Living Without a Mom ~ Chapter 1: If Only

So, here's my new story. It focuses on the Sekemoto family in Sunset Valley. I always wondered why little Sam never had a mom. It's in the same timeline as my other stories, but forgive me if I get any ages or things wrong. I made everything complicated so right now it's all a huge muddle in my brain. Also, I've made Sam the same age as Bella and all the other premade kids in Sunset Valley. I've created a character for Sam's mom and will have a possible solution to why she's nonexistent. I don't know how long this story is actually gonna be, it's probably gonna be ten chapters maximum. Still not sure though. It's also my first time writing a full story in the third person. The reason being is that there's probably gonna be loads of different accounts from people, so it would get confusing with loads of POVs. Though, it might keep flashing back to the present time.

Sam Sekemoto sat on his front step. Locked out again. Then without warning, he started thinking about the mom that he never met. Just days after he was born, she died in an extreme accident. Well, that's what Sam's grandmother said. He didn't know if it was true. But Yumi Sekemoto was always right, so it must be true. Though he still had his doubts. Who could blame him?

The only trace that Sam had of his mother was a picture in his room that he keeps in his sock drawer. Nobody in his family ever looks there. It's a small picture and is torn at the edges, but you could clearly see her face. Sam never actually found out what her name was. So in his head, he imagined what it would be like if she had stayed. She'd be called Scarlett and her long brunette hair would be perfectly braided down her back. He'd come home from school and be greeted with a hug. He'd never be locked out for hours on end. Then his dad would come home and the family would cuddle together on the sofa and watch TV. Then maybe Grandma Yumi would come round with her plate of grilled salmon. Man, Grandma Yumi's grilled salmon was to die for. And then when it was bedtime, he'd be tucked in by his parents and his mother would sing him to sleep. Life would be perfect.

But that was just a twisted fantasy. It would never happen. It was never supposed to happen. What really happens instead is that every day, Sam comes home from school and he's locked out for at least two hours before Grandma Yumi comes home from her book club meeting. He always manages to miss his dad by a matter of minutes, school always finished just as Leighton went to work. Sam never quite understood why he never got a key. His dad and grandmother always told him to go round to a neighbour's house after school. What was the point? It would be too awkward. Even though the Bachelor's were right next door and Bella was in Sam's grade, they weren't exactly the best of friends. The Alvi's would argue constantly. Erin Kennedy was scary and she didn't even own a TV. The Clavell's were old and Xander was a bully. The Hart's were just plain weird, that went without saying. The Goth's were too strange and their house was creepy, plus Sam never really talked to Mortimer. His best friend, Scott Keaton, always tagged along to his dad's workplace. He worked at the same place as Sam's dad, the Llama Stadium. The two had the same work hours, though at different positions. Sam never bothered visiting his dad, he was a toddler coach.

But what Sam didn't actually know, is the absolute truth of what happened to his mother. If Sam knew, then he'd beg every single day to be taken to her.

Many years earlier

Opal Souza stared across the classroom to the new boy. He was quite quiet, she thought. His black hair swept across his right eye rather carelessly. It gave him the bad boy effect, though his outfit seemed slightly nerdish. Turns out that his name was Leighton, and he moved to Sunset Valley from a place called Hidden Springs.

Throughout the lesson, Opal stared at this Leighton guy. The class bully, Xander Clavell, kept throwing things at him. It was amazing how Leighton kept calm throughout it all. If it was Opal in his position, she would've lost it by now.

Leighton also seemed to be staring across the classroom in between having things thrown at him. He couldn't seem to take his eyes off a brunette with the most amazing hazel eyes. He soon found out through the teacher asking her a question that her name was Opal. It seemed to suit her perfectly. If only he had enough confidence to talk to her. There was one amazing moment in that class where they had eye contact, but Opal frowned and turned towards the projector board, where the teacher was showing a slideshow on the importance of grammar. Oh well, Leighton guessed that he had to work on his first impressions. Or at least stop staring at people that he'd never met before in his entire life. At this rate, he'd scare everyone away. Not exactly the best reputation. His thoughts were interrupted by a ruler smacking his face, courtesy of Xander Clavell. How that guy never got caught, nobody knew.

After class, Leighton ran out to avoid bumping into anyone. He never really had any friends in Hidden Springs either, just one or two and even then they didn't really communicate much. Opal watched from a safe distance as the new boy ran off. She smiled to herself. Leighton seemed different from all the other guys.

Leighton sighed after school as he reached his new house. Things were never the same after dad left. Now he wasn't ever gonna see him again. Of course he blamed himself. Who wouldn't? After all the homework had been done, he decided to take a walk around town. After all, he will be here for quite a while.

Opal had decided to leave the cinema early, not even saying goodbye to her friends who constantly treated her like a third wheel. Pfft, the movie was boring anyway. Plus, being considered popular did have its downsides sometimes. Like being invited to movies constantly. Why did she even waste her money on movies that weren't even good to start with?

Not wanting to go home yet, Opal decided to have a peaceful stroll. She had no idea where she'd end up. But she couldn't help but smile to herself when she saw Leighton walking in the same direction that she was heading. He never talked to anyone at all today, he looked like he needed a friend. And Opal was prepared to be that friend. She approached him with a calm expression. Leighton looked startled at first, he thought she was gonna tease him or something.

'Hey.' smiled Opal.

'H-hi.' stuttered Leighton. The only person who he really ever socializes with is his mom, so it wasn't his fault. He didn't know what to say.

'How're you settling into town?'

'Good, I suppose. It seems nice here.'

'Not the people though. Especially Xander Clavell. Know him?'


'You should. He's the guy who kept throwing stuff at you in English today.'

Leighton got lost for a moment. He was staring at Opal's beautiful hael eyes again. He was hoping that it wouldn't become a habit.

'Oh. So that's who it is.'

'Yeah. So, who did you come here with?'

'My mom.'

'What about your dad?'

'Haven't seen him for quite some time now and probably won't ever again. He left my mom for some younger lady.'

'Oh gosh. I'm sorry.' Awkward, thought Opal. She bit her lip. How was she gonna continue this conversation? 'So, do you miss your friends from your old school?'

'Nah, not really. I never actually had many friends.'

'Oh, why not?'

'Dunno. I was never really charismatic to start with.'

'Right... so what's your best subject in school?'

'You probably won't believe me, but P.E.'

'Really? You're an athlete?'

'Well, not an athlete but I'm working on it.'

Opal giggled and then felt her face burning bright red. She didn't even know where that giggle came from. But there wasn't really anything to be embarrassed about, as Leighton started giggling too. It wasn't long before the pair were in a serious laughing fit. They finally managed to calm down and then took a long stare into each other's eyes. Sure they'd only just met and had barely talked, but without a doubt they were attracted to one another. Without hesitation, their lips were locked together.

Opal was glad that she left the movies early.

Why was I so excited whilst writing this? Probably either because it's a new story, or because I'm writing in a style that I barely use. I keep getting my words fuddled up in third person though, you may have to get used to that. BTW in case you're confused, Sam refers to his mother as Scarlett because he doesn't know her real name. It's really Opal. At first I was gonna do a plot twist and have Sam's mother be Anabelle Oinkslopes, a pre-made dead sim buried in Sunset Valley's graveyard. But then I decided not to, though I'll probably find a small role somewhere for her in the early chapters of this story. I actually think she's quite pretty.