AN: My first fanfiction. Please be gentle. Review, please...;-)

It has not been betaed... Between the lines of the episode "Shared jurisdiction". I like this episode very much.

Finally! Wes smoothed the covers of his bed sheds. Finally he was going to get some rest. After he took Hudson from Travis, who of cause would put his love-life before his promise to look after the dog, he would get some rest. He had walked the dog so he wouldn't need to get out in the middle of the night, feed him and arranged his sleeping blanket on a nice place on the floor. With a sigh Wes lowered himself on the covers. He was just about to close his eyes when Hudson jumped him, fully intend to sleep on his bed. With a jolt Wes sat up straight: "Hudson, no! Get off!" And with that he pushed the dog of his bed, only to have him immediately jumping back on. He would NOT sleep with a dog in his bed. Absolutely not! Again Hudson found himself on the floor. It was clearly a battle of wills and Wes was the one losing. Too tired after a long stressful day he gave in. Hudson settled happily very close to Wes on the bed, both trying their best to finally get comfortable. Sometime during the night Hudson snuggled himself closer to Wes. Hudson missed Randy and Wes smelled nice. Hudson tucked his head firmly under Wes' chin. Somewhere between being asleep and awake Wes put his arm around Hudson. Hudson didn't bother him any longer. After a long day of harassment by colleagues and even Travis, his former best friend, there was finally a living breathing being who liked him and even came to him for comfort. He would NOT reject Hudson. Finally both had a well deserved peaceful sleep.