Spike walked up the hospital staircase to the floor the receptionist directed him to. He opened the double doors to walk onto rather quite ward of the hospital where few staff were working. The room at the end of the ward was where he was heading, once he opened the door he saw half the scooby crew around the bed where Willow lay unconscious. Giles and Xander stood somberly at the edges of the room whilst by the side of the redheaded wiccan Tara sat holding her hand and brushing invisible strands of hair of her lover's face. The injuries Tara had received were less severe than they looked. She had been given blood and her neck had been bandaged but she ignored the doctor's request to stay in bed longer and insisted on being at Willow's side. Colour was starting to return to her cheeks but the same couldn't be said for the redhead.

"Is this all of us?" asked Spike after the other's had noticed his presence, "No Buffy? Anya?"

"Anya's waiting for Buffy." Xander answered, "Giles have you called them yet?"

"Oh no, "the watcher replied as he headed to the door, "I'll let them know how things are here." he said before he finally left. All eyes returned to the sleeping wiccan. Spike stared more intensively. She was the target his mistresses assigned him. 'Bring her back or kill her there,' he recalled their orders. Willow was of no use to his mistresses unconscious, he needed to empty the room.

"How did you know where to find us?" Xander asked, forcing him to break his gaze.

"Oh. Got to the Magic Box. Saw your bird. Buffy was busy, wanted me to catch up with you guys first and give you the news on our vampires." he lied, but it was a part of his orders to tell them anyway. At the mention of the vampires Tara looked up but remained silent as Spike continued, "Your vampire self can use magic," he explained pointed to Tara who nodded, already knowing this information, "She can posses other vampires and raise the ones she's sired almost immediately after death. She and Willow are building numbers at the Bronze. They must have a few dozen new vamps by now-"

"She can possess?" Spike nodded, answering Xander's question, "Then how do we know we're safe with you?"

"It's only the one's she's sired. Plus i'm no use to them with this bloody chip in my head am I?" Xander seemed satisfied with the answer and switched his concern to Tara who stared forlornly at her head-trauma-suffering lover.

"Tara, perhaps you should get some rest," he suggested, putting his hand on her shoulder as if waiting to guide her away.

"I really shouldn't. I should be here when she wakes." The two shared a sad smile but Xander was insistent, "Just for five minutes. Get some air, some air and a coffee. Giles will be back in a minute to keep an eye on Will." She eventually nodded and left placed her lovers hand gently on the bed, switching it for Xander's as he led her out of the room.

Now was the perfect opportunity for Spike. With Tara's grasp on his mind he walked closer to the redhead. He took the pillow out from under her head and pressed it firmly against her face, cutting off her access to oxygen. Before he was anywhere near completing his orders, Xander ran in and punched Spike aside, continuing his assault even when the vampire was helpless on the floor. Tara quickly rushed to her lover's side, followed by Giles and Anya. Buffy ended up pulling Xander away but delievered a hard punch to Spike in order to keep him on the floor. The possessed vampire screamed in more pain than the slayer had caused him. He gripped at the sides of his skull at what felt like a fire in his mind. The scooby's stared in confusion as his eyes flared black and then back to normal. The vampire was left gasping for air his lungs didn't need.

"It's gone, its gone, she's gone," he babbled madly as his breath settled and the vampire Tara's grip on his mind faded away. Xander gave him a hard kick in the stomach as he rolled over, the vampire winced in pain, "You tried to kill my friend you bastard!" he said as he threw him another kick and another. Buffy tried holding him back but he grabbed the stake the slayer kept in her pocket and went to strike him.

"Inutilemque" Tara cast a spell that stopped Xander mid-staking and immobilized Spike on the floor.

"Tara, it's not like you to resort to dark magic," the watcher commented.

"He tried to hurt my girl." she replied.

Buffy had managed to calm Xander down and now stood between him and the immobilized vampire.

"Guy's we have big trouble on our hands," the slayer told them, " Tara- the other Tara can control vampires. I don't know how many she has now or where they are."

"Spike say's they were building an army at the Bronze. He could've been lying though."

"No reason for him to lie though. They're pretty confident they can win this. I couldn't beat them before. Tara," she turn the witch, "We're gonna need magic."

Tara nodded, "Okay. I-i'm n-not as good without Willow," she confessed. Buffy looked over to her unconscious friend and wondered how they were going to get out of this.

"Anything you can do Tara. Block her magic, stop her from possessing, give all the vampire's a sneezing fit, anything," Tara nodded at her request. "Okay, Giles, Tara you two stay here and work with the magics. Anya, go to the Magic Box. Get whatever supplies they need. Me, Xander and..." she glanced down to vampire still lying still on the floor, "...Spike, will check out the Bronze."