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What kind of friends are we?

"This is unbelievable!", shouted Major General Jack O'neill as he entered his home. "I don't believe this. I absolutely cannot believe this."

"What's wrong?", came the only voice that stood the slightest chance of relaxing O'neill in his current (yet not uncommon) state of hyper-agitation, that of his wife, Colonel Samantha Carter. "I thought today was just light stuff, nothing that should have you tearing your hair out." (Almost literally Sam thought to herself at the view of her husband)

"Wasn't supposed to be, except we got a no on the crackdown."

'You're kidding," Sam replied, "I thought it should have sailed through."

"Should've", O'neill answered, "but somehow what's right manages to take a backseat where politics is concerned. Can't understand why this consistently surprises me."

"Jack, why are you so hyped up about this?" Sam blurted out the question that had been on her mind for days. "I mean, you're right, I agree with you 100%, but it's not like you to get this worked up, especially since as Head of Homeworld Security this doesn't even fall under your jurisdiction."

Jack sighed relaxing back into the couch his wife had steered him to. "I don't know how to explain it, Sam, it's just… seeing the reports that come out of there… Israel is living surrounded by enemies on all sides, some of whom are shooting hundreds of rockets every day at civilians! Shooting out of launchers hidden out in hospitals and schools so they can call Israel barbarians for daring to defend itself! Women and children consistently have to be ready to run for the nearest bomb shelter with literally seconds of notice! And these are people who we call allies. I mean, for this, there's no reason to think we wouldn't do the same thing to Teal'c, Ishta, and Ja'ak," referring to their old friend's newest son. "I mean, how can we not try to crack down on this, to stand with them at a time like this?"

"Those are the rational arguments, the reasons for taking action. I'm talking about why you're so worked up?"

Jack sighed. As usual, his beautiful, tough, smarter-than-any-other-yoyo-out-there wife had seen right through him. He put his hand on her stomach, which was sticking out even further than the previous night, O'neill could've sworn. "Children, Sam. Children are living this way. Children we said we'd be there for. Living this way from people, many of whom feel exactly the same about us. I won't let my daughter live this way, Sam. I won't. But nobody seems willing to do anything about it."

Sam smiled at him. This was the man she'd fallen in love with. "She won't Jack. Someone will see. Someone will make a difference." But they both knew it was an empty promise.