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An Offer He Couldn't Refuse


At Metro City Hospital, the finest doctors in the city of a superhero have been doing their best to help the patients that come from all over the state to see them. They were some of the best in the world, and their staff boasted some of the best oncologists in the United States. But of course, there are some cases even the best can't cure. On this warm spring day, the birds were singing in the trees of the courtyard of the hospital as Roxanne Ritchie paced outside her mother's room in the Intensive Care Unit.

Roxanne couldn't help her hands wringing nervously. The nurse was taking a few more blood samples, and had shooed her out of the room. Away from where her mother was lying in that hospital bed, looking so small and frail. The smell of sickness and antiseptics stung the reporter's nose; she hated hospitals. Her shoes squeaked loudly as she walked over the pale linoleum tiles, the nurses rushing by in their duties. The woman couldn't help but think over what brought her here to this moment.

Oh god, this couldn't be happening! Her mother couldn't be sick, she just couldn't! Her mother, Rhonda Ritchie, had always been strong and healthy and nothing ever got her down for long.

But her mother had shown symptoms of something wrong for weeks now, and then a few days ago, she'd found a lump. A lump in her breast tissue, oh god! She'd insisted on going with her to the doctor's, and they'd confirmed the small family's worst fears.

It was cancer. Breast cancer, and already advanced to a shocking degree. They had done tests and found the malignancy in other areas as well.

The doctors said that it sometimes just happened like that, and it was just something in her mother's genetics that made the cancer so severe so quickly. Rhonda had insisted on Roxanne getting a mammogram immediately, and the younger woman had agreed, receiving a clean bill of health. But her mother was not so lucky. The physicians had given her less than three months to live.

Her mother had promised that she would fight this with everything she had, but Roxanne saw how much it was draining her. She looked so pale and thin, like she was being slowly eaten alive by the cancer that had already been starting to spread throughout her system. The reporter was watching the only family she had left die.

This couldn't be happening! There had to be something she could do, something that could save her mother. She couldnt' just sit by and do nothing! Roxanne sat in a chair in the hall, her head in her hands. She was no doctor, and she didn't even know where to start to try and get her mother the help she would need in time to save her life. Who in the world could help her now? No matter what the labs all said, they were still years away from a cure. No one could just develope a cure overnight!

Unless...her thoughts whirled, remembering flying brain bots, giant robots, an invisible car, a fish being able to pilot a robotic gorilla suit like it was merely an extension of his will. She did know someone that might be able to help her, someone so smart that they just might be able to save her mother...


No. It was crazy to even think like this. He was a villain! Okay, he wasn't anywhere near as evil as he thought he was, but the general principle was still there. Why would he even want to help her?

She didn't even know if he knew the first thing about medicine.

But...he was brilliant. Without a doubt, he was the most intelligent man she knew, if not the most intelligent man on earth. If he didn't know anything about medicine, he could learn it easily. After all, that brain of his was big for a reason. And if he did know about medicine, maybe he really could do it...

Of course, that still left the issue of 'why the hell should he help her'? She doubted that he would just up and tackle the medical enigma of curing cancer just because she batted her eyes and asked nicely. She could offer to pay him, but honestly, he never seemed to be hurting for funds, (whether they were gained legally or not.) Not to mention, she didn't make anywhere near as much as people seemed to think she made. Just helping pay off her mother's medical bills would completely decimate her bank accounts; she'd have nothing left to pay him with.

She couldn't offer him Metro Man's weakness.

She really didn't see how she could help him take over the city either. (Unless he could somehow transfer her seemingly over-abundance of basic common sense into his cranium.)

Hell, the only thing he'd ever really asked of her was if she'd be...



There was, in fact, one thing he wanted from her...

...and by god, if he could save her mother, she'd gladly give it to him.

She could do this.

She would do this.

A gleam came into her eyes that wouldn't have looked too out of place on the supervillian's face. Her breath caught in her chest as she mentally reviewed her wardrobe, wondering if she had the right gear for the job. Did she still have those shoes? That dress? Those lacy underthings in the right color? God, she hoped so. After all, Megamind was all about presentation, and this deal would need every advantage presentation could give her.

Roxanne Ritchie would make the blue alien an offer he couldn't refuse.

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