams. I see Caitlin's hand rise. No! I don't wanna give Lauriee 20 dollars. And boom, I lose 20 as Caitlin catches her in the jaw. It looks broken. Caitlin's broken PLENTY of bones. "Pay up Abernathy" Lauriee smirks. I sigh as I pull a twenty out of the pocket in my dress. "Thaaaaank you!" Lauriee drags on as she swiftly pulls the note out of my hand. "OUCH!" She screams. "Goodbye" Caitlin says in a monotone and kicks her out the door.

So I saw Morgan had been drinking alot and I went into the bathroom to do my buisness and found Morgan inside the bath tub, making out with a blue shoe and saying "Oh you sexy shoe, oh you beast!" I slowly back out of the room as this sight is killing my eyes..

Raven Kileen's POV:

I decided not to go to the party because Kaylins still in a fucking mood so I can't go. "You know your being so bitchy. It's not Morgans fault they died" I glare at her. "Don't you dare fucking start with me Raven" She glares at me. "Well you better apologise soon because i'm sick of your stanky attitude, Do you think Morgan's intention was to kill our parents?" I ask. "NO." I half shout. "She wanted to get home to us" I say and storm out of the room. I see Enobaria walking down the hall. "Hey Raven, Do you know where my 3 are?" She asks me.

"No, sorry" I say, knowing that their at the party but thats probably not allowed. "Right.. Thanks anyway" Enobaria says looking at me suspiciously. Phew!

Silver Sable's POV:

Is that a penguin.. wearing a Christmas hat?.. "Taby.. Why is the penguin waving at me?" I ask her wearily. "It's not waving at you, theirs not even a penguin their you stupid bastard" Tabytha slurs. "It's a fucking giraffe, can you not see bitch?" She shouts. "Whoopsies!" I giggle. "Go sit in the corner!" Tabytha demands me. "But I don't want to!" I whine. "Do I look like I give a fuck what you want to do!? You should have known it was a giraffe. Now sit in the fucking corner!" She slurs. "Ok.." I say with tears in my eyes. I don't wanna sit in the corner!

Tabytha Caramhel's POV:

All I have done all night is drink, drink, drink and uh.. drink! Everyones dancing now, execpt Dagger who is still trying to stop his nose bleeding since Caitlin threw a cup at him. That girl must have one strong bloody arm! I still can't believe Silver thought that giraffe was a penguin. He deserves to die! He's still crying in the corner, he disgusts me.

Fortemo Reese's POV:

I'm the only one not drunk here. I've had a few drinks, but i'm not demanding people to sit in corners, see giraffes and penguins or jump of tables screaming I believe in magic. Caitlin is by far the worst here. So far she has, broke someones jaw, made someones nose bleed with a plastic cup, curse about 20 times per second, nearly break her brothers face and she is now smacking her brothers face with a spoon... These people are really weird...

Haymitch Abernathy's POV:

I went to my room to have my nightly drink and found all my liquor had been stolen. I walked the halls waiting to see someone stumbling around drunk. I'm the only one whose allowed drinks here. As I walk past Fortemo and Frecks rooms I hear loud music and drunk teenagers. A party eh... Not for long, I think as I open the door. The music cuts off and everyone looks at me wide eyed. "Danielle, Warren, Care to explain whats going on?" I ask. "Oh noo big daddy its alll good" Warren slurs. "Aha.. aha.. what he means to say is," My daughter begins explaning, "We uh.. don't know how we ended up here. I was uhm.. sleeping" She mutters. "Mhm.." I say, unconvinced. All of a sudden Tabytha stumbles over to me. "Just get the fuck out old man" She slurs, then vomits on my shoes. "Holy" Caitlin says "Crap" Lauriee finishes off her sentence. "Mind" Kadira says "Fuck" Slasher says, finishing Kadira's sentence. This vomit smells so much. "Uh.. oops." Tabytha smiles weakly. "EVERYONE GET TO YOUR OWN ROOMS. NOW!" I shout. "I need to have a word with these two" I glare and point at Freck and Fortemo. "We're" Fortemo starts "Dead" Freck finishing. Why do they all finish each others sentences?! It's so creepy..

Everyone left the room and I continued to glare at the two girls. "Well. What do you have to say for yourselves?" I ask. "Uhm.. sorry?.." Fortemo trys. "No. You stole liqour, you caused many people to get drunk, you have destroyed this room, and you will be punished" I tell them. "As punishment, you will clean the cafateria everyday for 3 months, plunge the toilets 4 times a week for 3 months and clean every Victor's room for 2 months, everyday" I tell them. "WHAT?" Freck screams. "Do you want more months?" I ask sternly. "No.." Freck mutters. "Great, you can start tomorrow." I tell them "Now I must change." I say and stroll towards my room. I'll deal with the others tomorrow.

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