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"Bored now," the redhead chimed as she left the bustling nightclub. After walking a few streets the blaring music was but a faint pounding in the distance; the wind disturbed the silence more. The bronze was not as she left it in the hands of her latest lackeys. It disappointed her that not even a massacre was left before they ditched her command, but she had a feeling something else had gone wrong that night. Well actually that feeling came when in the blink of an eye she went from pursuing Cordelia into the girls bathroom to fall through the floor that was no longer beneath her. She crashed down into the basement, charred walls and collapsed beams surrounded her. Without sparing a thought to brush the ash that clung to the fuzzy jumper her human self had dressed her in she headed back to the bronze. The state of her dress earned her a few stares but she felt oddly unmotivated to teach them a lesson. A feeling she came to regret now her blood lust had returned and she set her eyes on a new target.

The women she stalked was blonde and hiding what she was sure would be a lush body underneath that baggy hoodie and jeans. A teenager, Willow thought, and a foolish one at that to walk the streets alone at this time of night. But this only played to the vampire's advantage. She had followed her for about three streets, taking her time but slowly closing the distance between them. Three metres was all that was left and Willow knew that with one quick lunge she could bite down and feed off the human before she even knew she was there. Just as she was about to act on that they had turned a corner and the blonde was yanked into an alleyway by an unseen hand. Willow was aggravated, losing her hunt to a petty mugger or rapist no doubt. But as she turned the corner to acknowledge the cause of the teen's pained whimpers she saw it was not a human that stole the blonde from her but another blonde vampire. She had already drained the girl to a paler shade of white before allowing her to collapse to the pavement dead.

The newcomer acknowledged the redhead with a blood stained smile, one that was apparently unwelcome as Willow pushed and pinned her against the wall of the alley. Having found in reach a stray plank of wood, she shattered it against the wall and pressed the now sharpened tip to the skin above the blonde's heart.

"Now, now. You didn't ask nicely. I've never liked it when people take my food," Willow gave a wicked smile and pressed the stake more forcefully, drawing blood.

"There's another way you could get a taste," she pushed harder, "Willow!" the blonde yelped.

She was unfazed that the blonde knew her name, but it did confuse her that the vampire in front of her didn't try to get away. She shifted slightly under the pain of the stake but as that passed their eyes met. There was something deep, dark and wanting in the blonde's blue eyes. It wasn't fear like she had expected. Whatever it was it unease her and she pulled away, tossing the stake aside as she did.

"You l-look good," the blonde said as if it would help her rekindle her relationship with her lost lover. The fact that her real lover was a pile of dust and this Willow probably hasn't met her before was all thrown out the metaphorical window.

"And you would be?" She asked.

"Huh? Oh, T-tara," she answered, I'm your-I mean...You look," she paused, "kinda ridiculous," she confessed, noticing Willow's fuzzy get-up.

"...And you're so threatening yourself," she countered weakly. The two were both in clothes unfitting for the murderous vampires they were. "How do you know my name?"

"I love you," Tara said yearningly. Willow scoffed, rolling her eyes upwards she said, "Another groupie wanting to get into the Master's inner circle? Did the fuzzy one and that Anya drag you her aswell?"

"No," she replied shaking her head, "There was a portal. It was just there. I was told...I came here looking for the other WIllow, I-i Can't believe it's really you!" she moved in and closed the distance between them with a kiss. One that threw Willow against the wall with its unexpectancy. She responded by pushing the strange girl away again, re-asserting the distance between. She regained an aggressive stance but couldn't help but savour the taste of blood Tara had passed on to her aswell as a unique sweet taste that could be found only on the lips of the girl in front of her.

"You're weird," Willow said plainly. She turned to leave.

"No, w-wait, please." the blonde begged and won Willow's attention again. "Please don't leave. I love you so much, just let me show you." Willow was unsure but found herself being pulled through the alleyway before she could protest.