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It is said that emotions are what define people, but what really is it that defines a person, the way they behaved, the way they throw themselves into love?

Biology seemed to be dragging on and on in Amara's case, it had been two months since the accident and two months since she had learned that she could see the supernatural, also two months since she had began dating a reaper, of course none of her friends knew that and also none of Mason's fellow reapers knew, but it didn't matter, it wasn't illegal (well thankfully she wasn't 15).

When she was alone the accident seemed to play out in her head again and again, she had been told by Mason, that a death could not be changed otherwise death would find another way. She had been told about Georgia his fellow reaper about how she had tried to save a little girl but she hadn't succeeded because death seemed to be persistent in the end.

It was weird to think in the end that people's lives came down to a yellow piece of sticky paper. She began to wonder what her end would be like. No bell signified the end of the lesson but people seemed to be walking out, she was so far gone that it didn't seem to catch her, in the end she was sat in a classroom on her own, her lecturer had left as well.

How nice, well at least now she could be alone with her thoughts. It was no secret in her college that her aunt was dead; the women had been a lecturer. Lara had been a chemistry teacher, the dead women had loved everything about it, she had even tried to get Amara to like it, although nobody could stop her from loving the environment, it was the main reason she went there, because the college loved everything to do about the environment.

Her mother and father before they had retired and packed off to Spain had been big environmentalists, that's mostly where she got her passion. With a sigh and a look at her watch, she bit her lip, it was still the morning only nine in the morning and she had already had a biology lecture that had lasted an hour, she had nothing for the rest of the day except plant science around three.

The urge to leave was swelling in her being, where would she go? Mason would probably be free, after all he had no work and he liked to hang out at a place called der Waffle Hous for most of the day. Although his fellow reapers would be there? But did it matter what other people thought?

Of course not, people (mainly her mother) had always taught her not to be brought down by what other people thought, to be your own person and this piece of advice seemed to be good in this situation. With long last look of the room she collected her belongings and made her way out of the college out of the long stretch of corridors and into the warm summers day of America and found the bike rack.

At 19 years of age she had always wanted to ride a motorbike and since her parents had gone her uncle had let her, saying that what her parents didn't know wouldn't hurt them. At least it seemed to work, as long as nobody told them.

It had taken her less then a week to learn how to drive the speedy contraption and less then 2 hours to pass her test, or what counted as a test. Soon the engine seemed to be growling and she adjusted herself and began the ride into town.


Der Waffle hous seemed to be quieter the usual as the morning rolled round again, it always seemed to be the meeting place, the same booth with the same people. Rube, Roxy, George and him (Mason). One big happy family.

Daisy had gone a few months ago, she hadn't passed on, she had been needed back in New York and since that was where she had started, they had asked for her and she had gone. It was a weird to think that Daisy was gone, nobody seemed to miss her but he was sure that everybody felt weird not having the vain women around.

At least he got something out of it though, since he had become sober George had let him live with her, having the old bedroom that had been Daisy's, he had never known the perks of being sober could be that good.

He felt himself sigh as Rube said death was once again taking the day off, which meant more paper work, but thankfully, since it was George's day off she had been allowed to take a laptop out with her from work and that's how the morning seemed to progress, laptops being used to do the work, it was 2005 and of course technology was changing, it always would, but at least now they had laptops, as he was typing he felt something stir inside him, it wasn't drugs, as he was still sober which was a record in itself, no it was something else, like something was missing.

His mind soon began to click; it had been hours since he had seen his girlfriend, and they didn't live together, no, she still lived in the mansion house that her Uncle now owned. He had never felt the way he was feeling towards someone before, or course when he had been high and been with a women his brain had gone into an obsession sort of state making himself believe that he was in love, but now since he was free of that, his heart and mind were free to fall in love how they wanted and however long it took, which in his case was only a month, it was two months since he had fallen for the 19 year old college girl, he hadn't said he loved her but there was always a first time.

None of his fellow reapers knew, it wasn't like he didn't want to tell them, of course he wanted to shout from the rooftops that he was with someone and in love, no he hadn't told them, he just couldn't be bothered, they would find out at some point whether it was by him telling them or seeing them together. Amara was the love of his reaper life, he had began to feel regret in his heart about his death, why couldn't his life had been different? Why did he end up dying the way he did? Why couldn't he have fallen in love before he died?

To him it was the best feeling in the world and he was surprised that his friends hadn't seen the difference in him, or they had and they just weren't saying anything. A sound hit his ears and a smile plastered itself across his face, an engine, which was undeniably from a motorbike, was just being brought into the little parking lot thing that was outside.

Well now was a good as any time to let his friends know it seemed. After all they were sitting right next to him. George seemed to be falling asleep while Roxy was helping her and Rube well he was sat at the other booth writing everything like he usually did, the old crown. He let his eyes move from the screen and look outside, there she was. Her hair being pulled out of her helmet and cascading in beautiful brown curly waves down her back, how beautiful she was and she was his.


The handle on the door felt heavy as Amara pushed it open slowly, it was weird how she felt at that moment, she felt scared/happy, and how would his friends react to the news? What would they even say? Would they think that she was to young for him? Of course not, she had been told that George was only eighteen yet she had been out with older people.

Shaking her head slightly she made her way towards him, she could see him now; he was looking up at her with a smile on his face and eyes that seemed to show everything. An immediate smile broke out onto her face and her feet no longer seemed to drag on the floor as she was soon stood at the booth. What to say? She felt more eyes on her as Mason pulled her down onto the seat and hugged her. She had always been a slightly awkward person around people that she didn't know.

"Mason, do you want to tell us something?" the annoyed voice of the older women-that could only be Roxy that Mason had told her about-seemed to carry across towards them.

"This is Amara, she has sixth sense and she is my girlfriend" his voice seemed to carry across to tables as a middle aged man-who could only be known as Rube-sighed and moved away from his writing.

"Mason people with sixth sense are extremely rare and should not be manipulated by death, what are you doing with her? Are you high again?" Rube's voice seemed to dig deep into her as her smile was washed off her face. What was she doing? A sound from in front of her shook her and she looked down to see a little grey creature just like the ones she had seen on the bus when she had been little.

"Their gravelings" a voice whispered in her ear and she slowly bit her lip as a small grey hand worked its way towards her as she let her own hand connect with its as the reapers around her looked on