A/N: I was inspired by the preview of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and thus this little ficlet happened.
I'm not sure where this is going yet but I'd love to hear whether you think it's worth continuing.

The Throes of Time

"Hello?" Merlin said. His voice echoed through the dark room. "I was sent here by the druids. They said you could help me."

"Who are you?" A man asked from the shadows.

"I'm Merlin, servant to King Arthur."

"Servant?" The man laughed somberly. "How...unusual."

Merlin frowned. "How is that unusual?"

The man never responded to his question. "You need my help." He acknowledged. "Perhaps…many years ago I would have said yes, but I've retired now. I don't get involved."

"Camelot is in danger." Merlin began "If you would just listen to what I have to say-"

"There's nothing I can do." The man interrupted. "Whoever sent you here – they lied."

"They say you have a kind of magic that hasn't been seen before in the five kingdoms." Merlin continued angrily. "And yet you won't use it. What does that make you?"

The man's gaze met Merlin's. "They say the same about you. The fate of your friends is not my responsibility. Time is not my responsibility, not anymore."

"King Arthur is going to die!" Merlin exclaimed.

"Of course he is. Everyone dies."

"No." Merlin said with cool anger. "I have seen his death, and it is not like this. He will be lost by morning if she is allowed to call the angels."

The man suddenly sat up. "What did you say?"

"The angels - the ones made of stone. She is calling them to kill Arthur."

"Who is this she?" The man asked. "Who's calling the angels?"

Merlin frowned. "Morgana Pendragon."

"Morgan le Fay…" the man trailed off. He sighed, resigned to his fate, and began to stand, suddenly animated. "Well what are we waiting for, then, let's get to Camelot, come on!"

He walked into the light. Merlin took a step back in shock at the man's unusual appearance. He suddenly wondered if asking for the man's help was such a good idea.

"Who are you, really?" he asked.

The man smiled, brushing off his jacket. "Hello Merlin. I'm the Doctor."