The Abiogenesis Spell (Part 6)

Summary: Last chapter! Cara gets to release her... huh... pent up frustrations. From fluff to smut in no time flat. There are also feelings.



"Just sleep," Cara grumbles to herself almost a candle mark later as she rolls her eyes in the dark.

It is certainly much easier said than done.

Sarcasm is her only defence here really, given her position.

Kahlan is sleeping on top of her. Well, almost. In all the ways that count, anyway.

It is going to be a long night for Cara, with the other woman sleeping this close, limbs intertwined, bodies pressed against each other. Cara can feel Kahlan's soft breasts cushioned against her side and her chest. Cara's own nipples are tight and sensitive against the cloth covering them, one of Kahlan's hands having just made a pass over her left breast, to settle heavily on its underside.

Almost as soon as she fell asleep, Kahlan's thigh had shifted, and it now rests on top of her own. When Kahlan moved, so did Cara, in an attempt to move away and give herself some space, but her right leg was trapped under Kahlan, so she only succeeded in spreading her legs wide open, leaving room for Kahlan's knee to nudge itself into the space between them.

Kahlan had even moaned in contentment when she settled into her new position, grinding her hips in sleep and pressing into Cara's thigh.

Cara can tell that their relative positions puts pressure in some very nice areas of Kahlan's body.

Any other day, she would have laughed at Kahlan's body attempts at getting some relief in sleep, almost as if sneakily trying to get around the steely daily vigilance of the always chaste confessor.

But, truthfully, she is failing to see the humour in any of this.

There is a lot of skin touching skin, where both their shifts have ridden up as they became more tangled up in each other. She thinks that if either of their nightshirts moves any higher, she may go crazy.

It is pure torture.

Pure pleasure.

There is this huge empty space to the left of Cara. Virtually two thirds of the bed. She could slip from under Kahlan and move there. Give herself some relief and fall sleep. The state she is in, she could get herself off in no time. Cara knows this. And the knowledge only annoys her, because she realises that while it is what she should do, it is not really an option.

"Just sleep," she mumbles again. And this time, maybe she says it in a tone that mocks the Mother Confessor's inflection.

She is staying put. She is Mord'Sith. She can take pain.

And there is pain.

She can feel her pulse beating insistently between her legs, where she knows she is wet and ready. Aching for contact. She tries to remember the last time she felt this worked up and cannot really come up with a solid memory, but it is possible that Kahlan's nearness is turning her brain to mush, preventing her from thinking about anything but the pain in her centre.

She rolls her eyes in annoyance.

She cannot believe she is getting this excited by a woman who is not even awake.

Cara does not want to consider how this could be going if Kahlan was actually making an effort to seduce her.

She lets out a groan at the thought.

She needs to distract herself.

She reaches with the hand that is not wrapped around Kahlan's waist and touches the confessor's dark hair. It is spread all over her chest, covering them both like a blanket. It is soft and nice to the touch. Cara lets her fingers comb through it, moving closer and closer to Kahlan's face with each stroke, until she is moving some stray hairs out of Kahlan's moist lips, pushing them behind her ear, touching her cheek lightly. Almost caressing.

At the touch, Kahlan mumbles something in her sleep and stirs again, her hand moving so that her palm now lays against Cara's responsive nipple, her hips pressing again into Cara's; more firmly this time. The move makes her nightshirt ride just a bit higher, perhaps not even an inch, but enough to make Cara lose it.

She tries to keep her breathing under control, but she can feel the hair that covers Kahlan's sex brushing against her thigh.

A whimper escapes her lips.

It is too much.

"Spirits, Kahlan," she cries out in a hoarse whisper, her hips bucking up involuntarily, trying to find purchase.

She is desperate to rub against something, anything.

That is when she feels it. Nimble, long fingers moving, sliding from her chest and down towards her centre. Touching first the inside of her thigh, where some of her wetness has spilled out, caressing the soft skin there, and then, climbing higher until they are moving through the hair at the apex of Cara's thighs.

"Kahlan," she whispers as she reaches to cover the hand promising relief, trapping it against her body, stopping it from moving.

"Just let me, Cara." Kahlan moves her head to kiss Cara's neck and cheek. She does not sound sleepy at all, in fact, she sounds like she has been awake all this time, rubbing against her and torturing Cara with her closeness. Cara is so surprised to witness this devious streak in the Mother Confessor, she lets her hand go limp on top of Kahlan's.

Kahlan moves her fingers lower, caressing Cara's outer lips, teasing first one side and then the other, letting one of her long fingers slip between her folds and into Cara's wet heat for a moment as she moves from one side to the other.

Cara hips buck at the touch, a loud moan escaping her lips.

When her hips settle back on the bed, Kahlan slips two of her fingers between Cara's legs, swirling into the wetness. She finds the tip of her clitoris almost immediately; it is so swollen with Cara's need. Cara makes a strangled sound and spreads her thighs even wider, head thrown back. She is close. So close already, she knows this is going to be embarrassingly quick, but she cannot find it in herself to care. She needs this release. She has been needing it for longer than she would admit to anyone.

When Kahlan starts rubbing her clitoris in tight, small circles, she pumps her hips into Kahlan's hand, rocking into the fingers touching her so intimately, bringing her such intense pleasure.

She comes hard and fast, hips bucking and chest rising off the bed.

Cara has experienced great pain and great pleasure in her short life; but nothing like this. Kahlan's warm hand is cupping her sex, rubbing it in a soothing way, her scent is in her nostrils, her body heavy and warm on top of hers, her mouth close to her ear, whispering Cara's name.

"Kahlan," she mumbles when she can finally speak, her arms sluggishly reaching up to hug the confessor to her chest. Her hips and legs still twitching, her inner walls still contracting from her orgasm.

"Shh. Just sleep," Kahlan says.

And this time, Cara does just that.


Just as the previous morning, Cara wakes moments before the maids enter the room to lay out their breakfast. She stays put as they set up the table and stoke the dying embers of the fire, watching them leave as quietly as they arrived.

If she is going to stay in this room, this is something that will have to change, she guesses. She cannot imagine Kahlan letting the maids come in whilst they are otherwise engaged.

And Cara likes sex in the morning.

She smiles.

In the evenings, too.

She is pleased to have discovered Kahlan may have an adventurous streak in her when it comes to this.

They have both shifted during the night. Cara has moved closer to the centre of the bed and Kahlan is now lying on her other side, her back to Cara, facing the door to Sonia's room. She is not entirely sure, but she thinks Kahlan may have risen from the bed at some point to check on the baby.

Cara regards Kahlan's back for a moment, remembering what went on last night.

She smirks, reaching between her own legs. She slides her fingers a bit lower, to a place Kahlan did not touch yesterday. She is still a bit tender.

Then, she moves them back to touch her clitoris, remembering how Kahlan's fingers have felt last night. She is still wet; and now that she is thinking about Kahlan, she is immediately aware of all the places where they are touching: from shoulder to hip. Kahlan's closeness and the memory of yesterday night's activities brings a new rush of wetness between her legs. She rubs her own centre with practised fingers for a moment. The usual ache that accompanies her when she is around the Mother Confessor starting its slow, familiar beat.

She knows she could get herself off with just a few well placed strokes. It is what Kahlan's nearness does to her... but she has never really allowed herself to masturbate to visions of Kahlan. She rolls her eyes at herself. Not often, anyway. But now that Kahlan is here, touching herself holds no appeal to Cara.

She turns on her side and reaches with her arm around Kahlan's middle, bringing the confessors' body flush against hers and away from the edge of the bed. Kahlan's nightshirt is around her waist and when they press together, her naked buttocks come pleasantly in contact with Cara's warm flesh.

Cara moves her thigh on top of Kahlan's, spreading herself open and settling against Kahlan's firm ass, starting a slow grind.

"Cara." The Mord'Sith had been waiting for Kahlan to acknowledge that she was awake.

Cara will not let Kahlan pull the stunt from last night on her twice. Not unless she is a willing victim, of course.

"You ambushed me last night, confessor," Cara murmurs in Kahlan's ear as she bites down lightly on her lobe, her tongue coming out to taste the skin there, sending a shiver and rising goose bumps all over Kahlan's body. She slips her hand lower on Kahlan's belly, keeping her steady as she grinds into her ass from behind, finding a rhythm.

"Cara, I-."

But Cara is lost to the sensual overload of rubbing herself against Kahlan. She sneaks her other hand under Kahlan's body, reaching to cup a full breast, rubbing the nipple with her palm and pulling Kahlan even tighter against her body as she rocks her hips and pants into her ear. Her movements becoming jerky.

She intends to tease, to drive the Mother Confessor crazy with want, to caress her until she is begging Cara for release.

To exact revenge for last night.

But she miscalculates. She does not take into account her body's own reaction to the feel of Kahlan next to her, between her legs, under her lips. It should not be enough, just rubbing herself against Kahlan in this way, but when Kahlan reaches with her left arm around them and grabs Cara's ass, nails digging painfully into her flesh, pushing her hips into Kahlan's, she finds a quick release against the Mother Confessor, groaning loudly.

She hugs Kahlan to herself for a long moment after that, trembling, half in shock, half in amazement.

Nothing is how she expected.

Not that she ever expected this.

When her breathing goes back to normal, she moves slightly back and forces Kahlan on her back.

They regard each other thoughtfully, gazes meeting. Kahlan's eyes are swirling with black. Cara is glad to see she is not the only one that can be brought to the brick of orgasm just by rubbing slightly against the other woman.

In one swift move, Cara gets rid of her shift, throwing it to the floor by the bed and lying back next to Kahlan, completely naked. She reaches for the hem of Kahlan's shift, which is bunched up around her waist. She nudges Kahlan until she relents and allows Cara to rid her of her nightshirt.

Cara takes a moment to look at Kahlan, at her milky white skin. Her freckles. She is stunning.

Kahlan blinks her eyes slowly, looking up at Cara shyly. They are back to her normal blue.

She opens her mouth to say something, but before she can, Cara lies fully on top of her. She lowers herself carefully, not to crush Kahlan under her. She reaches between their bodies, expertly manipulating Kahlan's sex so that when she settles, Kahlan can feel all of Cara on her. Kahlan tenses up and tries to pull away, but Cara is already moving against her, breathing in her scent, kissing her everywhere she can reach; her eyes, her nose, her mouth, her cheeks, her ears, her neck, her throat. She is trusting into Kahlan, her fingers roaming over the soft skin of her chest, her sides, her thighs and hips, pushing her legs further open. Spreading her to Cara's touch.

Kahlan can only lie there, panting. Feeling. She has wanted this for years. Perhaps for as long as she has known the other woman. And the reality far surpasses any possible imaginings.

When Cara moves one of her hands to squeeze Kahlan's nipple, her whole body thrums, and when Cara's mouth descends on it, biting lightly, she almost comes, arching off the bed.

Kahlan feels the dangerous, early tingles of orgasm starting at her centre, her magic gathering, ready to burst forward.

It frightens her. What could come next. What she could do to Cara.

Body tense, Kahlan tries to calm down, to slow her breathing. She reaches to stop Cara's hand against her breast, trapping it there. Cara feels the thundering of the heart beating underneath.

"Cara. I- I will confess you," she whispers brokenly.

Cara moves her hand from under Kahlan's grip and grabs her hip, frowning slightly.

"Don't be absurd, Kahlan." It comes out in a voice made rough by desire.

And with that, she lets her hand slide over Kahlan's stomach. Her fingers slipping between drenched folds, finding Kahlan's clit and stroking it with a sure hand, making Kahlan buck and tremble. Then, she lets the fingers slide down, lower. She looks into Kahlan's eyes as she slides first one, then two of her fingers inside. Cara wants to prolong this. She intends to go down on Kahlan, to kiss and lick every inch of her skin, to taste her everywhere, but there is no time. It takes only a few strokes of Cara's sure hand before Kahlan is coming with a loud moan, releasing her magic, whispering Cara's name over and over and over again. Almost like a prayer.

Cara is, of course, not confessed.

If she can give Kahlan a child across time and space, confession has nothing on her.


When Kahlan's eyes go back to their normal blue, she reaches up and hugs Cara to her, holding her against her body, wrapping herself around Cara and turning them around, so that they are lying side by side on the large bed.

Kahlan hides her face in the space between Cara's neck and shoulder and makes a sound that sounds suspiciously like a sob. "Forgive me?" She asks in a rough voice.

"For what?" Cara does not think there is anything to forgive.

"For this," and then, she just lays there for the longest time, embracing her tightly and Cara fears, crying.


When they finally get out of bed, they go in search of Sonia. There are things Cara has to do in the Palace, but they can wait. She can take Kahlan to Sonia, and then, go find Gretchen and see to her daily duties.

Beth is with the baby in the winter room, in an area of the Palace, facing south, where the windows are significantly larger and a lot of sun gets in through the day. It is the warmer room in the Palace.

On their way there, Cara nonchalantly tries to start a conversation about how too much sun must surely be bad for such a tiny baby, but she is not sure if Kahlan is listening. When they get there, she swears there is a ghost of freckles on her daughter's nose. It puts an immediate scowl on her face, and she glares at Beth until the poor girl puts Sonia back in the crib and cowers all the way to the corner where she keeps the baby's things, trying to hide from the Mord'Sith angry stare.

Kahlan just watches in amusement and goes to the girl, trying to stop her from crying. She sends her to the kitchen to calm down and drink some water.

While Kahlan has her back to Cara, she moves to the crib and surreptitiously rubs her finger over the skin of the baby's nose. She is happy to see she was wrong.

No freckles.

Yet, anyway.

She frowns.

She needs to be serious about this. Sonia will have no freckles.

"Cara." Kahlan says in that tone Cara associates with Kahlan's feelings talks. She hopes she can get out of this one, so she just ignores Kahlan and moves slightly to the side. Her hand casually moving to her belt and away from Sonia.

"Cara." It makes Cara sigh. Something tells her she has grossly underestimated Kahlan's nagging abilities.

This time she makes a noise to imply that she is listening.

"Why were you rubbing her nose." Cara cringes. Her back still to Kahlan.


Playing the fool is probably the only way out. "I was doing no such thing," she says in what she hopes is an indignant voice, and she manages to sound almost truthful. Hopefully, if she keeps her back to Kahlan, she will not be able to read her.

"Yes, you were," Kahlan says as she approaches from behind. She stands next to Cara, by the baby's crib, both of them looking down at Sonia. Then, Kahlan reaches out and embraces Cara's waist with her arm, turning her body into the Mord'Sith, pressing into her side. Cara thinks she could get used to this, when they are alone. She turns her head slightly towards Kahlan and the Mother Confessor rewards her with a kiss on the cheek.

"She doesn't have freckles," there is laughter in Kahlan's voice.

"She'd better not," Cara mutters. Annoyed to be so easily read.

"Are you saying you don't like my freckles, Cara?" Kahlan's eyes twinkle as she asks. She has caught Cara's eyes on their journey up her shoulder and down her cleavage enough times to know the Mord'Sith does not particularly mind them.

Cara knows that, sometimes, silence is the better part of courage.


That night, they dine with the wizard at Kahlan's insistence. Cara would had much preferred they call it a really early night.

Cara eats with a healthy appetite, but of course, that just means that she eats one third of what the wizard puts away. Where it all goes remains a mystery to Cara.

They discuss many things, and Cara stays mostly out of the conversation, content to just watch Kahlan talk to the wizard. That is, until the conversation turns to Aydindril's summer solstice celebrations, and Kahlan animatedly starts to plan with Zedd what they will do for this year's.

It is still winter, and months from that date, but it tells Cara that the Mother Confessor will eventually have to return to Aydindril.

Sonia is a confessor too. She will also need to be in Aydindril.

It is obvious and efficient that they should both be there instead of here, but it upsets Cara to the point that she rises from the table and moves towards the balcony, in need of fresh air.

Kahlan makes to rise after her, but Zedd shakes his head. "Let me," he says.

These two, they are like his children.

He has observed all of them through the years: Richard, Kahlan, and Cara. He loves them dearly.

He knew of Cara's feelings for Kahlan. And also, of course, of Kahlan's feelings for Cara. But there was always Richard, and their quest. And then, Cara had settled at the Palace, and Richard and Kahlan at Aydindril, and he had thought they could have it all. That they could all be happy like that.

He had been wrong. To let things be. To not force them to see what was in front of them.

He does not plan to make the same mistake twice.

He did not tell Kahlan at the time, but when he realised the spell had worked and Kahlan's stomach remained flat week after week, he had simply known there was only one other person in all the Midlands and D'Hara that could be pregnant.

It had to be Cara.

A peace had settled over him then.

For once, magic had worked to all of their advantages.

He follows her to the balcony, approaching quietly.

"Cara," his voice is gentle. It annoys Cara.

"What do you want, Zedd?" she almost snarls.

"You know that Kahlan's place is back in Aydindril." He moves closer to her, touching her shoulder. "So is Sonia's," he says.

She moves away, shrugging the wizard's bony hand off her shoulder.

"Of course I know," she only needs a minute to rule over her stomach and various other internal organs. They are the ones that are rebelling against the facts, but she will agiel them into submission, if necessary.

"It is better if they are away from me, anyway. Sonia is a confessor. I am Mord'Sith." She says.

She does not say something else, but Zedd hears it just the same. Cara is worried that Sonia's touch could kill her. That something in her will rebel against having a Mord'Sith as a mother. That the magic that will grow inside her will push her away from Cara. That if something like that happened, it would break them all: Kahlan, Sonia and Cara.

"Cara, she will not confess you," Zedd says.

Cara flashes him a look of annoyance. "You cannot know that." She is imagining the many troubles children run into, the mischief they cause, the petty arguments with parents that could drive Sonia to confess her.

"Of course I know it. Didn't you listen when I told you about the abiogenesis spell?" he sounds mildly annoyed. Why do none of them seem to ever appreciate the greatness of his magic?

Cara rolls her eyes at the tall man. "As proficient as I am in torture, not even I could listen to you when you start rambling about magic, wizard."

He frowns at her and moves his hands to his hips, towering over her.

"Well, if you had listened to me, you would already know that she will be powerless against you, Cara." He huffs.

"What?" she frowns at the wizard.

"The abiogenesis spell. It uses the most powerful force in nature to draw its magic from." His voice almost booms around the words.

"Don't give me that trite stuff about love again." She says.

He grabs her by the shoulders then. His arms firm, and his eyes gentle. Cara's hand goes to her agiels almost automatically. It is an effort not to use one of them on the wizard.

"You hard-headed, silly Mord'Sith. How do you think Sonia came to be?" He lowers his voice. "This magic, it is born off love! The magic of Confession can never work against that."

Cara looks down, unconvinced.

He has an idea. "I can prove it to you, if you don't believe me." He says. "Kahlan can try to confess you. It will not work! The spell binds all three of you." He smiles at his own ingeniousness.

Cara regards him seriously. For him to suggest such a thing, he must be entirely certain of the power of the abinbitontis- abonbinigis, whatever- spell.

Cara smiles slightly then. She looks at Kahlan, who is now standing behind the wizard.

"That won't be necessary, Zedd." Kahlan whispers, a bright blush covering her face, visible even in the poor lightning of the balcony.

Zedd looks at Kahlan with a frown. But he is a smart man. It takes only a moment for him to understand.

His bushy eyebrows rise high on his forehead.

He can only laugh in delight.

If he pats Cara on the back again though, she might have to agiel him after all.


That night, as soon as she gets in bed, Kahlan turns to face Cara, who is lying on her side, regarding her seriously. She kisses Cara's lips and then, moves closer, rubbing their cheeks together for a moment before moving back to look at her.

Cara looks back in silence for a while, her hand caressing Kahlan's arm, leaving goosebumps in her wake. Then, she asks the question that has been torturing her since Kahlan arrived at the Palace.

"Are you going to take Sonia with you when you go back to Aydindril?" Cara whispers.

Kahlan regards Cara seriously for a second. Then, she smiles. It is the brightest smile Cara has ever seen on Kahlan's face.

Her eyes sparkle with something she is yet to say out loud.

Then, she leans forward, and kisses Cara's lips again.

When she pulls away, she makes sure the Mord'Sith is looking at her eyes.

"I am going to take you both."


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