It's the last day of school before Christmas break. The Boys are eager to get home, excited about a surprise trip Dave's taking them on today after school. He had rented a house in the country for two weeks, the extent of their break. It was near Vinny's, their mother, tree. They ride home and greet Dave, who sends them up to pack for two weeks.

"Boys, if we don't leave now, we're not going to be at the house before dark!" Dave yells. "What house?" Alvin asks. "I don't know, Alvin." Simon says, rolling his eyes, "None of us do." "Where are we going, Dave?" Theodore asks. "We're going out to the country." Dave says. "WHAT!?" Alvin asks. "Alvin, chill. It's not going to kill you." Simon says.

They arrive late that night. They unpack the next morning. "Guys, get ready." Dave says, "We're going out to pick a tree." Simon and Theodore chase after Dave, but Alvin hangs back. "Alvin, come on." Theodore says. "All right." Alvin mumbles, following after Dave less than happily.

"What about this one?" Theodore asks, pointing to one. "It's not straight, Theodore." Simon says, "And that one's too short, and that's too tall, and—" "Simon, shut up!" Alvin says, "Just pick a tree so we can get out of this snow!" "Alvin." Dave says, warning him.

They're still looking for a tree. Alvin had calmed down after Dave yelled, but he's still not happy. The next thing that happens, Simon trips over something buried in the snow. "Simon, are you okay?" Dave asks. "I-I think so." Simon says, taking an offered hand, "My ankle hurts a little, but I think I'll be all right." "We'll try to hurry." Dave says. "Thank you." Simon says.

Their mother comes over after they're in bed the next day. "Thanks for inviting me, Dave." Vinny says, "It'll be nice to see my boys again." "They'll be happy to see you, too." Dave says, "Now go on and get to bed. It's going to be a long day tomorrow, especially with Alvin."

They three boys get up the next morning and run into the living room in the tiny house. "MOM!" They scream when they find Vinny sitting on the couch. "Merry Christmas, Boys." Vinny says. They open their presents, then Theodore goes to help Dave and Vinny fix Christmas dinner. Alvin and Simon are left in the living room.

"Not such a bad Christmas after all, was it?" Simon asks, his foot up on a pillow. Vinny had noticed him limping and had bandaged it. "No, but I'm still not happy to be stuck in the middle of nowhere." Alvin says. "Well, it doesn't matter, Alvin." Simon says, "We're with our family, that's what's important."

They head home after the two weeks, with Vinny. She couldn't stand to be away from her boys any longer. The need to be with her boys outweighed the longing for her woodland home.