"Not again! Please no!" Ashe wept as they flew off. She had just seen the Bahamut crash, and inside of it, her two friends were more than likely dead. "Balthier! Balthier! Come back!"

Basch placed a hand on her shoulder. Ashe looked to the man who she saw as her brother - be it a really protective brother - and threw herself into his comforting arms. This was the same set of arms that had been there when Rasler had passed away, and now they would be used until news concerning Fran and Balthier reached them.

"I loved him..." The princess trailed off.

Penelo, Larsa, and Vaan all joined Basch in embracing her.

"We all could tell. He loved you too," Larsa - a boy who was like her younger brother - squeezed her shoulder gently for reassurance.

"We will all miss them," Penelo's voice - that of a best friend - was thick with the sound of tears threatening to spill out.

The Lady Ashe buried her head into his shirt and wept.

They told her there was no way anyone could've survived.

The men she has sent to investigate couldn't find any bodies but they had seen the wreckage.

But she wouldn't believe it until she saw it with her own eyes.

Ashe, along with Larsa and Basch, had gone to investigate the site. The three stepped solemnly into the large ship.

As tears started to stream down the princess's face from all she saw, Basch placed his comforting arms around her again, and supported her as they went along.

"Take me to the control room... I need to see the control room," her voice whispered.

The two men looked between each other.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Larsa asked Basch as the lady made her way toward the place Balthier had last been known to be.

The guard nodded. "She needs this. She can't get over him until she's seen this herself."

The boy nodded solemnly and followed as they went into the glosser ring control room.

Ashe knelt by engineer panel and ran her hands along the loosely tighten screws, probably the last-minute handiwork of Balthier.

She cast her eyes down and let out more tears. Why did everyone she love die?

"Alright... Let's go..." The lady stood up after a few quiet minutes.

She started out of the room and as she thought of Balthier, she stepped on something.

Glancing down at what her foot had hit, she saw a colorful ring. Balthier's ring.

She gasped slightly and grabbed it. Ashe slid the ring on her hand to replaced the ring the pirate had of hers.

"Until I find something more valuable," she whispered before turning back to Larsa and Basch and finding comfort in their embraces.