Twilight sparkle was wandering around town, enjoying the warm, summer sunlight. Ponyville had been so peaceful lately. Suddenly a bright pink pony came bounding around the corner.

"Hello Pinkie! Where are you headed?" Twilight queried.

"Oh, hi Twilight! I'm going to babysit the twins today!" She replied, bouncing excitedly.

"That's great. Well, see you later." The two ponies set off in opposite directions. Twilight continued through the center of town, passing many cheerful ponies, and finally reached the outer edge of Ponyville. She realized that she had come to an old part of the town that wasn't used by anypony anymore. The worn streets became increasingly narrow as she went on and clouds began to gather overhead but no sooner had she decided to turn back then she saw a pony dive into an alley just ahead.

"No, it couldn't be, could it?" Twilight was sure she had seen this pony before so she followed her down the alley, eventually coming to a large, and mostly destroyed, house. Half of it was completely demolished and the other half was made of dark stones with several boarded up windows. Twilight was sure this was where the pony had gone. Slowly, she trotted to the wooden doors and pulled them open with a creak. The inside of the mansion was not in much better conditions than the outside. Crumbling stones and rotting wood littered the floor with an occasional cloth over an outdated chair or table. It surprised Twilight that this house, as well as the entire rundown part of Ponyville, could be so forgotten to the majority of the population.

Whoever lived here before, Twilight thought, only one pony lived here now. A shadow moved on the upper level of the house.

"Hello?" Twilight called as she trotted up the stairs, "I know you're here, please come out!" Only a brief pause delayed the answer.

"Go away! I want to be alone!" The voice was clear and melodious while simultaneously creating a sense of urgency and power. However, the voice also masked a level of sadness. It was unmistakably her.

"Midnight, is that you?" A figure disrupted the shadows of a corner, hesitant to come out.

"How do you know me?"

"It's me, Twilight sparkle, don't you remember? You visited with the Doctor," the figure started. How could this pony know the Doctor? Finally she came out into a dull beam of sunlight. The thin pony's silvery-blue coat was largely hidden by a long cloak. Her messy, navy blue mane was streaked with a pale yellow, parted by a pointed horn.

"I'm sorry, I do not know you, should I?" The purple unicorns face fell.

"Oh," at first she seemed confused, but soon brightened. "Oh! I get it! You said the doctor could time travel, right? That must mean you're a past version of the Midnight star I met! That also explains how you knew me before, because we are meeting now which was the past for you!" Midnight looked lost. "Is the Doctor nearby?" Her face fell.

"No," Midnight replied, "He isn't anywhere near here." Twilight saw the sadness on her friends face, a friend who didn't even know her yet.

"What happened?" The tearful pony turned away, and spread her wings. "I'm sorry, please don't leave," dipping her head, the alicorn paused before folding her wings.

"Alright, let's talk. How do you know me?" So the two ponies settled down to talk.

"You came one day, with a pony you called the Doctor. I assume I shouldn't say too much if it is still your future," Midnight nodded, "But there was danger and you seemed to already know me," There was a long pause before anypony spoke.

"It seems impossible, does it mean..." she had to stop as tears streamed down her face. After a few minutes she continued. "What about Ditzy? Was there a pony named Ditzy there?" This confused the unicorn.

"Ditzy? What does she have to do with this?" Midnight looked down.

"Nothing," silence settled, staying just barely long enough to become uncomfortable before she looked back at Twilight, eyes shining. "Thank you, Twilight sparkle. I am glad you came. Please, visit any time, but I would appreciate if you didn't tell anypony else where I am,"

"Of course," she nodded and left the alicorn. A lonely pony, who finally had some hope again.

Hello! So anyway, my plan is to make every other chapter a flashback until I run out of ideas so if anyone has any I would love to hear them! You can leave a comment or PM me about any episodes, pasts, connons(I think that's what they're called) or ideas you think would make a good adventure for her to run into with the doctor and Ditzy. It would be much appreciated, and thank you for reading! Sorry it takes so long to update.