When you believe

Chapter 1: When you believe

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Chapter 1

Graham couldn't help but smile seeing that Emma had fallen asleep on his shoulder as they sat on the couch together with Snow and Charming sitting on the love seat across from them. "Sorry it was a really long day for her." Graham apologized for his sleeping wife.

"Don't apologize. I remember how tired I felt in the beginning of my pregnancy with Emma. Once I fell asleep eating dinner luckily Charming caught be before my head hit my plate." Snow smiled at her husband squeezing his hand. She felt whole happy and whole for the first time in 28 years sitting with her family with her grandson sleeping in the other room.

"We can't ignore the elephant in the room anymore. Regina has magic back and is even more dangerous than before." Charming pointed out to his wife and son-in-law. "I really wish that you and Emma would have come to us for help." He said to Graham shaking his head.

"What were we suppose to say? You are cursed fairytale characters that Emma is your daughter and we need your help breaking the curse." Graham replied knowing that they wouldn't have believed him.

"He is right, Charming. We would have thought that he and Emma were crazy." Snow agreed with Graham. "They did what they thought they had to do to break the curse. Rumpelstiltskin is the one that we should be angry with not Emma or Graham."

"I'm terrified that Regina has magic back just as much as you two. She is lying low right now but it won't be long until she strikes out at us. Regina won't hesitate to pull my heart from my chest once again or Emma's." Graham shared his fears with Snow and Charming with anger, worry and sorrow filling his eyes. "A part of me wishes that Emma and I could have been selfish and just live out our happily ever after."

Snow and Charming were as just as frightened that Regina would come after their family. They had just got their daughter back and they both refused to let her to be taken from them once again. "I know that you love my daughter very much. Snow and I promise that we won't let anything bad happen to her, you or Henry. We will protect our family." He added his voice filled with conviction as Snow nodded in agreement. "You spared my true love when you thought that you weren't able to care about any human then you help me escape to get back to Snow. We owe you one or two already." He said smiling at him.

"I need you two to promise me something. If something happens to me then you will look after Henry, Emma and our baby. I won't let Regina control me again even if..."He began to explain his voice wobbling with sorrow but Snow got up off the love seat walking over to him. She knelt putting her hands on his knees with her blue eyes staring at his with a determination that he had never seen before.

"Regina isn't going to hurt one member of this family. Do you hear me? You are going to live a long happy live with Emma and your family. You are going to watch Henry and your baby grow up with Emma. " She reassured her son-in-law.

"Rumpelstiltskin told us I that our baby will be very special and needs protected. It worries me that he knows something that we don't know." Graham said to them frightened for Emma and their child.

"What do you know about your parents?" Snow asked him making Graham wince at the mention of his parents. "Sorry to bring it up but this is important."

"Nothing besides the fact they abandoned me as a baby in the woods." Graham answered devoid of all emotion. "What does that have to do with anything?" He asked her not wanting to talk about his biological parents.

"Regina's mother Cora and Regina have ripped out the hearts of many people but none of them survived the moment their heart left their chest but you did. I think that you parents had some sort of magical powers. Maybe they didn't abandon you in the woods that they left you there because they had to or to keep you safe." Snow told him telling him her theory on how he survived losing his heart.

"Regina used magic to keep me alive as a punishment to make me her slave." Graham replied shaking off the theory that his parents hadn't abandoned him and that he could be special in any way.

"Snow's right. Regina took her father's heart to create the curse. A person that she actually loved she didn't keep alive after taking his heart. If she could have kept him alive then don't you think that she would have done it?" Charming questioned him agreeing with his wife's conclusion. He had never really thought about how Graham had survived losing his heart until Snow had brought it up just now. He wondered how he could have missed that fact before.

Graham stared at Charming and Snow White unsure of how to answer his question. He knew that answer to Charming's question was that Regina would have kept her father Henry alive if she would have been able to keep him alive. How did he survive losing his heart when no one else had before?

"It could be very important to find out for your and Emma's child." Snow told him as Graham let out a sighed realizing that she was right.

"People seemed to just tell me that I wasn't wanted but never who my parents were. If anyone were to any clues then I think that Granny would be a good start. Rumpelstiltskin probably knows something but I'm not sure that he will tell me without asking for a favor in return." Graham said talking about something that he didn't like to talk about or had talked about in years.

"I think that we should talk to Granny tomorrow. We should stick together until we know how much magic Regina has back. So we will meet you at the station tomorrow at eight." Charming said getting up off the love seat.

"We will call Granny and Ruby tonight to see if they will meet us there." Snow told him standing up walking over to Emma sleeping on Graham's shoulder. She touched her daughter's cheek softly as tear welled up in her eyes. "She had such a hard life. I don't know how to make it better. She has to feel like we abandoned her." She whispered wishing she could erase all of those years of heartache Emma had experienced. Charming came over talking his wife's other hand in his squeezing it in reassurance. "I'm not sure that she would be as forgiving or open to us if it wasn't for you, Graham." Snow told him moving her hand to his cheek smiling at him. "You are a good man, Graham Dornan. Please don't let anyone EVER tell you any different. We are honored to have you as member of our family." Snow leaned in kissing him on the cheek before standing back holding onto her husband looking at her daughter and son-in-law.

"I am the one honored to be a member of your family." Graham told her swallowing hard fighting back the strong. "I don't want to wake Emma. I'll tell her about tomorrow."

"Okay, we will see you tomorrow." Charming replied to him glancing over at his sleeping daughter before they left locking the door behind them.

Graham picked Emma up gently carrying her back to their bedroom careful not to make her up as he placed her on the bed. He took off her black boots and socks before starting on her jeans, "Graham?" He heard Emma's voice call out to him looking up to see her rubbing her eyes.

"Sorry, I was trying not to wake you up but I knew sleeping in your jeans could be comfortable." Graham said to her as she helped him push her jeans down her hips. "Snow and James left a few minutes ago. They are going to meet us the station tomorrow morning at eight." He let her know handing her a pair of his blue pajama pants and one of his navy blue t-shirts to sleep in. Emma had a whole drawer full of pajama but she preferred to sleep in Graham's clothes instead.

"Are you okay?" Emma asked him noticing that he looked distracted as he changed into his pajamas. "Dav..Charming didn't say something or hit you did he?" Emma asked him worried. She was still having a hard time calling her parents mom and dad so until then their first names would have to suffice.

"No" He paused walking over getting in bed with her. "Snow and James think that my parents might have had magical powers that I inherited. They said I am the only one who has ever survived losing their heart. I thought it was just Regina's punishment which was worse than death for letting Snow get away. Regina loved her father Henry but he died when she pulled his heart from his chest to complete the curse. They think that if it was possible for her to use magic to keep someone alive with magic she would have done it with him. They think my parents left me there to keep me safe or because they had no choice. They want to find out who my parents were." Graham shared with Emma as she pulled him into her arms at seeing the pain in his eyes when he talked about his parents and Regina ripping out his heart.

"I know how it much it hurts to be abandoned. You numb yourself so you can get up each day and not feel like you are wanted." Emma began looking at him showing him the pain she still felt when she thought about it. "But those days are OVER for us. No matter what we may find out we have each other, Henry, my parents, our friends and our child. We have happiness, love and a family." Emma told him putting his hand over her abdomen smiling at with such love in her eyes that he couldn't help but pull her into a kiss.

"Mom, Dad." They heard Henry's voice from the open door way causing them to pull apart looking to see him standing there in his pajamas. "I had a bad dream that I was never allowed to see you two again. Can I sleep in here with you?" He asked them looking frightened and embraced.

"Come here." Emma waved in the room making him grin as he ran into the room jumping up on the bed climbing in between his parents. The three of them climbed down the covers as Graham turned off the light by the bed.

"Do you think there will be school tomorrow?" Henry asked them hoping that he could spend the day with his parents and grandparents instead.

"No, we are going to spend the day at the station with your grandparents." Graham replied making Henry cry out yes as Emma and Graham smiled at each other.

"We need to find out why we didn't get sent back to fairytale land. How are you going to explain everything to my other dad and Michael?" Henry asked them yawing glancing between his mom and dad lying on his back.

"I'm not sure yet what to tell Julian and Michael but we will figure it out." Emma told him unsure of how to handle it. Julian seemed to care more about Henry earlier and to have let go of the idea of getting Emma back but she and Graham both didn't trust him yet.

"Okay, good night." Henry yawned as his eyes fluttered closed and he was asleep in just a few seconds. Emma and Graham both lay on their sides each facing each other with Henry between them but they had an arm out around their son holding him with their fingers lace together.

Julian's living room

He stared at his phone frustrated that Michael hadn't returned any of his calls. Something strange had happened in town with everyone in town acting crazy talking about a curse breaking and how they should have returned to their land. Julian sighed rubbing his bruised jaw from David Nolan punching him. It seemed like every man in Emma's life was punching him. He knew that he deserved it for some of his past behaviors but he was trying to change. A knock at the front door of his rental house shook him out of his thoughts as he got up looking out the peep hole to see Michael.

"I have been calling you all day. Where have you been?" Julian asked him rubbing his jaw as he opened the door letting Michael inside. "Everyone in town seems to be losing their mind." He said to him shutting the door behind him.

"I know that seems that way but they aren't crazy." Michael told him sitting down on the couch carrying a bag with tiredness in his voice that Julian picked up on. "Sorry that I didn't answer your calls or call you back but Regina needed me." He said to him.

"You actually care about Regina?" Julian asked Michael but it didn't really surprise him. Michael was the type of guy that cared about people even when he really shouldn't. Julian had always thought it to be a weakness but now he felt slightly envious of him.

"Yes, I've seen a new side to her and I like it. I wish that she would let down her guard more often." Michael replied to him then changed the subject. "This town isn't like any other town. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. The town was cursed but Emma broke the curse today. I'm not sure how she did it. Regina has her theories but she didn't really want to talk about it. Emma Swan, I mean Emma Dornan is far from a normal orphan that everyone thought she was." He told him gaining more of Julian's attention while he opened his bag pulling out Henry's book. "This book will answer most of your questions." He added handing Julian the Once Upon a Time book. Julian took it from his raising a brow skeptically before he opened the book and began to read it.

The next morning

Snow and Charming sat in the station talking quietly as August sat on his desk with Ruby sitting on his lap while they wanted for Emma, Graham and Henry. They heard the front door jingle the sound of someone running down the hall. They saw Emma turning the corner with her hand over her mouth running past them to the bathroom as Graham and Henry walked into the room both looking little worried.

"Sorry, we are late. Emma hasn't been feeling very well at all this morning. She can't keep anything down." Graham said looking towards the bathroom as everyone could hear Emma retching.

"I didn't know that the stomach flu was… Oh my god!" Ruby exclaimed as her blue eyes grew large and she noticed Graham's lips wanting to twitch into a smile that he fought. "was going around." She finished recovering from her lips not sure if they had said anything to Henry.

"Can we talk about how magic is back and why we weren't sent home when it broke?" Charming asked clearing his throat getting everyone attention.

"He is right. We aren't sure how strong magic is now. If it's like our world before the curse then there are a few people in town that are very dangerous." Graham agreed with Charming know that they need to concrete on their safety.

"I know that you are talking about the evil queen my other mom. It's okay; you can say it I know." Henry said to Graham as Emma came out of the bathroom. Graham walked over to Henry then bent down in front of his son.

"Henry, you are a smart kid wiser than I ever was when I was little but I think you should sit this one out." Graham said to Henry seeing the look of disappointment. Emma made her way over to them to help Graham and ease Henry's disappointment.

"Somethings that we are going to talk about are grown up things but I promise Graham and I will fill you in on what's going on. Why didn't you go in Graham's office and play computer games?" Emma asked him knowing it would hurt for him to hear certain things about Regina.

"Okay, but you have to keep me updated." Henry relented not looking very happy about it before he went into Graham's office shutting the door behind him. He sat down at the computer pulling up the internet but instead of pulling up games he began researching the Huntsman. Henry had woken up to hear Graham and his grandparents talking about the possibility of Graham coming from parent who had magic powers. He was determined to help and protect his family.

"You are pregnant, aren't you? I knew it! Don't you dare denying it, Graham! I know when you are lying and she smells different." Ruby said in hushed voice to Graham and Emma with a smug look on her face once Henry sat at the computer.

"She's not going to let up until we admit it." Emma said walking into the room looking exhausted. "I forgot how exhausting it is throwing up all day when you are pregnant." She sighed causing Ruby to squeal running over to Emma pulling her into a hug. "Whoa, don't shake me or squeeze me too hard. I might puke on you." Emma warned her friend as Ruby pulled away grinning at her.

"Sorry, it's just I am so happy for you and Graham. Congratulations!" Ruby exclaimed jumping up and down with a grin then glanced over at Henry in the office. "Have you told Henry?"

"Yes but we weren't really planning on telling everyone yet. So don't go spreading it around town." Emma said to Ruby unable to be upset about her finding out as she walked over to Graham, who was giving her the smug/goofy look that made her weak in the knees. She put her arms around him staring up at him with small smile on her face that made Graham's whole face light up in a grin.

"I'm so happy for you. How far along are you?" She asked looking over at Emma and Graham. She remembered seeing Snow and James looking at each the same way when Snow was pregnant with Emma. She hoped that she would find someone that looked at her the same way. Ruby glanced over at August to see him smiling at her.

"I'm only about ten weeks ago." Emma said to Ruby not taking her eyes off Graham while Ruby thought for a minute then grinned hitting August on the chest.

"Yes, I won." She whispered to August not wanting them to know the town's people had bet on Graham getting Emma pregnant. Ruby had won the bet as well as the one when the on when Emma and Graham would get together. She knew that she feel guilty about betting on such things but Storybrooke had been boring until Emma came along.

Snow walked over to Emma no longer able to push back her motherly impulse to check on her daughter despite the moment Emma was sharing with her husband. "Did you try drinking some ginger ale and crackers to calm your stomach?" Snow asked Emma worried as Emma and Graham tore their eyes away from each other to Snow.

"Yup, Graham bought the entire inventory at grocery store along with ginger along with all of the lavender and peppermint aroma therapy oils." Emma informed her mother. "So if you are making Chili and need crackers just give us a call."

"I read that lavender and peppermint oils can help be calming to the stomach. You can make fun of me all you want but I won't have my wife spending the whole day throwing up if I can help it. So everybody in town is out of luck until you are through the morning sickness stage if they want any crackers." Graham defended himself while Emma pulled him down closer to her whispering into his ear.

"God, you are sexy." Emma whispered softly into ear making Graham face light up in a smile that Charming found that he didn't like one bit as he watched them.

"We need to talk about way we are still in Storybrooke, remember?" Charming asked loudly getting everyone attention. He gave Graham a look of disapproval that made Graham nervous for a few second but Emma whispered something else in his ear calming him. David really liked his son-in-law but found it hard not to be protective of his daughter. After all to him Emma was just born two days ago.

"There are probably only two people who know that answer to that question which are Regina and Rumpelstiltskin. We know that Regina won't tell us so that leaves Rumpelstiltskin." Snow said feeling frustrated that they were going to circles.

"Michael and Regina are close. Maybe Michael could find out for us." Ruby suggested to her friends.

"I think that would work. Do you think Michael would do it for us?" Graham asked her hopefully that they might finally be able to get some answers.

"We won't know until we try." Emma said grabbing her phone out of her jacket then began to text him. "I'll see if I can get him to meet us here today." She added then sent the message.


Michael checked his phone after parking in front of his father's pawn shop feeling nervous about seeing him for the first time in years. He saw that Emma wanted to meet with him to talk to him. He had a feeling that she wanted to talk about the curse and why they were still here. Michael let out a sigh feeling like he would be betraying Regina he met them but it was the right thing to do. He started the car driving off deciding that his talk with his father could wait a few hours or a day or two. It didn't take him long to reach the sheriff's station. He parked then made his way into the sheriff's station walking inside to see Mary Margaret and David sitting at a desk next to each other than saw Ruby sitting on August lap at his desk. Lastly he spotted Graham sitting on the cot in the open cell with Emma's head in his lap running his fingers through her long blonde hair as she slept.

"Thanks for coming, Michael." Ruby greeted him getting up off of August lap smiling at him. "We hope that you can help us."

"I will try. What's going on?" He asked her looking over to see Graham getting up slowly of the cot careful not to wake Emma then walked out of the cell quietly.

"Emma's not feeling well or I would wake her up. We are hoping that you answer some questions that we have. They might sound crazy but it's really important." Graham said to him.

"Trust me when I tell you that I won't think it's crazy. It turns out that we are all from the same world and it's not this one." Michael replied stunning everyone in the room. "I came to this world hoping that my father would come with me to start over and give up his powers."

"You are Rumpelstiltskin's son." August concluded while Michael nodded at him. "Did Regina tell you why we weren't sent home when the curse broke?"

Michael's eyes scanned all the people in the room seeing the hope and desperation in their eyes at the prospect of going home. "Regina told me that the land is gone. When she cast the curse that land suffered greatly and that's why we are still here." He answered him watching sadness fill Graham's features in a way that he had never seen before. Snow rushed over to her son-in-law, who was leaning up against a desk looking distraught at hearing his home land no longer existed.

"Hey Graham, we all have each other so no matter where we are we still have each other." Snow told him standing up front of him taking his hands in hers. She knew that he was mourning that his and Emma's child would never know that place they were from. "Home is where our family is not land." She reminded him feeling sadness to that she would never see her homeland again but she need to be strong for Graham and Emma.

"You are right." Graham agreed gaining his composure smiling at Snow gratefully.

"Do you know if Regina has her powers back?" Charming asked Michael needing to know if his family was safe.

"I don't know for sure. We were together when it happened and she thought everyone would come after her. She said that you would all be sorry when you did because of her powers but she has used any magic in front of me. Regina is more concerned about losing Henry more than the curse breaking. I think that she wants to change." Michael said to them getting snort from both Emma and Snow while everyone else looked at him not believing it. "It's true. Regina has seemed like a different person these last few days. People can change look at Julian" he started to explain but Graham cut him off.

"Regina ripped the father that she loved out just to get revenge on Snow for something she did as a young innocent child. She ripped my heart from my chest when I refused to kill Snow. She forced me to be her slave for years threatening to kill me if I disobeyed her orders. She kept me an unwilling slave here to until Emma rescued me. If she would have known that I remembered when Emma kissed me or planned on ending that sick thing she called a relationship then she would have crushed my heart. But I found it before she could kill me." Graham's low angry voice explained to him not wanting his son to hear what he was saying about his adopted mother.

"Graham" He heard Emma's voice call out from the cell as she stood awake at the door way before walking over to her husband putting her hands on his cheeks looking up at him with love, devotion and determination in her voice. "All of that is over. I won't let her hurt anyone that love. Do you hear me? I LOVE YOU." Emma stressed him before pulling him into a comforting kiss.

"She pulled out her father's heart?" Michael whispered stunned that Regina could do such a thing. He knew that she had a dark side but to rip out a heart of a person was bad enough. But to rip out your own father's heart for revenge was pure evil. He sat down in a chair unable to rap his mind around the fact someone was capable of so much evil.

"Her mother was evil and didn't give Regina a chance to be a good person. She was when I first met her but that all changed because she met me. I ruined her life so now she is ruining everyone's life." Snow said with guilt running through her like she never experienced before. She was the reason that Regina had caused pain, sorrow and death to so many people.

"Snow, you were just a child. Cora tricked you into tell her." Charming protested seeing the guilt in his wife's eyes. "If there is someone to blame for all the pain and evil than it should be Cora."

"I should go before Regina finds me here." Michael said before walking down the hall but heard Ruby calling out his name when he was almost to the door turning to see her walking to him.

"I can't believe that I am going to say this but here goes. Don't let the things that Regina did in her past affect the way that you feel about her. We all make mistakes wishing that we could take so many of them back. All that any of us can do is learn from it and move on." She said to him with a small smile on her lips. "I hate what she did to all of us especially Graham but if you think that you could love her don't let that stop you."

"Thanks." Michael smiled at her gratefully before leaving the station to find Regina as Ruby watched her leave.

"Are you alright?" She heard Graham's voice asking her concerned turning around to see him.

"I have my memory and friend back so I am great. How are you holding up? I know that you are freaked out the Regina has her powers back especially with Emma pregnant with your child." Ruby said to him worried about him and Emma.

"I'm happier than I have ever been in my life but scared as hell that she will take it from me." Graham confessed to her in low voice not wanting Emma to hear his fears. "Promise me that you will look out for my family if something happens to me." He said to her as Ruby put her hand on his shoulder staring up into his eyes.

"I would die for them but I know you and Emma. The two of you are the toughest people who I have ever met besides Snow and Charming. True love and good always wins." Ruby told him smiling at him.

Michael's room at the inn

Michael walked into his room to find Regina sitting on his bed instantly making him feel nervous, "Regina, I'm surprised to see you." He said to her shutting the door hiding his anxiety from her.

"It's not that surprising considering you spent the day with my enemies." Regina retorted raising an eyebrow at him. "Would you like explain what you were doing there? Or should I just assume the worst?"

"They want answers to why we are still here. They also believe that you want all of them dead. Do you?" He asked her not sure if she would answer him or if she would lie to him. Regina stood up walking over to him staring at him for a few moments before responding to him.

"A big part of me wants it more than anything else in this world." She confessed to him pausing. "But it won't bring back everything that I lost and I will lose Henry and you. I don't want to lose anyone else that I care about."

"What about Graham? I thought I was just keeping your bed warm until you got back your huntsman." Michael asked her knowing her all too well.

"It was like that at first but not anymore. Graham never liked me or wanted me. I don't like losing especially to one of the Charming family members so when Graham fell for Emma I wanted him even more." Regina said to him. "I haven't had someone look at me that way you looked at me earlier today in a very long time. Have they turned you against me?" She asked with her voice wavering slightly.

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