Author's Note: Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been busy with my M.B.A.V story. But here is the next chapter, hope you enjoy it.

We both turned our heads to see the gang from the block sat at the back of the bus, they were all there and seemed to be joined by a girl we didn't know. Before I knew what was happening Biggz had run up the bus aisle and planted himself right in the seat behind India "So, where you girls off then?" he asked fidgeting in the seat. Either he'd eaten a lot of sugar this morning or he was naturally like this...either way it was very amusing.

"School. What about you?" India asked turning to face him.

"Same, what school d'you go to?" he asked narrowing his eyes.

"I dunno, Church something" I replied shrugging. His eyes widened and he jumped out of the seat.

"Yo boys!" he shouted running back down towards his mates. India gave me an' amused look that I returned with a shrug.

"That was weird" she whispered turning back around. I nodded and stared out the window hoping for some didn't last long.

About 5 minutes after Biggz had gone back his other two friends decided to join us, India was obviously very pleased "So Biggz tells us you're goin' to our school, what d'you think of that?" Dennis asked resting his arms behind India's head on the top of her seat.

"I think it's a strange coincidence. Why what do you think it is?" she asked smirking. He shrugged,

"I 'reckon it's luck" he said leaning a little bit closer to her. I rolled my eyes and leaned back in my seat.

"Why you up 'ere on your own for? Come chill with us" Pest said from behind me. I looked back to see him glancing between me and India.

"Should we?" she asked giving me a pleading look. I sighed.

"Oh please, we'll 'ave fun I swear. What else are you gonna do 'till we get there?" he asked knowingly. I groaned but nodded.

"A'right let's go" I caved while picking up my bag.

"Yes" Dennis cheered as India did the same. They were the first to start walking while I waited for Pest to go first.

"Ladies first" he said gesturing to the aisle. I tilted my head and smirked.

"Men just before" I retorted. He chuckled and shook his head before reluctantly going before me.

I fell down into one of the seats in front while India took the seat opposite me. The girl, Moses, Biggz and Jerome were sat in the line of seats right at the back while Dennis and Pest occupied the seats in front of them. India and I were also in those seats "Okay let me see if I can get it. India and Tex right?" Jerome asked pointing to India then me. I smiled and nodded.

"Right. Surprisingly" India said shaking her head.

"So you two actually goin' school then?" Biggz asked curiously. I shrugged.

"I guess, nothin' else to do really" I replied resting my head on the back of my seat.

"Actually there is" Pest said excitedly. India and I gave them confused looks.

"No! Pest I am not goin' to that room again" The girl exclaimed angrily while crossing her arms.

"Oh c'mon Tia, what's the worst that could 'appen?" Biggz begged. She glared at him and he shrugged.

"Okay, so maybe we go a little mad" he admitted sheepishly.

"What are you guys talkin' about?" India asked confused.

"Ron's flat. He's got bare weed, we go up there when we got nothin' else to do" Pest answered. India nodded and gave me a slightly worried look.

"So, you girls wanna come?" Dennis asked, though I had a feeling the question was more directed at India than' me.

"Um...Sure why not? Couldn't hurt" she shrugged. I mentally face-palmed myself and shook my head at her.

"Legend man, we can jump off 'ere and grab the bus across the street. It'll take us right back to the flats" Biggz suggested. The boys nodded while India and I stayed quiet.

"Are you goin' too Moses?" The girl asked turning to him. He thought for a moment before shrugging.

"A'right, c'mon Tia it'll be fun" he said. She sighed and nodded even though I could tell she didn't really want to.

"Fine" she muttered. He smiled slightly and the boys cheered while pressing the bell repeatedly.

"Let's go!" Biggz shouted being the first to run towards the stairs. I rolled my eyes but soon followed the gang.

After a bus ride back and a bit of walking we soon arrived at the block. The boys were very excited about ditching school to smoke pot and in all honesty I was a little nervous. India seemed a lot more enthusiastic about it than' me but she seemed to be having fun with Dennis already, they weren't snogging or anything but the amount of flirting made me want to gag.

"I ain't seen you round the block before yah know, how long you lived 'ere?" Tia asked curiously. She was walking with me while Tex walked on with the boys.

"We moved here yesterday actually. I don't mean to sound nosy but you don't really wanna go to Ron's do you?" I asked knowingly. She sighed and shook her head.

"Not really, I keep comin' home smellin' of weed and my mum kicks off. I tried it once though" she admitted crossing her arms. I tilted my head slightly.

"Really? What was it like?" I asked curiously.

"It'd be cheaper to get drunk. That's how it feels, and on your first go you laugh at everything" she explained. I nodded.

"Wow, sounds weird" I said in thought.

"It is, the boys 'ave been doin' it for ages so it doesn't effect them as much. But if you want my advice, don't smoke too much of it or you will lose control" she warned.

"Thanks for the info. Should I be worried about gettin' raped or anything?" I asked a little nervous about going to some mystery man's flat.

"Nah, Ron's a'right and the boys won't touch you unless you want 'em too. It's okay to come 'ere in the day because Hi-Hatz is always home in the day, he only come's 'round at night" she said shuddering. I gave her a confused but curious look.

"Who's Hi-Hatz?" I asked. She sighed.

"He basically helps Ron grow his weed, carries a gun 'round with him all the time and he practically runs the block. The guy seriously scares me, but like I said he's never here in the day so we'll be fine" she reassured. I nodded hesitatingly and after walking up some stairs we reached an' isolated floor with one red door.

"Yo Ron!" Pest shouted repeatedly pushing the bell. Some chubby guy answered and smiled.

"A'right boys" he greeted.

"We can't be assed with school. Can we chill in 'ere for a bit?" Moses asked hopefully. He nodded.

"Yeah sure, c'mon in" he said holding the door wide open. The boys rushed in and Tia gave me an' eye roll before we entered ourselves.