long ago there was a prophecy that one day, there would be three children born into the royal family. The first would rule the sun. The second, the moon. But the third would dwell in the night and hide from the day. She would come as a child like no other. A child of of the stars. It was said that this pony would have a great power, and a great curse. If she were allowed to take her birthright, turmoil would ensue. When the filly was born her parents, Astrum and Caelus, hid her out of fear for her safety, and the safety of their subjects, not even telling her sisters of her birth. This pony's name is Midnight star.

"Astrum, we need to tell her,"

"Why? Why is it so necessary? you know what could happen if we do,"

"I am not saying we must reveal... everything, but there are some things she had a right to know!"

"Perhaps, but not now. Please, she's just a filly, My poor little filly." Astrum began sobbing then, frightened for her little one. Afraid of her, yet containing so much love that she could not stand the thought of what she could do one day.

"It is all right, I understand. " Midnight had heard similar conversations many times while eavesdropping on her parents but she still didn't know their secret. Her eavesdropping was done safely from her room using a simple spell she had found in her library. Midnight's mother had been teaching her magic since before she could remember but she'd had to learn this spell on her own, her mother would never have taught her daughter such magic. Questions bubbled inside her head, questions she couldn't answer and her parents wouldn't speak of when she was near. Questions that required the fillys highest level of thinking to even understand the smallest portion of the answers. A walk around the castle usually helped her to think. Though she wished it could be a walk outside, her parents would never allow it. No matter how beautiful and comfortable the castle was, it was still a cage. She was so deep in thought that she very nearly ran into two ponies barreling down the hallway. The first was a brown stallion with a dark mane, the second, a silver Pegasus pony.

"Hello, are you new? Do you work here?" It was, of course, a silly question. Nopony new had entered the castle in any of the years that she had lived there, but the filly knew she had never seen them before and if they were new, maybe they could tell her of the outside.

"Oh!" The stallion cried noticing her and stopping abruptly, "Yes, we are, uh...fixing a broken pipe, that's it, there is a problem with the pipes in the, uh, kitchen,"

"Doctor it's getting away, come on!"

"Coming Ditzy! Sorry got to go, pipe's acting up," Midnight was no fool, even at her young age. The stallion was very clearly running away from the kitchens so he was either lying or lost and either way she thought it would be best to follow them. She caught up to them in the throne room (which was never used but was still very well kept) where a large... something stood. It looked sort of like a...

"An Orthrus! Fancy that! First magical talking ponies and now this, it keeps getting better! Cerberus would be cooler of course, but still..."

"Doctor, now is not a good time,"

"Oh, right. Orthrus we mean you no harm, come with us and we can take you to a safe place," the thing roared and lunged at him, missing by a hair. Of course, being an orthros, it hadn't understood him and this particular orthros seemed like an especially large and angry one compared to the more docile pets that some ponies had.

"Right then, Ditzy! Get everyone away from here, I'll get the Orthrus, hehe!" the grey pony, Ditzy came over to Midnight and told her to hide, leading her away, back down the hall (which was empty because of the late hour, and Midnight wondered why nopony had woken up in the ruckus). She decided this was a good time to listen so when Ditzy left to help the Doctor, Midnight went into the first room she saw to hide, a closet. There was something else in there. It was large, or at least it seemed that way to the small filly, and was a deep blue color, sort of like her mane. Her mane was navy blue and pale yellow and her coat was a light, silvery blue. The box read 'Police Box' across the top. Midnight did not know what 'police' was but, hearing crashing outside, she did what any young, frightened filly would do and entered the box.

"Well, that worked out well!"

"If being almost killed and wreaking half the palace is 'well' then yes, it did,"

"Oh come on, it wasn't that bad,"

"Fine, I guess,"

"Excuse me, is the monster gone?" The Doctor looked stunned when he saw the trembling filly under a bench in his box, which was much bigger on the inside.

"Yes... how did you get in the TARDIS?"

"Maybe you forgot to lock it,"

"Did not! But how..."

"I just opened the door,"

"See, it wasn't locked,"

"Yes it was! The TARDIS doesn't open for just anybody,"


"hehe, yes, anypony," Ditzy sighed in exasperation. "The point is the TARDIS must have wanted her here or she wouldn't have opened. You, little pony, what's your name?"

"I'm Midnight star,"

"All righty then, would you like to come with us?"

"Doctor she's only a filly!"

"The TARDIS let her in! She..."

"Do you hear that?" They stop arguing to look at the filly. She had come out from under the bench and was staring wonderingly around the console room. "The music, your box is singing,"

I awoke from a deep sleep to find myself in a rundown abandoned house, my home now. It had happened so long ago but I still dreamt about the night he took me away in his magic box to show me the universe and all the days after that until the one where I had to leave him. I looked at my cutie mark. I had been happy to get it, but it had come with a price. My ability and my identity must remain a secret. Looking around I noticed a bag in the corner. Almost empty. Sigh, I guess I'd have to go into town today, oh well. Grabbing my cloak I left.