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Chapter One

The Ship of Dreams

Rachel Berry was never one to be melancholic. But as she looked at the charming English highlights through the window of the car, she silently wished she could just stay there for as long as her shattered soul needed.

To smile.

To heal.

To live.

The brunette rested her forehead against the relatively clean window and distractedly observed the tiny moisture her breathing was forming. She wanted to reach the tip of her fingers over it to simply create silly doodles, but she knew that the diamond on her right hand would ridiculously sparkle in the front of her face and the last thing she wanted was to be reminded of her unwanted compromise.

So, she chose to sigh instead.

"You should manage a smile, Rachel." Her mother commented beside her. "Your fiancé is doing whatever he can to please you. The least you can do is show him some gratitude."

Rachel rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Shelby Corcoran Berry liked to say she knew what was best for her daughter, thank you very much. She had raised her little girl to be a true lady among the American high society, so when Finn Hudson showed interest in her, she was more than glad to arrange their marriage.

Not to mention that he would save them from the debts Hiram Berry had left them.

"I don't want to be repetitive, but you know very well I have every right to be upset, mother." Rachel replied. She heard her mother shuffle in her seat.

"I can't see why. We're going to New York. Isn't it your dream city?" Rachel grumbled, but Shelby didn't feel intimidated by it. "Besides, there's an engagement party with five hundred people waiting for you there. I bet you'll be on every newspaper's front page."

"It's not how I wanted it to happen." Rachel murmured sadly just as the car came into a stop. Her mother grabbed her chin with a little more force than necessary and gave her a hard stare.

"When we get out of this car, you'll greet your future husband with a big smile." The older woman instructed. "You will be pleasant and gentle. Our lives lay in your hands, Rachel. Don't waste them." Then, like she hadn't just been rude to her own daughter, Shelby leaned in, adjusted the girl's classy hat and pressed a cold kiss on her cheek.

It was all Rachel didn't need: a reason not to speak.

The door opened to reveal the smug features of Finn Hudson and it took all of Rachel to don't cringe at his sight.

"Ladies," He saluted them. "We've finally arrived. Shall we go on board?"

Shelby nodded politely and accepted his offered arm to land on the pavement. Rachel straightened her long dress and grabbed hold of William Schuester's stretched hand.

After his assistance, the older man bowed at Rachel and hastily left. Not that she minded. She wasn't fond of Finn's bodyguard and hated it when he trailed her steps at her extremely jealous fiancé's command.

She never thought she could feel so trapped in her life.

"So, this is the famous unsinkable ship!" Shelby commented.

"It surely is unsinkable," Finn confirmed as he handled William fifty dollars to be given as a tip for one of the White Star Line employee. "Believe me, Shelby, God himself could not sink this ship."

Rachel eyed the Titanic with critical eyes and frowned. "I don't see what all the fuss is about. It doesn't look any bigger than Mauritania."

Finn shot her an arrogant smirk and patted her shoulder like she was a naïve five-year-old girl who needed to understand that her thoughts should not be heard out loud.

"You can be nonchalant about a lot of things, darling, but not about Titanic." He said eyeing the ship like it was his brand new toy. "It's over a hundred feet longer than the Mauritania and far more luxurious."

"She knows." Shelby interjected gaining a fake chuckle from Finn.

"It's very difficult to impress your daughter, Shelby." He said circling his arm around Rachel's waist. "But she has to learn that once she gets to be called Mrs. Hudson, I expect her to be good to me. I won't tolerate disobedience."

Rachel flinched at his suggestive tone. She wanted to tell him that she would never be a lifeless doll. God, she wanted to yell at him that no, she did not want to marry him, much less give birth to the Hudson's heir. But then she caught her mother's warning glance and decided to impersonate the role that would accompany her for the rest of her life: the well educated and every man's dream wife.

A real stage would never, ever do that to her.

When they entered the Titanic, she behaved like everybody expected her to. She elegantly walked beside her fiancé and nodded at all the people that mattered on their selected circle in society. She pretended to be awestruck by the faint smell of fresh paint and the china that had never been used. She acted like she couldn't wait to lie down on the Egyptian sheets that had never been slept in.

Rachel tried not to show that she had actually embarked in a slave ship that was taking her back home in chains.

She may have been silent beside her future husband's towering figure.

But inside, she was screaming.


Three aces and two kings.

Some times it's all it takes to change a person's life.

Quinn Fabray certainly wasn't complaining.

As she stared at her lucky hand, she did her best to mask her satisfaction. Her poker face had never been more necessary and ridiculously rhetoric. The blonde eyed her long time friend Santana Lopez and immediately noticed how tense she was. The brunette would never admit it, but she was sweating in fear.

The two guys they were playing cards with, were deeply concentrated in the game and that truly amused Quinn. It was quite a change from their previous behavior when Quinn and Santana had entered into the bar and asked them to bet everything they had in a poker game. The Swedish guys had eyed Quinn up and down, but she didn't recoil a bit, even when they raised a critical eyebrow at her slightly lousy dress and rather manly boots she insisted on wearing wherever she went, claiming that they didn't hurt her feet as much as the other shoes did.

They laughed at the beautiful girl with golden hair and bright hazel eyes and gladly agreed with her proposition, clearly thinking it was going to be an easy win.

Now they were peeing their pants and Quinn was absolutely delighted.

She decided it was time to get down to business.

"Alright," She said effectively breaking the silence around the table. "This is it. Somebody's life is about to change." Four pairs of eyes simultaneously stared at the Titanic tickets and the few dollars over the table.

"Santana?" Quinn said. "What have you got?"

"Nada." Her friend said bitterly.

Quinn pouted. "Nada?"

Santana rolled her eyes in anger. "Yes, Fabray. Nothing." Quinn nodded and looked at the man who was sitting at her right.

"Sven?" The guy shook his head in defeat and murmured an accented 'nothing'. That only left his companion. "Olaf?"

The second man shot her an overconfident smile and reveled his hand. Quinn cringed and looked at Santana apologetically.

"Two pairs… Wow. I'm so sorry, Santana." The Latina punched the table in fury.

"You're sorry, Fabray? You fucking bet all we had!" But before she could curse the taller girl even further, Quinn grinned and cut her ramble off.

"I'm sorry you're not gonna see mama Lopez for a long time…" She said. "Because we're going to America! Full house, boys!" Quinn announced whooping.

"Hija de la puta!" Santana excitedly yelled. "I can't believe you fooled me!"

The girls laughed and hugged and completely ignored Olaf and Sven punching each other for their lack of good luck. They simply grabbed the tickets and cheered for their new adventure.

"I'm going to America!" Santana proclaimed for whoever could hear her. "Dios, I'm going to America!"

"I'm going home!" Quinn said joining her.

"I don't think so, ladies." The barman interrupted them pointing at the clock. "The Titanic is going to America in five minutes." Quinn widened her eyes and dropped everything that was over the table into her worn out bag.

"Holy crap, Santana, we gotta go now!" Her friend nodded fervently and got hold of her own belongings. Soon, they were running out of the bar and into the crowd like their lives depended on it.

And it actually did.

The sun was too warm above their heads and the people around them were making it difficult for them to keep moving faster, but that didn't stop the young girls from laughing in pure joy.

"I'm going to be a millionaire!" Santana squealed. "I'm gonna make tons of money and then I'll come back here to buy a beautiful house! I'm gonna – ouch, that was my foot, you loco! – I'm gonna be fucking rich!"

Quinn giggled at her friend as they finally reached their ship of dreams. They were already putting the ramp down.

"Wait!" She pleaded as they run up the slop. "Please, wait!"

The sailor eyed them suspiciously and Quinn raised her hands in a surrender gesture. "We're passengers. We have the tickets."

"Have you passed by the hygiene inspection?" He asked still looking at their clothes unconvinced. Quinn nodded frantically.

"Of course." She lied.

Quinn crossed her fingers and she could bet her recently conquered tickets that Santana was doing just the same.

"Alright." The man finally said. "Come on board." The girls laughed and started running into the elegant corridors of the ship.

"We're too damn lucky, did you know that?" Quinn asked Santana.

"I'm thankful for your tiny white ass, blondie!" Santana said. "I didn't know you were such a bad ass at poker." Quinn laughed and dragged Santana towards the deck. Hundreds of other passengers were already there as they waved their good bye for their friends and relatives. Quinn climbed into an iron gate and started waving happily.

"Good bye! I'm gonna miss you!" She shouted. Santana eyed her curiously.

"Do you know someone?"

"Of course not," Quinn scoffed. "But who cares?" Santana rolled her eyes but decided to play along.

"Good bye, lovelies!" The brunette joined in. "I'll never forget you!"

The ship started moving and soon, the people of Southampton turned into small dots. Santana and Quinn moved inside the ship and made their way for their room in the third class.

"Which one is it?" Santana asked.

"G-60." Quinn informed. "I think it's this way." She said pointing at a corridor at their left.

Along the way, the girls smiled and greeted every person they met. There were old couples and single moms and young boys and girls like themselves. Quinn found it fascinating. She liked to know different people and get to know what they thought about life. She simply liked to learn and go on as she pleased.

When they got into the room, there were a couple of young men in there. One had an immaculate haircut and cobalt blue eyes. He had a sweet smile on his face and his shoes were shining, even if they weren't a brand new pair. The other one had a rebel black hair and warm brown eyes. He wore a bow tie and he seemed equally welcoming. The taller of them was the first to introduce himself.

"Hi, I'm Kurt Hummel. This is Blaine Anderson." Quinn shook his hand and smiled.

"I'm Quinn Fabray and this is my friend Santana Lopez."

"Hi." Santana said.

"Funny, I thought our companions would be two Swedish boys. At least that was what the men who sold us the tickets said." Blaine commented. Quinn bit her lip and giggled.

"That's a long story." She said.

"Yeah, one that I'm not willing to tell you now." Santana grumbled as she climbed up the twin bed. "I really need to take a nap." Quinn squinted her eyes.

"Who told you to get the top bunk?"

"Sorry, Fabray. Better luck next time." Santana said smirking before passing the hell out. Quinn sighed and smiled sympathetically at Blaine and Kurt.

"She's actually nice when you get to know her better." She said.

The men looked at each other in an intimate manner as they genuinely started laughing. Quinn joined them and as she stared at their intertwined hands, she concluded their love would make a beautiful portrait.


The first class suit looked like an Empire's room. Its walls were meticulously painted in pastels and the furniture was elegantly decorated in a modernist style. As soon as Rachel entered her private bedroom, she asked one of the maids to help her hang her paintings into the walls. She had refused to leave without them, even if her argument had cost her annoyed glances by her mother and Finn.

But it was worth it, she decided. They were her only escape to the world of the arts she loved so much, so, if she couldn't shine on the stage, she would make sure to at least admire her beautiful portraits.

"I can't believe you're hanging those silly scribbles all over the wall." Finn commented by the door. "They're a waste of money."

Rachel sighed in annoyance and almost pleaded for her maid to stay in the when she excused herself to give the couple some privacy.

"They're not scribbles, Finn, they're impressive pieces of art. I happen to find them fascinating." The brunette said as she trailed her fingers over one of Picasso's paintings. "It's like a dream. They have true without logic." She mused.

"Silly." Finn retorted clearly disinterested.

"You know, Finn, the difference between your taste in art and mine is that I have some." Rachel snapped. Finn shrugged.

"At least they were cheap."

Rachel slowly inhaled and exhaled as she tried to calm her temper. Finn always knew how to upset her. "I'd like to be left alone, Finn. Please."

"Alright," He said. "But I'll come back in half an hour to escort you for supper. I expect you to be pleasant with me this time." He warned before he left.

Rachel sat on the soft bed and allowed herself to cry. She tried to think of a way out of her trapped life, only to come up with no idea of what to do. It's always been like this ever since her father died two years ago.

Seventeen-year-old girls weren't meant to feel so lost.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the memory of her father's gentle voice, whispering assurances to her whenever she had a bad dream.

"When the world seems dark, remember that you can take advantage of it to see the stars. And then you sing, my dear." He'd say.

And so she did. Her flawless voice reverberated through the room with the hope that her sky would be clear once more.

"Come Josephine, in my flying machine… Going up she goes. Up she goes…"

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