((hey guys, so for the past week i have really got into a show called Dead like me, it came out around 2003 i think, and was really good, ive only just started watching it but so far im in love with it and thought id write a fan fiction about it, so i really hope you enjoy it and as always please please review, as it lets me know that you want me to write more. :). Love you all.))

Yellow, it was the colour of summer, or that's what people thought, but to Reapers it was the colour of hell, or to one person it was.


Post it after post it and nothing ever came of it, he would take the soul and help the person cross over, but what did he ever get out of it? He was just a body floating in a salty sea, going nowhere.

And now it was that time again, the morning in the waffle house, sitting in the booth with the four other reapers he worked with, George, Daisy, Roxy and Rube his friends of sorts.

The women he used to chase after and the people he just knew and mixed with, they were a sort of family; a family come together by the hand of death. The post it notes was like a gift.

That yellow paper with a squiggle of words on the front, a persons name, male or female and the time of death and where. How amazing, it all in the end came down to a post it note with a scribble on it. With a familiar sigh he let his eyes wonder over the yellow paper and bit his lip, the place was located in a rather nice part of time, at least he would have a nice time.

His eyes swept over the rest of the table and saw that George was the only one without the yellow sticky note, how convenient at least she had a car, the only thing he had was a bike that he couldn't even ride (well without injury).

"Georgie why don't you come with me if you don't have anything to do?" The look on the girls face showed only boredom.

"Why do you really want me to come with you? Is it because I have a car and you don't?" she asked in the most sarcastic way she could, she didn't even need his conformation. With a sigh she pulled herself up from the booth and moved past the two next to her, pulling out her keys she hung them next to his face and smiled.

"I'm bored today and for some reason I don't mind going on a little trip with you and if you want to get there in the next hour we better go now, but you have to promise me something, have you been drinking?"

Mason was a little taken a back; he had been sober for almost a month, why couldn't his "friends" believe him? With the constant help from his fellow reapers they had been keeping him on the straight and narrow.

"How can you even say a thing, I am offended, you must know me better then that little Georgie" a small smile worked its way onto George's lips and she made her way out of the restaurant or whatever it was. Sighing to himself, Mason ran out of the place hoping that she hadn't driven off without him, and thankfully she hadn't.


The street was beautiful, lined with amazing houses the size of mansions with children running around their gardens playing football or tennis, it was 2005 and children weren't safe on their own anymore, but in the amazing street it didn't seem to matter or have any effect on the people or children who lived there, it was a place unaffected by anything bad, only good things lived there.

Nothing bad could ever happen there well except death, it could wipe out anything in a heartbeat, one person who knew that was Amara. Her family had been affected so many times, with the loss of grandmothers, grandfathers, distant cousins, many people, especially in the street, as she sat herself against the wall watching everything, the world going round as she thought. She lived with her aunt while her mother and father lived in another country.

At the age of eighteen she was going to college to become an environmentalist, but the only way to do that was to live away from her new home in Spain where her mother and father had retired too.

A soft sigh escaped the teenagers lips, her aspirations were high but she hated where she was, the house she lived in was far to big for the people who lived there, just four people, her aunt, uncle and her cousin and of course her, her cousin was the same age as her, even went to the same college, but did a different course, they were different people who came from different societies, when it came to college and school. The teenager in question. Amara was a sensible yet attractive girl, not beautiful, yet not ugly, she was plain, yet inner beauty stalked her veins.

As the day passed her surrounding changed, people came and went as they pleased and nothing really happened until a different kind of car went passed, a car that she hadn't seen in the street before, she noticed many off things, she was part of neighbourhood watch so she was told to look out for new things, after all she had only moved a couple of years ago, she was English in an American state, if that didn't give people cause for concern then she didn't know what did.

She had earned her right as a neighbourhood watch person and now she was putting it into action as she watched what looked like a girl her own age get out the car with a man in his twenties who was rather handsome, she felt herself give an involuntary smile as she realised her day might not be so boring.

If only she had seen the yellow post it note in the man's hand, then maybe her day wouldn't have been as bad as it was going to soon get.


Mason soon began to feel rotten as they drove through many neighbourhoods towards his destination, all of them were amazing and all he had was a small apartment because he had given over the house that he had reaped from an old women to George and Daisy, he never had got any rewards from daisy, although he didn't really want them anymore.

He had for a while now being going off Daisy, she was beginning to annoy him, she annoyed everyone and she still seemed to love herself, it was something he didn't get but the feeling of being rotten inside got worse and worse until they drove up to the proper neighbourhood they were meant to be in. It was the fanciest neighbourhood in the whole of America it seemed!

"This person must be stinking rich" he muttered mostly to himself but he saw out of the corner of his eye George give the faintest of nod.

He bit his lip as he saw her get out and followed her lead, now all he had to do was the find the poor bugger and try not to fuck anything up like Rube had said. Yet he couldn't help notice from the corner of his eye, the girl on the wall, she looked young, maybe George's age, yet she was beautiful if not plain, with something about her, the way she watched him it was like she could see what he really looked like, not the person that the rest of the world saw.

But that was impossible, right?