Hey there, readers. Running through various other Fics here, I've pieced together my own idea of how to continue the series. You'll have to pardon any particularly insulting shittiness; I'll admit to you all this is the first fic I've written myself, but I consider myself a veteran FanFic reader at the least, and hope to make this one a fic worth reading.

A note about the setting: This fic DISREGARDS the series finale, "Phantom Planet," because I found the whole thing just stupid. Everything up to and including D-stabilized is accepted as fanon here. That means that, as the Fic starts, Vlad is still mayor, Danny's identity is still secret, and Danny/Sam aren't an item (yet).

I tried to be as creative as possible, but I sometimes tend to take inspiration unconsciously. If it seems I stole an idea from you it's possible I did. You now have bragging rights to tell everyone you are a total FanFiction Hipster.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Danny Phantom or any of the characters in this Fic, Nickelodeon does. For the record, if ya ever get around to, ya know, finally making a Season 4, this fic is here for the taking, since I don't like own it. Go ahead, knock yourself out.

Come. Sit. Do you see the radiant rays of sun slight that gently part the clouds in the infinite stretching horizon? It is calming, I think, to view the dawn from the eyes of a cloud, away from the influences of both the living and the dead.

It is only you. You. And me.

I want to tell you. I've seen many a hero come and go, though never with my own eyes. I've experienced and traveled much of our world and of theirs. I know personally many of the legends and myths that litter ancient human history and I am privy to the obscure history of the supernatural realm as well. I have observed so much of history, I sometimes consider myself the definition of it. I've seen everything, everyone, and yet there's none like the one I speak to you of. He is unique: Neither wholly man, but not quite incorporeal. Among the greatest men and women, soldiers and diplomats, heroes and villains that make up the stories told and retold since the dawn of time, he stands alone.

I cannot just tell you his story. It is not an event that can be analyzed. It is an experience that must be had. I have observed him, and now I would like you to do the same.

Listen to me. Open your eyes, your imagination, and your heart to the boy who dwarfed gods, the hero that died but refused to surrender, the affection of many hearts, human and ghostly, that calls himself "Danny Phantom."

On a bright afternoon in central Minnesota, a quaint, moderately sized city rested. To many people, Amity Park was just a dot on a map, completely forgettable and disgustingly ordinary. The city's name continues to be remembered not for its own sake, but for the people that lived there.

In the recesses of Midtown, the serene and silent campus of Casper High gave it the air of a graveyard. High, pale yellow walls of stone and mortar marked the prison of many of the city's adolescent inhabitants.

In an instant, the stillness was pierced by an artificial wail of metal, punctuated by the hollers and screams of thousands of children that rushed from the oppressive edifice, murdering the calmness that had dwelt there before.

Among the sea of nameless and impertinent juveniles, three figures traveled comfortably as a single entity. These three were mirthful, carefree and obsessed with the moment. They laughed with careless abandon, often demonstrating their bond with affectionate teasing and inside jokes.

They were happy.

Does seeing happy people make you happy? I am often told happiness is infectious, that happiness multiplies with each person it reaches. I feel alone sometimes, knowing that happiness is as fickle an emotion as it is. When I see happy people, I don't see happiness spreading to others, I see the inevitable end of that intoxicating humor that brings with it chaos and instability. I find happiness depressing. But I digress.

The three teenagers blissfully continued their stride across the lively green lawn, now brimming with energy that dispersed itself unevenly in every possible direction.

"Finally, school's out, I have zero obligations, and for the next 3 months, I am completely free to freeze my brain on milkshakes with friends. I love the summer."

The exuberant dialogue started with the dark-haired, scrawny youth with oceans in his eyes who accented his phrases with sweeping hand gestures. The lightly shaded circles around his eyes gave away his mild sleep deprivation, but the starry optimism of his eyes hid any latent discomfort.

"Dude, you're telling me. You realize how much down time I have to check out the ladies now? The next three months are gonna be kinda hot, ya know."

The conversation continued with the dark-skinned companion that hid his hair beneath a beret, his turquoise eyes behind glass, and his social awkwardness behind technology that he absently attended to while he absorbed himself in his friends.

"Ha! Yah right Tucker. I'll be shocked if you come out of your room once this week. You aren't going to catch any girls on Battle Duty 4."

The jest came from the final member of the fellowship, a dark-clothed girl with lavender eyes who rebelliously and proudly proclaimed her independence. Though she brandished a brash and loudmouthed identification with goth culture, her sincere happiness and thorough friendship betrayed her heart's true nature.

Together, the three teenagers formed a single entity that survived the turbulent social scene of adolescence in contemporary America. They bled, sweat, and cried as one.

"Summer movie season starts next week," declared the 'techno-geek.' "Whaddawe see first? 'Swim' with Zendel Jefferson, 'Fog Apollo' with Thomas Hankeren, or 'Adams' with Daniel Night-Lewis?

"I dunno, Tucker, maybe we should just take a week to do nothing. It's not like we have to do anything, so why actually do anything?" came the lazy boy's response.

"C'mon, man, just cuz we have a break doesn't mean we have to spend it sleeping!" The two entered the food court of a bustling commercial shopping mall, quickly taking seats around a table. "We should be livin' it up! We got lives to live!"

"So says the guy that stays up until 2:00 every night to ensure he has every possible material in DigCreate. Besides, Tucker, I plan on living a little while longer. I think I can afford to procrastinate on my entertainment."

The girl in black interrupted: "Hey, I'm grabbing myself a milkshake. You two want anything?"

The cinephile politely shook his head, but the other one replied "Make it two. Just get me whatever you're getting."

The two smiled. It didn't take long for awkwardness to set in from their lack of movement and their smiles dwindled.

"Ok, uh, yah, I'll just go get that. Be right back."

The girl rushed off to join the semi-organized masses while the two remaining then refocused themselves. The blue-eyed procrastinator opened his mouth to give his opinion of the new films when his friend caught him off guard.

"So have you two realized it yet?"


"You and Sam."

"Realized what?"

"The fact that you two are seriously into each other."


The matter-of-factness of the technologically dependent youth suggested no attempt at humor.

"C'mon, dude. I see it. Your parents see it. Hell, you saw it in both your and her dream when you overshadowed her. You'd think you'd'a figured it out by now."

"Look, Tucker, Sam's my best friend. You're also my best friend. You don't see me wanting to date you, do you?"

He shrugged. "You tell me."


"Look, man, all I'm saying is you oughtta do something about it one of these days. We only got one more year of high school before we're headed to college. Frankly, man, I'm kinda scared we'll get split up between all the different colleges we could end up going to. I don't want us all to drift off, but I figure if we have to, we ought to make the most of the time we still got left."

This was met with a prolonged sigh. He let his eyes wander and his thoughts simmer before he replied.

"I know. It's just that, well, I'm a kid and she's a kid and I don't want to do anything stupid, ya know? I consider her my single closest friend, alongside you of course, and I don't really want that to change. Maybe she'd be happier with me as a friend than as a boyfriend."

The boy shook his head gently.

"Danny, I'm telling you-" he paused momentarily as his eyes darted over the other boy's shoulder. "This one even has Crimson Johansen in it! No way I'm waiting for the DVD release."

The dark-haired youth gave him a puzzled look and a tilt of the head before a cup of vaguely green liquid landed in front of him.

"Here's your shake!"

"Uh… What is it?" He asked.

"It looks kinda like watered down ectoplasmic residue from the ghost portal," the other boy jabbed.

"It's mint-splosion with whole-grown coffee from independent farmers in Nicaragua, duh." She said, annoyed.

"Okay…" was the unenthusiastic reply. The youth simply eyed it a moment before extracting some of the half-frozen liquid.

"Yah, uh, It's, well, it's ya know not that bad."

"You hate it."


At that moment, the triad's routine was broken by the arrival of a newcomer.

"Hey Danny," came the voice of a fair-voiced, green-eyed African American who stood over the table as the two boys briefly gawked.

"Oh, hey Valerie, what's up?" The blue-eyed youth was the first to respond, his voice slightly trembling from nerves.

"Just saying hi."

The goth girl tried to communicate her aggressive indifference, but was ignored by the others.

"Hey, you guys are going to see the mayor's speech tonight, right?" Valerie questioned. She seemed surprised when she received blank stares. "Mayor Masters announced he's addressing the city tonight at 7:30. He didn't say what for, though."

"It's probably the upcoming election," the other girl replied, "He's announcing his bid for reelection and gonna tell the city why he's exactly what we need and that he should be trusted and that he doesn't actually just want to ruin the lives of three poor kids who just want to do their jobs and go home."

"Yah, uh, probably." Valerie said.

"Not interested."

"I was just curious if y'all were going. Since it's the first day of summer and all, it's not like there's anything going on anywhere. Might as well, right?"

"Sure, why not?" Blurted the kid with the protruding hairstyle. His friends gave him a bewildered look. "I mean, c'mon, this is the future of our city, right?"

"Right. Oh damn, my dad's calling me. I gotta get going. I'll see ya at the speech event, Danny."

"Yah, see ya then."

Valerie Gray promptly exited the mall, but more than once made a glance over her shoulder.

"Danny, what do you think you're doing? I don't want to spend my first night of summer vacation listening to Vlad!"

"I know, Sam, but think about it. Vlad has been flying under the radar the past several months. If he's coming out to make a public statement after not showing his face, human or ghost, for so long, there's gotta be something to it. He's hiding some kind of plan, Sam. If we go to the speech, we can at least keep tabs on him."

"Alright, alright."

"Afterwards, feel free to crash at my place. I'll order us a pizza and we can spend our first summer night as we plea-argh." Danny's dialogue was stopped when he placed his hand to his temples.

"Hey, man, you feeling ok?"

"Yah, yah, just a bit of a headache."

"Maybe if you'd actually drink your mint-splosion milkshake you might be able to blame it on a brain freeze."

Danny just rolled his eyes. And smiled.

When the trio arrived at the square for Vlad's speech, a crowd had already formed. It was clear Vlad Masters's mayorship was controversial: Half of the crowd dressed in various shades of blue and campaigned for another term with Vlad the head of the city. They had picket signs, slogans, megaphones, the works. The opposite half of the crowd dressed in variations of red and armed themselves with political cartoons, more picket signs, angry chanting, and the occasional empty chair held aloft. The two factions ran almost cleanly down the middle, right to the speaking podium.

Danny scanned the mob. "I'm surprised at such a big turnout."

The goth girl, Sam Manson, answered "Politics in this town are kinda a big deal. You should hear the shit my parents say when they get worked up."

She promptly hid her face when she caught eye of her parents near the front of the crown, shamelessly crying out about Vlad's supposed injustices towards school children.

An awkward silence fell momentarily.

Tucker broke it first. "Does anyone else get a feeling something bad is gonna happen."

"What makes you say that?"

"I'unno. I just don't like the look of this. It's like kinda the same but kinda not. Something's up. It's like that chapter of Sci-Fi Wonders #79 where the universe gets a new God."

The geek's to friends didn't have time to demand an explanation. Vlad Masters punctually appeared at 7:30 and approached the podium. All the lights dimmed save for the ones trained on him.

The lights highlighted his pale complexion and grey, swept-back hair with prominent widow's peak and pony tail that accented the goatee he sported.

"Dear citizens of Amity Park," he began.

"Oh boy," rolled the eyes of the three in unison.

"As you know, about one month from now, the city will once again vote to determine who will lead it into the future."

He coughed quietly, then lightly pumped his chest to remove some errant mucus.

"For the last two years I have proudly served as your mayor, voicing what I think was the opinion of the people and always fighting for progress and development. While I consider my actions fully sincere and genuine, and though I have personally enjoyed representing the community of Amity Park," a silent gulp, "over these last two years, I do not believe I am still fit for this position."

An outburst of murmuring and anxious talk burst out among the crowd. Vlad bowed his head and sluggishly lifted it back several times.

"What the hell?" Danny asked, dumbstruck. He threw his hands up for emphasis. "What's he getting at?"

"Citizens. I know that this may come as a bit of a surprise to you all. Admittedly, it is one to me as well." He coughed again. "But I will not seek reelection in a month's time. I have also decided, somewhat regretfully, to officially resign from my position effective tomorrow."

Gasps, followed by silence. Beads of sweat began appearing on his face and he occasionally dabbled them away with a handkerchief.

"I thank you all for your support and of course your votes the past two years. I certainly wish Amity Park the best of luck in the future and… and I do hope… do…"

The mayor wobbled. And then he sank downward, grasping to the podium to keep himself upright. His left clutched the wood while his right seemed to wrap around his chest.

An aide quickly approached and grabbed Vlad by the arm, giving him a support and leading him to the doors of the mayor's mansion. Another aide rushed to the microphone as the two hobbled inside.

"Uh, uh, Mayor Master's has decided to resign due to personal health problems that he believes would be distracting and potentially detrimental to his, uh, uh, job as the mayor and that he will return home to Wisconsin. That, uh, that's everything he had to say." The aide pushed the microphone away to signal the finality of the statement.

For a few moments, a deathly silence oppressed any reaction. Then a gentle whisper became a loud argument became a confused panic became a small riot.

Calmly, Danny concluded "This is all bullshit."

Poor Vlad. Causing trouble the one time he wanted to avoid it.

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