Here's to all a nice Hikaru no Go yaoi fanfic to munch on and enjoy^^^^^^^^^ hehe!  Warning- Yaoi, sexual implications and all that crap^^

Chapter 1

Ramen. Ramen. RAAAAAAAAMEN!!!!!!!!! Hikaru clapped his hands together in delight and picked up his chopsticks to stick it into that beautiful delicious bowl of noodles and... CHOW TIME!!!! Hikaru slowly took a taste of his ramen and waited for a minute for the taste to finally settle in his mouth. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and grew all sparkly; he threw the chopsticks over his back and ate ravenously slurping out of the bowl. (The chopsticks lay forgotten) His mouth still full, he called the waiter over and lifted his hand in a desperate attempt to call for water.

            " *Choke* *Hack* Mreed Washwer!!!" A young girl came over and stepped back in disgust at the partially digested food flying out of his mouth. But her eyes widened at Hikaru's reddening face.

            " Omigosh!!! He's choking!!!!!!!!! GWAAAAAAAAAA!!! Someone help!" Hikaru looked around in surprise, he didn't see anyone choking. (he was red in his face from the delight of eating his favourite food)

            " Eh~?" Hikaru said curiously when he found two large beefy men running towards him in stained aprons and pans still in their hands.

            Hikaru blinked. Then blinked again when he saw the rest of the restaurant starting to crowd around him. And one last time when he saw a familiar face in the crowds suddenly walk to his direction.

            Long smooth black hair up to the chin, deep piercing (ehh... what colour eyes?) eyes that almost seemed worried and alarmed at that moment...

            "Twowa?" Hikaru mumbled in shock. Then he turned around and found himself against the large stomach of a tall red-faced chef. Hikaru gasped and jumped back. What was happening, why was everyone crowding around *him???? Suddenly, he heard a deep angry yell and saw Akira in front of him, pushing the chef away and wrapping his arms around him his stomach area.

            Hikaru's eyes goggled; he couldn't believe what was happening.

            Suddenly, Hikaru choked as Akira suddenly used his arms to pull his own body towards his in one forceful lurch. Hikaru's eyes widened and he spit whatever was in his mouth out. He pulled away from a shocked Akira and dusted himself off, glaring at everyone.

            " What are you all doing!" He cried angrily. " I was only eating Ramen!" Akira grabbed him on the shoulders and swirled him around to face him. Hikaru was surprised to find his archrival's eyes filled with extreme worry, but they soon turned to rage.

            " What! You were choking! And I saved your life." Akira said with some pride, his face now red. Hikaru nearly laughed too, if only Akira didn't seem so serious.

            " Huh! No! I just wanted to get a cup of water, then you suddenly came and almost choked me." Hikaru said. There was a dead silence in the room for a moment before a loud clinking of a spoon dropping to the ground brought everyone to what they were doing before.

Hikaru and Akira remained standing facing each other. Hikaru grinned and pointed at Akira.

            " Hehe! You were worried weren't you!?" Hikaru nearly fell to the ground laughing. " You shoulda seen your face when I told you it was you who nearly chocked me." Akira stood there as still as a statue unbelieving, his eyes were wide and soon, bright red began to slowly flow into his cheeks.

            " I was not worried! Besides, I really though you were choking!" Akira said indignantly and in a very un-Akira like way pouted. Hikaru nearly burst into another fit of giggles when he saw that.

Akira glanced at him accusingly.

" You spit all over my clothes!"

Hikaru looked at Akira red expensive polo shirt and navy pants and saw a splatter of chewed food on the mid-regional area @_@ Hikaru frowned and walked over to his table to dip a napkin in the cup of water that finally came.

            " Here, I wipe it up for you." Akira's eyes widened and he stepped away.

            " No wait!" He cried out alarmed. But Hikaru had already bent down to dab the wet napkin at the area on which was dirtied. (lol! You know where don't you^~) Akira felt himself blush wildly and he watched Hikaru repeatedly wipe his pants, he could see a couple of people looking astonished at them Akira wished he didn't know what was going through their minds. Hikaru's brow rose as he continued his task, the stain wasn't coming off!!

            " Gah! The stupid stuff isn't coming off." Hikaru whined. Akira felt his blood rush to his ears and imagined how red his entire head must be. He nervously waved Hikaru off.

            " Eh… Eh! That's okay, I can get home and wash my clothes!" Akira stepped back but stopped when Hikaru looked up at him worriedly. Hikaru stood up quickly and pressed his hand to Akira's forehead. Akira quickly looked away from Hikaru's worried eyes, but it was quite difficult as the boy's face was merely inches away.

            " Are you sick and something? Your face is all hot and red." Hikaru said, his eyebrows arching up. " Anyways, don't worry, you would want to get back home with a huge stain on your pants. I'll scrub harder!" Akira shivered at the last words and sweat dropped as he backed away.

            / The stupid boy does not even know. / Akira could feel his blood rushing to other more uncomfortable areas and a dull pain began to rise as his pants began to tighten.

            " Eh! No! That's okay!" /if he *cleans me now, he'll know! / Hikaru smiled and walked quickly over to him with almost a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

            " That's all right." Hikaru suddenly dropped down again. Akira shut his eyes tightly and felt the dabbing again, this time more forcefully. Akira muffled down a groan as Hikaru began to scrub wildly. He felt a shiver travel up his spine and relished in that hot slick feeling at the pit of his stomach he had only felt those times when Hikaru had once pushed against him in a crowed street and in his dreams…

            " O- Oh God Hikaru!" Akira said gasping. Hikaru looked up innocently.

            " Yeah?"

            /Does he know? /

            " Nothing…*gasp*"

~Outside the restaurant

Waya was walking down the street thinking about how he should seduce Hikaru that weekend when his friend came over to *play when he caught sight of something strange through the restaurant window.

Waya peered more closely and gasped. It was Hikaru! Doing questionable things to… Akira!? Waya stepped back mortified and ran back home with a hurt look on his face. (Awww^^ Poor Waya, let me hug you, you cute little thing)

~Inside the restaurant

            Akira was almost certain that Hikaru should have realized his hard-on by now. He didn't know what to say and gasped when Hikaru stood back up with the napkin in his hand.

            " All done." Hikaru chirped. " I could wash it anymore. Come to my house, it must be closer here than your place is. I'll wash your clothes there as an apology. *grin*"

            " Ummm… /How could he not have known! / Sure, okay…" Akira said absentmindedly trying to ignore the throbbing in his erection. He was taken back when Hikaru grabbed his hand and pulled him outside.

            " Come on! Let's go then."


Lol! Is Hikaru stupid or does he know of our Akira's little secret? Are they going to have a little fun in Hikaru's home? How about Waya, should he lose hope? Read the next chapter to find out^^ This story will only be 2 chapters long justa tell you people. Also, there will be ehh, sex in this story but it's very vague and near the ending, no graphical scenes this time guys.