This story takes place after the first season finale.

"When will you stop acting like an innocent, little girl?" Nolan asked, anger pulsing through the tendons in his hands. He gripped Emily by the shoulders and rattled her body. Emily pushed him away with a disdainful scoff. Straightening her wrinkled cardigan, she turned to face Nolan.

"There is nothing innocent about me, Nolan," Emily cocked her head, searching Nolan's face with the usual cold indifference.

"That's exactly my point, sunshine." Nolan stepped closer to Emily. Quicker than Nolan's sudden intake of breath, Emily had a gun cocked and ready, pointed right at Nolan's head.

"Back off, Nolan." Emily glanced pointedly at the metal weapon in her hand. "I mean it." Nolan rolled his eyes, but sunk into a chair across the room. Once he was seated, Emily carefully unloaded the gun and put it into the drawer of a large, antique desk.

Nolan glared at Emily; his lips were pulled into a grimace of disgust.

"So when Jack says something you don't like, are you going to put a gun to his head?" Nolan questioned her, daring her to refute him.

Emily slowly sat down onto a leather sofa next to Nolan's chair. She ran both hands over her face, covering the dark shadows beneath her darker eyes. Silence filled Emily's living room. She couldn't meet Nolan's eyes.

"If this whole revenge things ends, and Emily, that is a huge, astronomical if, you and I both know that you can't just go and live happily ever after with Jack," Nolan finally broke the quietness. Softness replaced his earlier anger as he gazed at Emily.

Emily looked up at Nolan with uncharacteristic mascara streaks and swollen eyes. "Why can't that happen? Jack's not a part of this; he'll never have to know the truth," she said, wiping away traitorous tears. "Jack is the last connection I have to my childhood. He loves me, and I love him!"

Shaking his head, Nolan stood and strode over the couch. He sat next to Emily and gently held one of her hands. She flinched, but didn't try to move away.

"Do you? Do you really love him, Emily?" Nolan asked, intently focused on her. "I think you love the idea of him. What he represents. Your childhood, your old life with your father, a life free from trying to exact payback. You may have loved him as a little girl, but Emily," Nolan's voice grew more intense, trying to make her see sense, "You're never going to be that innocent, little girl you used to be."

Nolan wiped her eyes carelessly, smearing her makeup more. A cold anger replaced the despair in her eyes. "So what, Nolan?" Emily's words were biting. "No one, especially not Jack, could love a cold bitch like me?"

Nolan smiled softly and pulled a tissue out of his suit pocket. He gently wiped away Emily's ruined makeup. "I think cold bitchiness is one of the most loveable traits out there, Ems." He softly touched her face. "You know I love you, no matter what you do, but pretending to be in love with Jack is toxic. Look at yourself!" Nolan gestured to the purple bruises under her eyes and her thin frame.

With a sigh, Emily leaned against Nolan's solid body, closing her eyes. Nolan wrapped his arms around her. It was obvious that Nolan was right. Emily had been using Jack as a distraction from her obsession with revenge. Jack was Emily's only view of a normal life. Deep down, Emily knew she would never have a normal life again. She knew that the moment the Feds busted into the beach house and took away her father.

"I haven't slept since Daniel left," Emily whispered into Nolan's shoulder, half-hoping he wouldn't hear. "What a mess he's made. Of everything. Including me."

Nolan tilted Emily's face towards his. "Didn't plan on falling in love with Grayson Jr., did you?" Nolan asked, a slight smirk on his face. Emily's expression darkened, and her eyes flashed black.

"Now there's no chance of this ending right. If I get my revenge, I don't know if Daniel will be able to handle the ruin of his parents. And if I give up on my plan, I will have to live the rest of my life with the guilt of letting the world believe that my father is a terrorist," Emily said. Abruptly, she got up from the couch and paced the room. Nolan watched silently, contemplating Emily's words.

"Which is more unbearable?" he asked, causing Emily to freeze. She stood incredibly still with a faraway expression. She looked out the window and stared at Grayson Manor next door.

"I can't hurt Daniel anymore," Emily whispered, still facing the window. "I only hope my father can forgive me."