The Beauty of the Beast.

Warnings: this is not a smut, no lemons, no PWP, but it has an odd pairing, some angst, a bit of tension, a bit of ogling, and one big mech x one small human female in a room.

"Would you love a Monster-man, could you understand beauty of the beast?" – Lordi Would you love a Monster-man.

Timing: post season's 2 finale.

Rating: M.

Pairing: Megatron and June Darby.

Disclaimer: Transformers Prime © Hasbro. Story's plot and Gavin © me.

Part 14 – Red Morning Light.

Two F-16 flew above Jasper suburban area in the same moment that black military helicopter landed in the middle of the street. Rising sun's rays painted abandoned houses pink, while long morning shadows crept on the ground.

Fowler jumped out the chopper not knowing if he should be angry or scared. Maybe both. His usual irritation hasn't had any use today. His interlocutor didn't say what he wanted but he demanded presence of 'Agent Fowler' in person, in front of 'Darby's household' and on top of everything 'as soon as possible'. Now that Fowler saw who wanted his presence, he added fear to his anger.

There, just next to the house stood two Decepticons: Megatron and Starscream. The seriousness of the scene was damaged by the fact that Starscream looked only half awake, but Megatron hold his usual stature.

Fowler gathered his wits and refused to show any sight of fear. "You have some nerve! It's so early that for some it's still late!"

Starscream gave Fowler grim glare that said clearly as words that while he despises the man above anything else, he agrees with his statement.

"Ah, Agent Fowler in his charming self." Megatron carefully ignored Fowler's outburst. "It's is pleasure to see you in this fine morning."

"I know that you have Nurse Darby, so unless you want to negotiate her release, then we have nothing to speak about." Fowler didn't want to be there longer than necessary.

"First things first, Agent Fowler. "Megatron smirked with clear superiority. "I, in turn, know that you have Prime and suspect that he is alive. Before you will say anything, I'm not expecting you to agree to handle him even if I would want to exchange lovely Mrs Darby for him. I know that your country do not negotiate with 'terrorists'. I only require that you confirm his state."

"You summoned me here just for that!"

"No, but before anything else will happen I wish to simply know state of my old enemy."

Fowler considered few possible answers, most of which consisted of human's personal opinions about Megatron's mother and her professional occupation. He also thought about what Decepticons would gain from knowledge of Optimus Prime's state. Would it be better if they thought that he was dead? Or it would only make things worse? Would knowledge of Prime's demise made them bolder? Would the fact that Prime was alive forced them to be more careful with their actions? Would they search for him and try to kill him when he was most vulnerable?

"Yeah, he's still alive and kickin'." Fowler settled with half-truth. "He's rather bruised, few broken… whatever you have instead of bones and he got few burned areas, but other than that he's peachy."

"Strange." Megatron pondered mockingly. "Because I have reports stating that he was seen in being transported by your air vehicles looking more dead than alive…"

"Those reports were invalid. "Fowler decided to keep to his version. "Though, he does look ten times worse than he really is. Probably because his paint job is all gone."

Megatron rose single optic brow. He didn't buy Fowler's story, but he had no way of proving that the human lied. Besides, with his luck the Prime would be in much better condition than what he could see on Laserbeak's video.

"Let's pretend that I believe you." Megatron boomed with new enthusiasm in his voice. "You were speaking about Nurse Darby. She's inside, sleeping in near to the house's entrance. I'm afraid that I couldn't place her in any appropriate sleeping area without ripping the roof of." The Warlord observed how Fowler's face changed from anger to astonishment. "The poor thing fell asleep during our little chat and I haven't had spark to wake her…"

"Bullshit!" Fowler's head looked ready to explode. "Better tell me what have you done to her? What kind of torture…"

"Enough!" Megatron barked with anger. "We talked, I was curious if she has any vital information, and wanted to know just what kind of a female brought young Jack Darby to resemble Prime in so many ways. And I learned what I could. But the poor femme was too tired. I won't learn much more from her, and there is no point in keeping her. You may collect her and take her to her son."

"I still don't believe that you just handle her back just like that."

"Believe what you like, Special Agent William Fowler. You may ask her what happened when she wakes. For now I leave her under your care. "Megatron gave Fowler wicked grin. "I expect you to take her to safety, I still hold interest in her and I may want to speak with her in the future."

With that Megatron jumped, he hovered using anti-gravity generators as he transformed and then he simply basted to the air with Starscream following closely behind his master.

Fowler looked at them for a second. Silent shuffle caught his attention; in the broken door looking rather groggy stood June Darby. Fowler gave her closer look and his jaw dropped. She wore half transparent blouse with cute looking bra underneath.

"What in the name of Uncle Sam happened to you?"

"They caught me when I was trying to find my hair dryer. It's a long story. I'll tell you on our way, just let me grab my hoodie and bags."

Fowler picked his jaw and headed to his helicopter. This was weird. This was some wicked story belonging to the X-files or perhaps Twilight Zone or something like that.

It was cloudy, lead skies hung low and the wind tousled tree tops, their leaves rustled quietly. The air held promise of a rain. It wasn't cold, but chilly wing and humidity in the air made it feel unpleasant. The rain would start to fall any minute now.

The cemetery was empty except for two people standing in front of white marble crypt with two weeping angels standing guard on both sides of heavy cast iron doors. It was typical old English cemetery, different from American ones. Old graves overgrow with algae tarnish that no one took care anymore mixed with newer ones or those that still had relatives who would visit them. And few large crypts belonging to wealthy or noble families.

The crypt had family name engraved over the entrance: "Westenra"*). The man looked at the letters and then at the doors. He was tall with wide shoulders and narrow waist, his short black hair were shaved in typical American military style. His face was grim with clenched square jaw and narrowed steel grey eyes. His entire stance betrayed that he usually wore military uniform. And probably some sort of goggles or sun glasses.

The woman was much shorter than the man; she only reached to his shoulder. Her light blonde hair was wavy and long. On the first sight she was beautiful, but after taking closer look there was something hardened in her face. Obsidian eyes were not glowing with life but were dull, like someone who saw too much suffering. Full lips were thin with barely refrained fury. Thin eyebrows furrowed. Hands clenched into fists with such force that her knuckles were white.

First drops of rain started to mark graves; the man took out big black umbrella, few seconds later the rain turned into true wall of water.

"I knew my father was up to something, but I never dreamed that he would end this way." The woman's voice was low; it was deep and could even have erotic timbre if she would care enough. "Remind me how did you managed to find him?"

"After his accident we installed a tracking device in his body, but he vanished for few days after he broke free from his base. We're not sure what he planned but he killed his crew…"

"And his signal re-appeared few days later only for you to find his tortured body?"

"Dissected, to be more precise. And he was still alive, but he died few minutes after we got him to one of our mobile infirmaries."

The woman gave the man dark look. Then she took deep breath.

"And you say it was those 'Decepticons' that did it to him?" The man gave short nod and she turned to look into the distance. "Thanks you for returning his body to me. I know that he was an American, but my mother wouldn't have it any other way. I told her that he had accident when he was piloting a helicopter, I don't want her to know about all his enterprises. The question is what do you want from me? What is the price for what you did?"

The man smiled, and it was charming smile. "Colonel Bishop left us very precise instructions to follow in case of his demise. You're engineer, weapon designer as your father wished you to be. He had plans for you, but he waited for you to start your own career first, he wanted you to gain experience that's why he didn't contact you earlier, but he planned to do it shortly. He never managed but now I am doing it in his name. Please read this."

The yellow envelope was almost empty. The woman read contents slowly; they were personal file and short letter. She started with personal file – a military file with some additional paramilitary notes. Then she read short letter.

"Dear Laura.

The man that gave you this is, or rather was one of my field commanders, if he's with you now it means that he is now acting commander of the entire organisation that I once led.

I made sure that you would be competent to take my place one day and so the day that I prepared you for finally came. I don't know how I died, but now that the work of my life is now yours. Listen to the man that gave you this envelope, he will be your second in command and trusted advisor.

Do as I taught you and throw this world to its knees, and if you can't have it, made sure that nobody else will.

Your father – Leland."

The woman – Laura**) – gave the man quizzical look. She knew her father was involved in what would be called terrorist activity, but she never even suspected that he would try to "take over the world" for her it was abstract idea taken from some Bond movies. And now she was the one to follow her father's twisted ideas?

"What is your name anyway?"

"We do not use names Miss Westenra-Bishop, we operate in deep cover for the safety measures as many of us are still in active duty. You may call me Ripley***)."

"And my father used pseudonym 'Silas'?"

"Yes. Do you accept his last will?"

It was clear to her that refusal would mean instant extinction; her father was strict man who would not spare his own offspring if he had to. And his only child was very much like him. Besides, she started to like the idea of leading paramilitary organisation, her father indeed taught her military ways and she was accustomed to military drill (much to her own mother dismay).

"Why not? Should I pick my own pseudo now?"

"It would be for the best if you would ma'am."

"My father was 'Silas', so in order to follow his legacy I should be 'Silia' don't you think?"

"Yes ma'am, it would also be beneficial for you to get rid of your accent, it will be easily recognised. Now, if you would follow me, we have much to do." Ripley gestured in general direction of cemetery gate.

"Yes. First of all I want to get my hands on those responsible for the way that my father died. Those files stated that he wanted to use their technology to gain advantage over NATO and subdue UN Organisation." She allowed herself to be led by her new SIC. "We could kill two sparrows with one stone. We can gain their technology AND avenge my father's death at the same time."

"Indeed. How do you plan to do it?"

"I was working on a weapon that we could build, it was meant to be used to dismantle tanks with just one well aimed shot…"


*) Dracula anyone? I needed nice name and I thought of Lucy Westenra. It will be the name of Silas' wife, if I will use her name (I didn't decided yet).

**) Laura's name is taken from Twin Peaks. Laura Palmer is daughter of Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks. Laura Westerna-Bishop is daughter of Leland Bishop. Only Leland Bishop isn't under influence of Bob.

***) Ripley's pseudonym is taken from Alien series. Why? How? Simple. In the second film Helen Ripley meets Bishop.

And so we now have point where we can hook the continuation – M.E.C.H. will return and start entire new adventure where both Autobots and Decepticons will have their interest in making sure that the organisation won't succeed.

The story title comes from song and the leading quote of the fic comes from song entitled "Would you love a monster-man" by Lordi.

First chapter title is direct reference to the last episode of the second season of the TF: Prime.

The second and fourth chapter's titles have no reference.

Titles of the following chapters are titles of songs:

3rd chapter's title – "Darkness Falls" by Graeme Revel comes from 'Pitch Black" OST.

5th chapter's title – "Moonlight Shadow" by Mike Oldfield.

6th chapter's title – "Dark Side of the Moon" is title of Pink Floyd album.

7th chapter's title – "Fear of the Dark" by Iron Maiden.

8th chapter's title – "Creatures of the Night" by KISS.

9th chapter's title – "They Only Come out at Night" by Lordi.

10th chapter's title – "Queen of the Night" by Whitney Huston.

11th chapter's title – "Midnight Summer Dream" by The Stranglers.

12th chapter's title – "Tonight, Tonight" by Smashing Pumpkins.

13th chapter's title – "Pure Morning" by Placebo.

14th chapter's title – "Red Morning Light" by Kings of Leon.

Those songs are not theme songs for their respective chapters, they just have fitting titles but you may listen to them – especially those of you that are younger than 25 (there's some real quality music here, though Lordi and KISS may be too heavy for some of you).

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