AN: Well this is it. The story ends here. I'm sorry if it feels rushed but I do have other stories that I have to finish. I hope you guys have liked it up to now. :) I'll see you all around. Enjoy the last chapter of Fighting For Our Dreams. :D

Yuko slammed Riza into the wall and watched her try to break free.

"Your body is too weak to win." She slammed her head into his making him loosen his grip on her. She kicked him hard in his stomach and dove to the side. The wound in her back reopened again and she was exhausted. She didn't have a gun to protect herself. Yuko ran at her and started to bring the knife down. Riza knew this was the end. She closed her eyes and waited for his blade to pierce her skin. A moment passed and she opened her eyes because he hadn't hit her. She gasped when she saw Roy standing in front of her. He had gotten hit in the arm by Yuko's knife.

"You okay Hawkeye?" He looked down at her and smiled. She nodded and stood up beside him. Roy turned his attention back to Yuko. "So you're the one who hurt my Lieutenant?" Yuko was shocked.

"How the hell did you survive that explosion!?"

"I'm the flame alchemist. I don't have the time to explain it to a dead man. Now Havoc!" Havoc came in and grabbed Riza.

"Havoc! Let me go!"

"Sorry I got orders from someone higher up." He smirked and carried Riza down the hall. The last thing she saw was the room bursting into flames.


Riza opened her eyes to see an unfamiliar room. She still couldn't sit up so it was hard to get a good look around. The room didn't feel threatening though. It felt peaceful. She felt a soft ball of fur by her side and smiled.

"Hayate!" The dog's ears perked up and he started wagging his tail. Hayate started to lick her face. "Stop boy!" She was laughing and didn't notice the door open. Roy leaned against the wall and watched Hayate lick her. After a minute or two he walked over and picked the dog up. "Sir?"

"Hey Hawkeye. Feeling any better."

"I told you that I'm fine." He chuckled and sat down on the bed beside her. "Where am I sir?"

"My place."

"Sir…I am capable of…"

"I told you that I'm going to take care of you and I order you to call me Roy. Got it Riza?" She laid one of her arms over her eyes. He laughed.

"Yes sir. I mean Roy."

"Good. Now want some soup Riza?"

"Only if you don't burn it like last time."

"That was five years ago! How do you remember it?"

"Well you seem to remember it as well." He sighed and chuckled. At least she was feeling somewhat better.

"I'll go get it. Stay put." She nodded and went back to petting Hayate. A few minutes later Roy walked in carrying a bowl. He had a grin on his face and set the bowl down. He handed Riza some medicine to take.

"I can feed you since you feed me Riza."

"I know how to feed myself Roy."

"But you're bedridden and I'm in charge, so I say I'm feeding you."

"My arms are just fi…" He shoved the spoon in her mouth with a smirk on his face.

"Glad you see it my way Riza." She glared at him but then relaxed. He had saved her life. She let him feed her until she started to fall asleep. "I'll let you get some rest Riza." He bent down and kissed her forehead. The stuff the doctors gave her must have been strong because she responded in her sleep.

"Thank you Roy…I love you." He nearly stopped breathing. She was asleep and had no idea as to what she had just said. He grinned and pulled the blankets over her so that she was warm. He shut the door and took Hayate outside. He still couldn't remove the grin on his face.


Roy had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up to yelling. He yawned and opened his eyes. Riza was yelling at someone. He ran to the bedroom and flung the door open to see Riza yelling at Rebecca. He wondered just how Rebecca got in his home.

"Um…Can I help you Rebecca?" She turned to him and stepped towards him.

"Why is she in your home and in your bed? She should be with me."

"You're that upset that I'm taking care of her?"

"I will be if you try to do anything funny to her."

"I won't. How did you get in here?"

"The window." She grinned. "Riza and I are quite good at getting in through them."

"Becca!" Riza yelled again and Rebecca started laughing.

"Come on Riza. I'm just having fun. Well I should get going." She climbed back out the window.

"Remind me to lock it from now on."

"Sorry Roy. She's overprotective."

"I can see that." He smiled at her. "I care more than that monster though."

"She's not a monster." Riza sighed. Those two never get along well. "Wait what do you mean by you care more?" Roy sat down by her again and held her hand.

"I'm saying that…I love you Riza." Riza gasped.

"But it's against the rules."

"I don't care about those rules anymore. Why should someone tell us who we can and can't fall in love with? We should at least know our own feelings for each other." Riza looked away from him.

"It's wrong you could lose everything that you have been fighting for."

"I would give it all up if I could be with you Riza."

"Your dreams?"

"They all involve you." She turned to look him with tears threatening to fall.

"Roy…" He bent down so he could kind of hug her.

"It's okay to cry Riza. I'm here." So she did. The tears fell and she wrapped her arms around him. Their dreams were important, but their love for each other was even more important. They would find a way to be together even if they died for it.

"I love you Roy."

"I know." She looked at him again.


"You said it in your sleep." She blushed under him and he laughed. He crawled in beside her on the bed. They stared at each other for a moment and finally kissed each other. They had both been waiting a long time to be in this position. It was going to take a lot to crush them and their feelings. Dreams were things to reach for, but love was something they finally had in their grasp.