Living Without a Mom ~ Chapter 2: Keeping Secrets

Hi! Oh gosh, that was the awkwardest start to an intro ever. Well, I'm glad that people seem to like this story. I have like zero motivation right now so be prepared if nothing makes sense. This is now the only story that I'm working on, besides from the Lolita one over on Wattpad. Though there's only one more chapter of that.

A couple of hours later

'Oh my god.' thought Opal as she sat in her room. She'd just kissed a guy that she had only just met. She already had a boyfriend! The local bad boy in the grade above, Jared Frio. If he found out about that kiss, chances are Opal would end up in hospital. Sure he could cook her some mean goopy carbonara, but he could be extremely lazy and rude. He can be quite scary when he wants to be.

But Leighton was so... different. There was just something about him. She didn't want to break up with Jared but she didn't want to hurt Leighton's feelings. This could only mean one thing. Opal was going to have to be a two-timer. This could ruin her entire reputation, but she was willing to take the risk. Now if only Leighton could keep a secret too. Should be easy enough, right?

'I love Leighton Sekemoto!' Opal randomly blurted out loud before slapping a hand over her mouth. Damn, that was loud. Well, the only other people in the house were her parents. Hell knows where her brother, Quinn, was. He was always sneaking out of the house at random hours and not returning until sunrise. Everyone had became used to it by now.

Anyway, Opal couldn't believe what she'd literally yelled out to the entire world. Where did that come from? It was totally unexpected.

Across town, Leighton was staring out across the balcony. He was so happy. Today he managed to get his first kiss with a popular girl. Score! Not to mention that today was his first day at a new school. Looks like life in Sunset Valley won't be so bad after all. But wait, didn't she already have a boyfriend? Oh, who cares. Leighton continued to stare across the beautiful town and spotted Opal pacing back and forth in her room. He felt the urge to yell for her as her window was open, but then basically the entire population of Sunset Valley would be able to hear him. So instead he continued to stare. Being the quiet one had its moments.

The next morning

Leighton was woken up by a loud knock at his front door. He was the only one who could answer, his mom was already at work. Who could it possibly be at this hour? The mail man with a parcel? Doubt it. With a sigh, Leighton opened the door to find Opal standing there. Wait, how did she find his house?

'Can I come in?' she asked politely, looking round to see if anyone was watching.

Leighton stood aside and Opal stepped inside. She stared around at the place. Still pretty bare.

'Sorry about the mess. Just moved in and all. Would you like something to drink?' offered Leighton.

'No thanks, I'm good.' Opal continued to stare around. If a complete stranger saw this, they'd surely think that she had a problem. But Leighton wasn't one to judge.

'So, why are you here so early? Is everything alright?'

'Well, listen. I do want to stay in a relationship with you, but I already have a boyfriend.'


'So are you willing to keep a secret relationship with me?'


'Good. Because I think I love you already.'

Then Opal and Leighton were kissing again. It was much more passionate than the previous night. After they broke apart, Opal spoke again.

'Anyway, I better head back before my parents and brother notice that I'm gone. See you at lunch? Meet me behind the science block with your food.'

'Okay, see you then.'

'Bye!' waved Opal with a wink. Leighton watched her run off down the road with a longing expression on his face. He was gonna love that girl forever.

True to her words, Opal showed up behind the science block at lunch time. Leighton did some research and it turns out that Opal's boyfriend is in a different lunch period.

'Hey. Sorry I'm late. Sir gave me a lecture. But hey, I'm here now. How long have you been waiting?' she asked, out of breath. She sat down and unpacked her lunch.

'Oh, not long. Just a couple of minutes.' replied Leighton. Opal grinned.

'You're still a little shy around me, aren't you?'


'Don't be. I'm not gonna bite your head off or anything.' she laughed. When Opal laughed, it triggered Leighton to do the same. It's contagious.

They spent the rest of their lunch break sharing lunch and joking about their classmates. Maybe they kissed too.

Sorry for the short chapter, I promise that the next one will be longer. Had a late start on this one. Blame homework and stuff like that.