Author's Note: So I watched this movie the other day and I found myself dying to do a fanfiction on it. This story will be be based before, during and maybe after the A.T.B movie. Also the link to what Texas and India look like are on my profile. I'm not sure which characters to pair the girls up with yet but if you have any requests then let me know. So that's about it and I hope you enjoy the story. Also I kind of re-writ the story.

I stared up at the very large tower block and my eyes widened slightly "Please. If you love me you'll tell me we're living on one of the lower floors" I said without turning to face my parents.

"Love us? They haven't loved us since we quit...well, everything" My sister India whispered also staring at our new home.

"There are 19 floors girls. And we are on the 7th" Dad muttered as he unloaded the car.

"Well. When they're unpacking at least we'll have something to do" India said trying to point out the bright side

"What's that?" I sighed.

"Stay out all night and just tell them we got lost in the block" she replied. I turned my head and found her smirking my way.

"See, this is why people call you the smarter twin" I exclaimed. She shrugged.

"What can I say? I just happened to get the brains aswell" she said linking her right arm through my left.

"We're identical plonker if you're pretty then I am aswell" I said rolling my eyes.

"Language" Mum exclaimed irritatedly, India and I both shook our heads at her before turning back to face the block.

"Maybe the people are fun" I said hopefully.

"All I want you girls concentrating on are your school work" Mum said glaring at us. We both nodded but once her back was turned we flipped her off.

"Probably just a bunch of old guys and pedo's. And the school is...well the schools fine" I said shrugging. India chuckled.

"So what number is ours?" she asked turning her head to face our parents.

"101" Dad replied. She nodded and gave me a look that I knew all too well.

"I don't know" I said shrugging slightly. She gave me a pleading look.

"C'mon. At least on the way up we can just talk about anything we want without being told off. I know better than' anyone that you love run around places that you've never been before" she whined. I sighed and paused for a few seconds.

"Fine. Let's go" I caved. She silently cheered to herself and we both spun around.

"See you at the top" India exclaimed excitedly before grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the building.

"They're gonna kill us Ind'. They're gonna have to drag all our stuff up while we run through the halls" I said as we headed towards the door to the tower.

"So what? They give us shit everyday even though we acted like show-dogs for them wankers. It's our turn to have fun now" she replied walking backwards so that she was facing me.

"Why are you always right?" I asked annoyed. She shrugged

"Maybe because I'm older" she smirked knowing it would irritate me.

"By a few seconds!" I shouted pausing and throwing my hands up.

"A'right keep it down. Don't wanna announce to everyone that we're here. Besides we could get mugged for all you know. Save the shouting for when we actually get inside" she said. She tried to pull open the door but found that it wouldn't budge "C'mon" she moaned pulling harder. I realised why it wasn't opening and I stopped her from actually breaking the door down.

"India. You need one of those weird scan key things to get in" I told her while pointing to the scanner "Either we use a key or get someone to buzz us in" I sighed while crossing my arms. She shook her head in annoyance but suddenly had a look of thought.

"Good plan little sister" she mumbled. Before I knew what was happening she had pushed the buzzer for one of the flats on the 12th floor.

"What are you doing?" I asked with wide eyes. She put a finger to her lips motioning that I should be quiet before a voice came through the buzzer.


"Uh hi mate we kind of left our key in the flat d'you mind letting us in?" she asked hopefully. I bit down on my lip hard and waited for the sweet sound of the door being unlocked.

"Yeah a'right" India slowly pulled open the door and I inwardly cheered.

"Thanks mate" I said to the guy who let us in before walking into the main part of the building with India.

"Tex" My seconds older sister sang, I looked up and found her in the lift smirking "Race yah" she exclaimed. The lift doors slowly started to close and I screamed in annoyance before starting my run up the stairs.

I know it's stupid trying to outrun a lift but we did it in every flat we'd ever been in. Sure this was our first time living in a flat but I was desperate to make the most of it. I had absolutely no idea what floor I was on but I made sure to press the down button on the lift to buy myself some extra time "No runnin' in the block!" I jerked to a stop and found about 5 boys sat down on the stairs in front of me. I rolled my eyes and walked towards them.

"Bite me. Wanker" I snapped. They all laughed slightly and turned to face the kid who I assumed told me not to run.

"You got a big mouth" he said glaring slightly. I shrugged and somehow managed to step over them.

"Deal with it. Later" I said about to start running again. Unfortunately one of them decided to grab onto the bottom of my shirt preventing me from going anywhere.

"Why don' you chill 'ere with us?" he asked quickly smirking at his mates. I moved my leg out of reach and looked around.

"What floor is this?" I asked curiously. He shrugged.

"5th floor. Why?" The one with glasses asked. They all looked like they were part of a gang and could probably mug me if they wanted to...but I didn't really care at the moment.

"Fuck" I groaned. They all stared at me confused and I shrugged before running again.