Up, down, dodge. Dodge, strike, strike, dodge. Here I was again, caught in another battle for power with Morgead. As much as I loved him (in a brotherly kind of way) sooner or later, he would have to realise that I would always win. Always.

I had my snake wood stick gripped in my hands, but was unsure whether to strike again, or trip him over. He wasn't guarding his feet. I went with the later, and he fell to the floor. I pulled my knife out from my leather boot and clenched it between my teeth. I dropped my stick on the floor next to me. I had a felling I would pay for that later. Of course, I wouldn't stab him with the knife, but I could always see the twang of fear in his eyes as I did so. I loved seeing the fear of my opponents. I knew never to show my fear, because fear is a weakness, but I loved seeing my foe's had weakness. That gave me the advantage.

"You won't do anything to me." Morgead said matter-of-factly after knowing him for 10 years, I would have hoped he knew that any way. "You'll just wait until I give you control of the gang again, then laugh and get off me."

"Yes, but then, I get what I want, control of the gang, and you get what you want. To not be killed by a girl. It's a win-win." I laughed, pinning his wrists to the floor.

"Losing to a girl, is no win. Especially to you Jez. I've lost to you far too many times. Let me keep control of the gang, and in return, I won't throw you off me and beat you with the stick, you so helpfully dropped next to me."

I looked at him, oh my God; he had a hold of the stick. I was doomed. Nothing was more deadly to a vampire than wood. And Snake Wood was heavy, and my stick, had a point at the end. The difference between me and Morgead was, I would only ever threaten to hurt him. He actually would hurt me. He would win at any cost. It wasn't an easy task to beat him. That's why Val, Pierce, thistle or anyone else had ever done it. He hated losing to me, and although beating him gave me great pleasure, it wasn't something I could do easily.