Jez's P.o.v

The party was dragging, nearly eleven o'clock at night and the living room was still full. To be fair, they were creatures of the night.

I needed air. No, I needed Morgead. I had to tell him I'd just had my first kiss. I was warm and fuzzy inside, but it didn't feel as special as I thougt it'd be. Maybe it was because I didn't know Galen very well. Maybe my first kiss was supposed to be for someone else. No matter, I had to tell Morgead.

Morgead! You there?

There was no reply. Instead I just had a headache. I thought I could hear him at first, but if I could, he was very quite. Almost like he was asleep, or injured. Then it occured to me that he might actually be injured. Even when he was asleep, he'd always answered me almost immediatly. He'd never not answered before. Except... Oh god. I knew what'd happened. I ran, as fast as I could, to his house. I rapped on the door for about ten minutes before his mother answered the door, she looked me up and down, then snarled.


Not very friendly for first introductions.

"Where is he?"

She stopped snarling.

"He's not here, and you don't want to be for much longer." She was cold, to the soul.

"Look, I need to talk to him. Now!" I knew she should've scared me, but she didn't.

"Stay away from my son, you little slut." She struck me across the face. That was illegal,right?

I did the only thing I knew how to do. I delved into her mind. I went through thousands of memories with all kinds of different men. All different ethnicities, and different ages and religions. Then, the most horrible thing I'd seen in my life. It was recent,too. No haze or fuxzz around the memory at all, I let it play out.

"You tried to stab your own son?" I was disgusted, horryfied. How could a mother do that to their child.

"What's it gotta do with you?" She leaned close to me. "You little slut."

"Look, I'm not here to be insulted by you. Your,what, fourty five, and you've gone nothing better than stand here and insult a fourteen year old girl? It's pathetic. Now, I'm going to ask you again, where is he?" I was scaring myself a little now.

"You wanna watch your mouth. And your back." She slammed the door.

Then the window opened.

"And he's not here." It slammed shut.

This was worrying. Where could he have gone? Why didn't he come to me? He always did, he wouldn't have gone to Pierce or Val. Thistle was too young. The only other place he could;ve gone would be the woods. If he was there and injured, he wouldn't last ten minutes. I ran, as fast as vampire blood would allow me to, until I got to the woods. It was a big place, but I knew it like the back of my hand, and Morgead and I had our own secluded area for Gang leader meetings.

Then, I saw him. His body lying flat on the floor, He was curled up ike he was asleep, he looked, almost cute. Wow, Morgead and cute, I never expected those to words to fit in the same sentence. I walked over to him, slowly. Maybe he was just sleeping. he didn't have anywhwere else to go, so why not?

I touched his hand. It was cold, but that was no surprise. What got me worrying was the puddle of blood around him. It was cold,too. It had been here for a while. He wasn't sleeping. I started to panick. Maybe I could get him back to my house, there were hundreds of witches there, including Thea and Aradia, somebody had to be able to help. However, even if I could carry him, I doubted i'd be able to make it through the main part of the town with out being seen.

I wondered if I'd be able to reach Galen. Through memories, that is. I had to try. I looked around the floor for a stick. I found one, Wand-shaped. Ironic, the one and only time I wished for witch power, I find a wand-shaped stick that doesn't work. I drew a circle, not particularly big, but bit enough to fit a human in it, or me.

I sat in the middle of the circle, which, yes seemed like a witch thing, but it was the only plan I had. I sat, and thought back to my kiss with Galen, it was the only time I'd touched him, and it wasn't that bad a memory to be honest. I just hoped this would work.


I shouted it as loud as I could. I only hoped he could hear me.


Poor kid, he sounded so confused.

I need help. Don't talk to anyone, I need you to get to me as fast as you can. What animal are you?

I'm not yet. I get to chose.

Oh, okay, I'll not make you chose yet. Just follow my voice. Close your eyes and walk, I'll just keep talking, your feet should find me. Get out of that party. I need you now. Bring Thea or james, if you can. Don't let Ash see you leave please. Hurry.

I'm on it.

Thanks Galen.

We broke the connection. Well, I couldn't hear his thoughts anyway. I would give him a few minutes to get out. Then I'd talk to him.

I only hoped he'd be here. Hope was all I had left. All Morgead has left.