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Ami quietly sat at the small desk with her head buried in the book that Ryo had bought for her. The scene would at first appear to be just like any normal one for her. There were however two small differences. The first was that she was still in her Sailor Mercury form and the other was that she wasn't in her room at her desk. She looked up from the book when she heard her 'patient' starting to stir.

After the events at the frozen lake, the scouts had decided to take the unconscious Yuki back to his home. All of them, especially Ami, wanted to know more about just what had been going on. His behavior made no sense to her. On the one hand, he was from the dark kingdom and he himself confessed that he had toyed with her all to try and take her life. On the other hand, Kunzite had called him a traitor and Yuki had protected her. Then…there were Ami's dreams. She had so many unanswered questions. Questions only he could answer.

They had brought him back to his home; all the while his body had been completely lifeless. Once there, Ami used what medical knowledge she had picked up from her mother to bandage up the burns on his back. Now he slept and she waited for him to wake up; but Ami didn't know what to expect when he did wake up. That was why she was still in her Mercury form; they had also tied his hands over his head to the headboard of the bed with a leather belt, just in case.

Ami watched curiously as the boy slept. He was a mystery to her, in every sense of the word. She wasn't sure if she should be worried about his well being and thankful that he protected her from Kunzite. Or, on the other hand, a large part of her felt betrayed and hurt by him. She trusted him after all. Ami then shook these thoughts out of her head and returned to her book. What was the matter with her? Getting worked up over some guy. It was silly. At least she could trust Ryo; he would never lie to her or betray her. The thought made her smile a little. She was so happy that he would be going to school with her again.

Yuki's eyes slowly opened and he was surprised to see a now familiar sight, the ceiling of the bedroom in the house he had been staying in. But why was he there? He then remembered what had happened. His eyes were barely open so Ami hadn't noticed. His eyes looked over without his head moving and he saw her there sitting at his desk. His gaze then went down to his chest when he noticed the feeling of bandages wrapped around his bare body. Did she do this? He didn't understand. Why would the sailor scouts help him? He then noticed his hands were restrained. He looked up to see them tied over his head. He sighed a little and said to himself, "Wow, I can't believe I'm saying this but Kunzite was right. I've gotten soft."

Ami looked up quickly when she heard Yuki's voice and looked over at him. "So you're finally awake." She said as she closed the book and put it down on to the desk.

"Ami-chan….what's going on? Why am I here? You should have just left me out there." Yuki asked curiously.

"Don't be ridiculous. We wouldn't do that." Ami told him as she turned towards him in the chair.

'I see…even after being reborn here on Earth, she still just as kind as she always has been. They're all that way, kind to a fault.' Yuki thought to himself.

Ami moved closer and sat next to him on the edge of the bed. She looked down at the bandages and gently touched his chest. "Does…it hurt?" She asked.

"Are you worried about me, Ami-chan?" He asked in surprise, her soft gloved hand felt so gentle on his skin. He fully expected her to hate him. The truth was that the fire attack had done a lot of damage to him. It was painful and he knew it would take time for him to recover from a fire attack. "Don't be. It's not bad, not at all." He lied. It seemed like he was always lying to her.

"So who are you, really?" Ami asked curiously.

"I told you already. I'm your enemy. I was sent here to kill you." He told her.

"Stop it. I know you're lying. At least, I know you aren't telling me the whole story." Ami told him, "You promised me that when you got your memories back that you would tell me, so tell me the truth. The first time you and I met, it wasn't that day walking to school, was it? We met before when we were both little kids, didn't we? You had a twin brother and we played ball together."

Yuki's eyes widened a little in surprise then nodded a little. "Oh I see, your past memories. They're coming back to you, aren't they Ami-chan? You're right. You and I first met each other back in your past life when we were both children."

"I thought so, now tell me everything. Who you are, why are you a part of the Dark Kingdom, and why did you save me?" Ami asked him. She especially wanted to know the last part. It was the part that confused her the most.

Yuki sighed a little and gave small nod. "Alright, I suppose I owe you that. As you may or may not know, Usagi-chan wasn't the only of you girls that was a princess. In your past lives, all of you were the princesses of your respective planets. You were….are Princes Mercury. As such, you all had servants of course. I was one of your knights, one of your guardians."

"You were my…knight? I thought you were my friend." Ami replied. She didn't have any memories of him being a guardian or anything like that.

"Both. As kids our families had us play together and become friends. You see, my family served under royal family for generations. We became friends so that you would learn to trust my brother and me, and so that we would develop an attachment to you and therefore become more committed to our roles as your knights."

"So then…were we really friends?" Ami asked him.

"Of course. We were always together. You were my best friend, Ami-chan." He told her then paused for a moment and looked away a little. "You still are. That's why even though I have served the Dark Kingdom for so long, that's why I can't hurt you or the other Sailor Scouts. I guess old habits die hard."

"About that, why are you now with Beryl? Why change sides? And whatever happened to this brother of yours?" Ami asked.

"…..Fubuki….He's why. Back when the Moon Kingdom was at war with the Dark Kingdom, Fubuki switched sides and conspired to betray you. He wanted the Silver Crystal. He tried to get me to join up with him, but I refused. Then when I wasn't looking he took a mace to the back of my head. Fubuki never was one to ask twice. When I came to, it was all over. Everything was destroyed and everyone was gone, including you." Yuki told Ami. He then looked away from her. "That's when Fubuki showed up. He had joined up with Beryl and wanted me to do the same. He made me an offer on the Dark Kingdom's behalf that he knew I couldn't refuse."

"I see, so that's what happened. That's how you've lived for all these years." Ami said then reached over and untied the belt that was keeping his hands bound. She was now starting to understand the whole picture.

Yuki blinked a little and slowly sat up next to her, "Why'd you do that?"

"I know you're not going to hurt me. It was Rei-chan's idea anyways." Ami explained simply. She then touched the small blue circular button on the bow on her chest. There was a glow of light and then Ami was back in her normal clothes.

"I think Rei probably had the right idea." Yuki commented. "After what I've done, maybe you shouldn't trust me so much."

"So what did they offer you, Yuki?" Ami asked him, "It doesn't sound to me like you are evil, so it must have been something pretty important to you."

"Yeah, something like that." Yuki told her. He wanted to leave it there, but he she kept staring at him expecting an answer. "It was the chance to see you again."

"Wh-what?" Ami asked, blushing deeply.

"He told me about how the moon queen used the silver crystal and sacrificed her life to save all of you. Sometime far in the future, you and the other sailor scouts would be reborn here on Earth. I could either fight him and probably get my ass kicked and die. Or I could join up, get all the perks that go along like living forever, and get the chance to see you again. I took the deal without a second thought." Yuki told her.

"Oh this is getting so good." Mikano whispered with a small grin as she spied on the two from the small crack between the door and frame. She and Usagi had stayed around to keep an eye on Ami.

"Heh, I know right?" Usagi added, "You know maybe if he becomes a good guy then he can help us get Mamoru-kun back, I hope."

"I see…so what will you do now?" Ami asked him.

"I'm not really sure. But, I just wanted to tell you again that I am really sorry for everything." Yuki told her then slowly stood up and walked over to the closet and started to look for a shirt to wear.

"Where are you going?" Ami asked, standing up from the bed and walking towards him.

"I don't know. Paris? Or maybe Shanghai. Somewhere with a lot of people to get lost in." Yuki told her and started to button up a dark blue shirt. "I can sense youma. They're in the area and are probably looking for me. I need to lose them. I'll lay low until they lose my trail. With everything that's going on and Kunzite being the only general left, I should drop down the priority list before too long."

"But you're coming back, aren't you?" Ami asked.

"Probably….maybe…..I honestly have no clue. See you around, Ami-chan." Yuki replied. Ami was about to say wait but it was too late. His body faded and he teleported away.

Mikano frowned a little and whispered, "Well that was really anti-climactic."

"Yeah, I know. Now let's go before we get caught." Usagi said.

"You two can come out now." Ami called out with a small giggle and smiled.

"…..She's good." Usagi said.

Meanwhile, Ryo was sitting at his desk, looking over his answers on a practice exam. He needed to do better. He opened one of the drawers of his desk and pulled out the photograph of Ami she had given to him before he left last time. Whenever he was starting to get discouraged, he'd look at it and he'd be inspired to keep working hard.

His room was pretty bare at the moment. There were several cardboard boxes stacked on top of one another in one of the corners of the room. He hadn't gotten to unpacking those just yet. He looked over to the clock to see that it was getting late, but he couldn't go to sleep just yet. He leaned his head against his arm that was posted up on the desk and rested his eyes for a few moments. In his mind's eye, he saw Ami and tried to see her future. Her future had become hazy and unclear though, undefined. In the haze he saw him standing there. This made him smile a little but he also saw someone else.

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