Ohmigod, I've published chapter two. This is the most dedicated I've ever seen myself be towards fanfics:D lol just kidding. Hope you're still enjoying.

Buffy ran, ignoring her own cuts and bruises the second she saw the broken window in the Magic Box. "Giles what the hell happened here?" Were the first word out of her mouth upon entering. Xander eventually caught up and surveyed the damage in the Magic Box with his own eyes. Apart from the broken window which he'd be undoubtedly be put in charge of repairing, the display table was not so much a table and with its fragments lay shards of ceramic plates, glass and various amphibian body parts. The glass counter was also shattered and the books at the back were in disarray. Buffy had asked Giles and he told them no one was seriously injured.

"Is the money okay? No one took the money right?" after no response, just odd looks from the pair he continued, "Oh God Anya's gonna flip. Just think how she's gonna be when she finds out she can't open shop tomorrow."

"Gee Xander, why don't you just marry the girl." Buffy started to giggle,"You sound like husband and wife."

"huh, oh the money isfine... I think. We're all fine if a little shaken. The spell, did it work on the Gorches? Did it send them back?"

"You mean the iddy biddy blue hurricane we saw at the motel? No, it didn't get rid of them if that's what it was supposed to do. It was pretty...Made them harder to see, but pretty though." She insisted, the tone of her voice rising in the last part, trying to hide the fact that half of her injuries occured because she could see them amougst the smoke.

"And all vamps are dust so no harm done," Xander added with a big grin.

"I'm glad you're both safe, but it seems we were right. The Gorches family weren't the only one who came through. It appears-"

"Okay Rupert," Sid's voice cut him off as the dummy made his was out of the basement. He appeared in the doorway and into the Slayer's mildly confused gaze, "The vampire's securely chain. Funny thing, at first we shackled the wrong girl but I'm pretty sure we've got the right one now." He began walking over to the far wall as the Willow took his place in the door frame; her eyes only drifting for a second to acknowledge her friends in the room before turning back to the basement.

"Oh great, it's Sid the dummy...Wait," said Xander suddenly realising," What vampire?"

"Willow, where's Tara?" Gile's asked with a hint of concern.

"She wanted to talk to her for a while. I'm not letting my eyes off them though." she answered without sparing them a look. Changing the angle of her head she could see Tara sitting on one of the delivery crates. Her vampire version was just out of sight.

"Talk to who? Why's Sid here?" asked Buffy, her confusion only growing.

"It appears Tara has herself a vampire double," Giles informed her.
"Oh like Willow did," Xander smiles at the memory, then his face seemed to be stunned at his next thought, "...Wait, Tara in..." His eyebrows rose and he felt a tug at his lips when he envisioned the girl in a similar outfit to Willow's doppelganger. The witch frowned at him, seeming to pick up on his train of thought.

"Anyway," Giles began whilst cleaning his glasses," We tried the spell, it clearly didn't work and I can only assume the gates between realities are still open until we find another way to close it so..."

"I picked that spell out for you Giles," Sid interrupted, again," whilst you were sleeping on the job earlier. I swear it should've worked, you must have missed something."

"It is possible. Willow," She whipped her eyesight away from the basement," could you give me a hand? Your knowledge in magics is more than mine."

"Sure, no problem." She said with a smile as she quickly went to the table to collect the spell book they had used earlier and the bowl of ingredients before taking them back to the stairway, where the back of her girlfriend's blonde hair was just in sight.