The autumn sun glowed as it sank behind the horizon, its warm rays taking the chill off the evening. Jack looked over to his left to admire the gorgeous woman curled up against his side, the sunset giving her flawless skin a perfect radiance. Her blue eyes met his and her smile lit up.

"This is great" she whispered.

"Told you so" Jack replied.

"We should have done this years ago," Sam says trying hard to keep a straight face, Jack grins slyly and winks at her, "Yes, well let's not dwell." Sam giggles and goes back to her fishing.

Sam thinks back to everything that they have gone through to get to this point, to be able to sit here fishing. They had experienced so much heartache, dealt with the regulations, and the times they had both nearly lost each other. She shudders a little as she remembers her close call not so long ago with marriage to another man. Not that she didn't love Pete, but it would never have worked out , not when she was in love with another man. Then everything in their lives changed, and quickly, but the result led to where they were now, seated beside one another fishing, something she wished they had done years ago. Eight years of fighting feelings, avoiding the subject, but yet eight wonderful years of working together every day, spending wonderful time together, it was something that Sam now missed, but you can't have everything right?

"That makes a change," Jacks voice brings her back into the real world. She looks at him puzzled "You deep in thought," he laughs "so spill, what ya thinking about?"

"I was just thinking that we are not going to be having fish for supper" Sam replies.

Jack laughs and takes her hand into his, pulling her closer towards him, her blue eyes meeting his once more.

"I've been doing a little thinking of my own." he says as he takes her other hand into his.

"Really?" she questions, looking puzzled at Jack's seriousness.

"I love you Sam, Marry me?" he whispers without hesitation

Sam opens her mouth but no sound can be made, not that she was totally surprised, she had been kind of expecting it to happen at some point, they had made their feelings for each other very clear. They were deeply in love and always had been, but she hadn't expected that now, today , here, but what the heck.

"Okay." her heart melting as she replies.

"Okay?" Jack questions, looking slightly confused

"Yes Jack, I will marry you"

"Well that was easier than expected" he says as his seriousness leaves his face.

Sam can't help it, she starts giggling, "It's a good thing I love you Jack O'Neill" she says before leaping towards her new fiancée, pulling him into a passionate embrace, their hands finding each other's hair, their lips locked together, fitting together like they were designed for each other.

"Guys come on dinner is ..."

Disturbed by the voices behind them they reluctantly pull out of their embrace, looking around to see Rodney and John staring at them, shocked looks on their faces.

"...Ready" Rodney finishes his sentence, then turns to look at John, without a word they turn and go back inside leaving Jack and Sam on the Atlantis west pier, still clutched in each other's arms.

"So I guess we are breaking the news over dinner then" Jack says smiling, his eyes still locked with the beautiful blue ones of his fiancée.

"I guess so" she giggles

Jack goes to stand up, pulling Sam with him, but she pulls him back down to the bench and into her arms.

"Thank you Jack" she whispers "this is the best Thanksgiving ever."