In Queen Beryl's court of the dark kingdom, all of her servants cowered in fear as the normally cool and collected ruler slammed her long nailed hands down on her throne with rage. "Why? Why are all of my servants completely incompetent?! Time and time again you have fought against the Sailor Senshi and it has been failure after failure after failure. Her eyes glared at her remaining commander Kunzite, and after the numerous excuses she waved him off to the side. The only reason she hadn't killed him was that he was the last of her four commanders. Her eyes then looked over all of the Youma that had assembled before her. "Why is it that none of you can kill those damned schoolgirls?" Lighting began to strike overhead and it seemed as if some of the queen's servants were about to be destroyed.

"One moment my queen!" called out a voice from the back which made the queen look up and the lightning halt. The crowd of youmas all looked to the sound of the voice and then backed away when they noticed the figure, making space as it walked forward. It was a figure cloaked and hooded in all black, shadows covering the face. The ground turned to ice wherever he stepped. The other youmas whispered to one another, referring to this being as an assassin.

"Ah, I see you have returned from your assignment, my servant." Queen Beryl said, her tone coming down to normal. The servant that stood before her was one of her very favorites. He was cold, cunning, and efficient, one of the dark kingdom's top assassins. He had been sent to destroy rogue youmas who had strayed from their orders. "Tell me, do you have something to say on Kunzite's behalf?" She asked.

The cloaked figure bowed before his ruler until she motioned for him to stand back at attention. "On the contrary my queen, I believe that Kunzite is a failure, and utterly incapable of destroying the Sailor Senshi as he has shown time and again." The cloaked assassin's words were cold and showed a lack of any sort of emotion.

The white haired commander clenched his fist and started move towards the cloaked assassin, but stopped in his tracks when he saw the queen hold up her hand in response. Kunzite glared at the cloaked assassin whose only noticeable response were a pair of light blue glows coming from his eyes underneath the hood. "Harsh words, but true none the less, so go on." Queen Beryl said.

"They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The Sailor Scouts are our greatest enemy, and therefore sending mere youmas after them time and again is useless. Send me after them instead my queen. Unlike the rest of your commanders, I will deal with them personally. These girls have proven themselves to be a formidable adversary, they deserve special attention. Send me and there will be no distraction on my behalf to gather energy from the humans. Kunzite can continue on as he does and take the silver crystal once I am finished." The cloaked figure explained.

"You seem confident, my assassin. Do you have a plan?" The queen asked.

A low laugh came from the hooded figure and nodded in response, he then went on to explain his plan.

About an hour later on Earth, a young girl with short blue hair was walking home from her cram school. Her name was Ami Mizuno, but secretly she was Sailor Mercury. Ami exhaled a little seeing her breath in front of her. It was a cool winter night and snow was falling from the sky, blanketing the ground and everything else in white. Ami could feel a chill running through her, so she rubbed hands up and down her arms slowly to warm her up as she walked down the sidewalk of her neighborhood. She couldn't wait to get inside and take a nice hot bath. Ami looked up to see her home coming closer and closer and smiled to herself. Ami passed the empty house that was next to hers and noticed that the for sale sign had now been taken down. It looked like someone had finally moved in; the house had been unoccupied for quite a while. Although Ami found it strange that there was no moving truck outside, nor was there any lights on in the windows. Perhaps the new family hadn't moved in yet.

Within the dark unlit house, a young man laid out on his back on the floor of one of the bedrooms unconscious. His body began to stir and his eyes winced as he let out a low drawn out moan, his eyes slowly opening and looking around. "Where….am I? And why does my head hurt?" He said out loud in a soft low voice; he sat up and placed his hand on his forehead where he felt a light throbbing. He looked around to see he was in a bedroom, but was it his bedroom? He had no way of telling. His eyes widened when he realized something, namely that he didn't remember…..anything. Not his name, his age, address, nothing. Perhaps this was his room and he had slipped on smooth floor and hit his head or something. There was a name for it, amnesia. Yeah, that was probably it.

The boy slowly stood to his feet and looked himself up and down, he was only dressed in a pair of black pants and a leather belt, no shirt. It was cold, he needed clothes. He then looked over his shoulder and noticed it was snowing outside. Snow, why did it sound so important to him. 'Snow…..Yu….ki? Yuki? Yuki….is that my name?' he thought to himself silently. "Hello?" He called out, wondering if anyone else was in the house, someone to help him or that knew him perhaps. But there was no answer. He called out again then walked to over to the door and turned on the bedroom light before he walked out and explored the house. There were no lights on and it seemed completely empty. There was furniture and a few various photographs hanging on the walls or in frames on tables, none of which showed him. He walked in to the living room and noticed on with two adults in it. Were they his parents? He let out a low sigh and placed the picture back on the table. "This is not good." He said to himself.

Yuki then walked in to the bathroom and ran some warm water in the sink then splashed it on his face. He then looked up at himself in the mirror. He didn't even remember his own face. "So that's me huh?" He said to himself and inspected his facial features. He had a soft, gentle face with a pair of big deep blue eyes. He had medium length cloudy blue hair that covered the top of his ears a little. He shrugged to himself and said, "Eh, not bad I guess." Yuki walked back up the stairs to what he could only guess was his bedroom and opened up the closet to find a shirt. He pulled out a collared white shirt with buttons going up the front. He buttoned up the shirt then looked at the other clothes in the closet. He was curious of what kind of clothes he liked.

Ami sighed in contentment as she leaned back against the back of the bathtub and leaned her head back in a relaxing manner. She relaxed all her muscles and let the hot water loosen up her tense body. Ami had been juggling her studies and being a Sailor Scout for a while now. Sometimes she wished she could be as carefree as Usagi-chan, well maybe not quite as carefree. A few minutes later Ami climbed out of the bath and dried off with a warm white towel then wrapped it around her, covering her perky breasts and down to her thighs. Both of her parents were away on business so she didn't have to worry about anyone seeing her; unfortunately Ami had forgotten that her bedroom window faced towards the now occupied next house. Ami walked in to her bedroom to change in to a pair of panties and her pajamas. She had some homework and studying to do and would then turn in for the night. Perhaps she would warm up some hot chocolate for while she studied; it was definitely the right weather for it, just a quiet snowy night.

Inside the other house, Yuki had looked through his closet to find a black schoolboy's uniform along with a backpack and some school supplies. Inside the backpack, Yuki had found a new student enrolment form for a local junior high school already filled out. It turned out that his name was Yuki and things were starting to become clearer to him. Obviously, he was new to the area and he was a school student. He supposed that was simple enough. He still had no idea where his supposed parents were but that didn't seem to bother him for some reason.

Yuki was knocked out of his thoughts by a light in his peripheral vision. He looked out the window and noticed that one of the lights in the next house had come on. By the look of the furniture and decoration of the room, it seemed to be a girl's bedroom. Yuki didn't think anything of it until he saw a beautiful girl with short blue hair wearing nothing but a small white towel. Yuki's began to blush a deep red color and quickly moved to the side and out of the view of the window, hoping that she hadn't seen her and thought he was peeping. Not knowing who he was and where was already bad enough, having some girl call the cops on top of all that would just be horrible.

Yuki leaned against the wall next to the window and wondered to himself why his heart was racing in his chest. What was the deal? Did he know that girl? Did he have a crush on her or something? He really wished he could remember. He was also very tempted to look again, unfortunately that temptation ended up winning out. He peeked out the window again at the beautiful girl who had yet to notice him, which he was thankful for. She was pulling out clothes from a nearby dresser. Yuki felt his cheeks blush a little once again as he looked at her, she was very pretty. He felt a strange feeling wash over him when he looked at her. Maybe he did know her. "…Mer…cury…" He whispered out to himself. When he looked at her, that word came to mind, as if it were her name. But that was just silly, there was no way that could be her name, it was just a name of a planet. Yuki's blushed started to become even redder when he noticed her start to pull her towel off to get changed. He immediately looked away, refusing to peep on a girl while she was changing clothes. Even though Yuki had amnesia, he knew he wasn't that much of a pervert.

Ami changed in to her white panties and a warm light blue colored pair of pajamas with matching pants. She used the towel to dry her hair off and then went downstairs to put the towel in the laundry. She came back up to her room a few minutes later with a cup of warm cocoa with some of those little white marshmallows in it. Ami's parents, being successful as they were, were often away on business for one thing or another; so Ami had come to learn to take care of herself quite well. When they were away they would send her money to help her buy food any other essentials, and sometimes some of her parents' friends would come check up on her every now and then, so it wasn't as if they had abandoned her or anything of that nature.

Ami took a small sip of the warm drink and then sat at her desk in front of her window then opened up one of her workbooks and began to answer the various problems in a quick and frighteningly accurate manner. A moment later, when she had finished up a few pages, she looked up and saw one of the in the bedrooms of the house across from hers was lit up. Had she really not been observant enough to notice it until now? Maybe the lights had been turned on while she was doing her workbook problems. She then blinked and noticed a figure, a boy about her age, walking through the room. She watched him curiously and saw him examining a boy's school uniform that looked to be from her school, maybe he was a new student. She had never seen him before. The boy then looked up and noticed Ami looking at him. She saw his eyes widen in surprise. Ami smiled a little and waved out at him sweetly. She was then surprised when the boy's face became pink and he looked away. Ami brought her hand to her mouth and giggled a little, she thought he was cute. Perhaps he was shy.

Ami returned to her studies and a few minutes later she saw the lights in the bedroom across the way go out for the night. Ami studied for a while more before she yawned and turned her desk lamp off and slipped in to her bed for the night. She curled up in to the warm blankets of her bed and stared out at falling snow outside her window, it was such a pretty sight. She watched the snow fall for a while until her eyelids grew heavy and she slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Ami woke up to the first ring of her alarm clock, as prompt as usual. She then ate a quick breakfast and prepared to go to school. She grabbed her book bag, slipped on her jacket, and headed out the door. Outside she looked up at the cloud covered sky; the snow had stopped sometime early that morning. She walked in the direction of her school only a few feet when she noticed her neighbor standing outside in his school uniform with his book bag in hand. He seemed confused for some reason; he kept looking down at a small piece of paper and then around as if he was looking for something. Ami walked up quietly behind him and said, "Good morning."

The boy's head shot up and he turned around to see, quite to his surprise, the girl from the window the night before standing before him smiling. "Oh, umm good morning." He replied.

"It seems we're neighbors. How do you do, my name is Mizuno Ami. But everyone calls me Ami." Ami told him with a small smile.

"Ami….chan." The boy said and nodded, "Umm nice to meet you, my name is….Yuki." He told. He then paused for a moment then looked at her and asked, "So….we've never met before, have we?"

Ami blinked a little and said, "I don't think so, at least not since last night." She giggled a little and then added, "I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean to be looking in to your room and surprise you."

Yuki blushed a little when she mentioned the night before, she still didn't know he had almost seen her naked. "Oh no, that's alright. It was my fault. The only reason I asked is because….you just seemed familiar to me for some reason." Yuki explained. In the back of his head he was thinking to himself, 'damn, I don't know this girl and she doesn't know me. She can't tell me anything about myself. But if that's the case then why does she seem so familiar to me? Is she lying? No, she doesn't seem like the type to lie. She seems way too nice.'

"Well perhaps we've met in a past life." Ami suggested jokingly, "So, are you looking for something? You seem to be a little lost." Ami said and then looked at the form in his hand and noticed it was from her school, it had the address on it. "Ah I see, you are a new student at my school. Do you not know where it is?" Ami asked curiously. She figured that was why he was looking at the paper and looking around, trying to figure out where to go. "If you'd like, you can walk with me and I can show you the way."

"Oh, that would be great, thank you so much Ami-chan." Yuki said, gratefully taking her up on the generous offer. With that, the two students walked together along the sidewalk. They walked slowly through the snow so that neither of them slipped and fell on the slick sidewalk.

Ami looked over at the mysteriously shy new student and noticed he was only wearing the school uniform and no jacket at all, even though it was quite cold. "Yuki, aren't you cold?" She asked her curiously. "Shouldn't you wear a jacket?"

Yuki looked down at his coatless form and shrugged, "Actually, I feel just fine. It doesn't feel that cold, this uniform must be keeping me really warm." he told her.

"Oh, well alright then. I guess you just have a high tolerance for the cold." Ami replied and they continued to walk along together in silence. Ami thought it might be a good idea to make small talk and get to know this new neighbor and classmate of hers, but just as she was about to say something she noticed they had reached their destination. Unfortunately for Ami, she had lost her concentration on her footing and when she took another step she felt her foot slide right out from under her body and she started to fall. Her eyes instinctively sealed shut as her body prepared for impact on the icy ground but she was surprised when she felt her fall come to a sudden yet rather pleasant and soft stop. Ami opened her eyes to find herself in Yuki's arms. He had wrapped her arms around her and caught her from the fall and was now holding her up, her fingers clutching his uniform jacket.

"Are you alright, Ami-chan?" Yuki asked in a soft voice, his eyes looking down in to hers.

"Y-yes." Ami replied, and blushed a little for just a moment then found her balance on her feet again and stood up straight once again. "Oh, that was so embarrassing. I feel like Usagi now."

"Usagi?...You feel like a rabbit?" Yuki asked, raising one eyebrow in confusion.

Ami giggled a little and said, "No, Usagi is a friend of mine." Ami then looked up hearing someone cry out and said, "Oh, there's Usagi right now….oh no…." Ami cut off when she saw Usagi slipping and sliding around on the ice towards the school, completely out of control. What made it worse was that she was going downhill and gaining speed. When the blonde haired girl reached near the school she finally had her feet fly right out from under her and she hit the ground hard, thankfully she ended up in the snow. The whiny girl sat up and started to cry and whine out, as per her personality.

Yuki cringed a little and said, "Oh jeez, that looked really painful."

"Oh Usagi…." Ami said and shook her head a little. She then looked up at Yuki and said, "I need to go check on her. You need to go by the teacher's lounge and give your paper work to the teacher, so I will see you later Yuki." Ami told him with a small smile.

Yuki nodded and smiled a little, "I understand, I hope your friend is alright. Thanks again Ami-chan." Yuki then hurried on in to the school, Ami was surprised he was nimble enough to hurry through the ice and snow without even coming close to so much as slipping.

Ami walked over to Usagi to see how she was doing, they were soon joined by their friend Mako. The two of them helped Usagi back up to her feet and the three walked in to the school together. Once Usagi had stopped her whining, Mako looked up over at Ami with a small grin and asked, "So Ami-chan, who was that cute looking guy you walked to school today with?"

Usagi's head shot up and she looked over at her brainy friend with big eyes, "Oooohhh, what's this? Ami-chan has a boyfriend? When did this happen?"

Ami looked up and blushed a little at the question.

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