Living Without a Mom ~ Chapter 6: Confusion

Urgh. I'm starting to hate snow. On Monday someone threw a snowball at me and it hit right in my eye. I couldn't even see at all for a few moments, I thought I was blinded. Now there's a small cut where it was thrown. Then today was awesome at first with the snowstorm during school, but then my dad nearly crashed the car on a main road, with me in it. It was scary. It's so cold here too! Meant to be like -5 tonight which is a problem for me as I've got a damp problem in my room and I sleep right next to the air vent and window. This is also going to be a short chapter.

Leighton waited patiently for Opal to arrive. Honestly, he didn't know what he'd do without her. In his eyes, she was the most beautiful person to ever walk the planet.

As Opal drove into Sunset Valley, she smiled to herself. She had decided to look her worst and see how Leighton would react. No makeup, hair lazily tied back, purple and blue striped jumper and navy tracksuit bottoms. She was too lazy to get ready this morning. Eh, he wouldn't mind. He never seemed to ever care what she looked like. But it was still sweet to hear him say that she was beautiful every time he saw her.

Opal eventually pulled into Leighton's drive. She sighed with relief when she saw that his mom's car wasn't there. No matter what, she just could never get along with that woman. Not to mention that Yumi had the charisma skills of a lettuce. How could anyone like her? All she ever seemed to do was nag at Leighton and shake her head disapprovingly of Opal.

Giving a small look around Sim Lane, she stepped out of the car and knocked on the front door. It wasn't long before Leighton answered.

'Hey there babe, come on in.' he smiled, holding out his hand. Opal took it.

'Hi Leigh. Can we watch a movie?' she asked.

'Sure. Anything for you. By the way, you look beautiful.'

'Aw, thanks!'

The two made their way onto the sofa where Opal snuggled up into Leighton's arms. They decided to watch Aladdin, an old favourite of both. Halfway through the film, they decided that it would be fun to imagine that Opal was Jasmine and Leighton was Aladdin. That made the movie so much better than it already was.

After the movie had finished, Leighton made some lunch for the pair of them. His pancakes were just too awesome.

Present time

'Hey Sam, you alright?' said a voice. Sam looked up to see a concerned looking Jocasta Bachelor standing at her front door.

'Yeah, I'm fine.' he replied.

'Are you sure? You've been out ever since you came home from school. Isn't anyone in?'

'Yes, I'm sure. Nope, there isn't anybody in.'

'You can come in here if you want? There's plenty of room to spare.'

'Thanks, but no thanks. Grandma Yumi should be coming home soon anyway.'

'Well, alright then. But remember, you're welcome to come round if you're ever locked out.'

'Okay, thanks!'

Jocasta then shut the door and went back inside. Sam sighed in relief.

It surely must have been three hours since Sam left school now. It was still surprisingly light. His thoughts were interrupted when a tall and skinny girl was walking up the street. Her light brown hair was cut short in a fringe across her face, similar to his dad. And Cornelia Goth. She wore black jeans with a dark green cami. She looked like she was on something. There were deep dark circles under her eyes that were either due to a lack of sleep or something else. Sam didn't wanna think about that. Heavy eyeliner was worn. To top it all off, she had a visible tattoo on her arm that had was in the shape of a bright red broken heart. And she smelt pretty bad too.

'C-can I help you?' stuttered Sam. The girl was creeping him out now, she was stood in the middle of the street just staring at him.


Told you it would be a short chapter. Last Sam POV for a few chapters. He'll be back at the end of the story. This is probably the worst chapter yet, I can admit that. I'm only gonna release chapters on Wednesdays and at the weekend until after Christmas.