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"So what I am hearing is that you have failed me yet again, Kunzite!" Queen Beryl said as she sat on her throne, looking at her last Shitennou who was bowing before her and bringing her bad news once again.

"I have no excuse my lady. The Sailor Scouts intervened before I was able to finish killing the traitor. But I did wound him, and now he has fled. Far away from the reach of those troublesome scouts, send me after him once again and I will finish him once and for all while he is weakened.

"No, you will stay where you are and continue on with your current assignment. There is too much at stake." Beryl said then looked over to Tuxedo Mask who also stood before her in her throne room. "Mamoru, I am sending you after the traitor Yuki. Your abilities will work nicely and he also will not be expecting you. "

"As you wish, my queen." Mamoru said and then bowed and vanished.

Ami sighed contently as the warm water washed over her figure when she entered the shower. There was nothing like a hot shower to wake a person up in the morning. She wetted her hair and then grabbed the bottle of shampoo that was sitting on the small shelf to her side and started to lather her hair up in the suds, running her nimble fingers through the dark blue strands. It had been about a week since she had last seen Yuki, when he had run off to who knows where. She shook her head a little and smiled a bit, "That jerk, he didn't even say goodbye. The least he could do is maybe let me know he's alright." She said to herself.

Ami shrugged the thought off and finished washing herself. Once she was done, she stepped out of the shower and dried herself off then left the bathroom to go get dressed. No one was home she didn't worry about taking a fresh pair of clothes in to the bathroom with her. She was about to go up the stairs when she noticed the small red light on the answering machine blinking. She stopped in front of it and curiously hit the button. Ami smiled when a familiar voice came over the machine, it was her mother. She said that she was finally done with her work overseas and would be coming home the following day. Ami was delighted by the news, which meant she would be able to spend the holiday with her mother. She had been really worried that she might actually end up spending Christmas Eve and day by herself, but no more. Ami was just about to go up the stairs yet again but stopped when the phone started to ring, what a strange coincidence. She curiously picked up the phone and answered, "Hello? Mizuno residence."

"Ami-chan? Good morning, it's Urawa." Ryo said over the other end of the line.

"Ryo-kun! Hello, how are you?" Ami asked, smiling a little. "Oh umm, how did you get my number?"

"Oh yeah, hehe sorry about that. It was actually your friends Usagi-chan and Minako-chan who gave me your number." Ryo said sheepishly. "Actually….they are the ones who suggested I call you."

"Oh really? What about?" Ami asked curiously.

"Umm, I was just wondering, if you aren't doing anything today, then if you might be interested in meeting me somewhere today. Maybe we could meet and have a study….date." Ryo said then blushed at the thought, "I uhh. I don't mean as in romantic date! I mean date as in you know, an appointment. For studying."

Ami giggled a little at Ryo's shyness and replied, "Sure. That sounds wonderful Ryo-kun, I'd love to meet with you. We can catch up with each other."

Ami didn't know it but on the other end Ryo was literally jumping for joy. He smiled happily and then the two of them arranged the place and time of when they would meet one another. Once Ami hung up the phone she smiled even more. Today was turning out to be absolutely fantastic for her. She hoped it kept up this way, and then hurried upstairs to get dressed.

Paris, the city of lights. It was dark peaceful winter night in the city with many people walking along the age old stone streets, their many steps echoing all around. One of them wore a cloak and hood over his head, gaining a bit of attention from the people as he slowly moved his way through the crowd. Yuki hadn't sensed very many youma following him for about a day, and it was starting to worry him a little bit. They should still have been on his trail, it hadn't been long enough for him to have gone off their metaphorical radar and he was sure they hadn't given up yet. Something wasn't right. He also had the feeling that he was being watched.

Eventually Yuki broke away from the crowds and started to move through the spider web like networks of the city's narrow back alleys. The street lights didn't reach there, so the alleys were very dark and gloomy. It was there in the shadows he looked around and waited, patiently. If there was some youma or someone who was tracking him, they would make contact there, away from human eyes. He looked up when he could hear the sound of slow steady footsteps coming closer and closer within the shadows. Yuki backed in to a corner so that no one could sneak up on him. His eyes widened though when he saw a black rose flying at him out of the shadows and strike him in his face before he could react. He cringed from the strong stinging sensation the attack sent through his body, the tip of the rose had landed right between his eyes, blinding him for a moment. He quickly grabbed a hold of the rose's stem and pulled it out then threw it to the ground, a drop of blood running down the side of his nose. "So….they sent you." He said as he looked at Tuxedo Mask standing before him.

"Yes, Queen Beryl has sent me to bring you back to the Dark Kingdom, traitor. Come back willingly and make it easier on yourself. Perhaps our great ruler will be merciful." Tuxedo Mask said, holding another rose in his hand.

"Is that so…." Yuki said as the two of them started to walk around in a circle, their eyes never leaving one another. They watched for any sudden movements. "You know, I don't think we've ever met before, neither now or in your past life. So you're Usagi's precious Mamoru, her prince. Don't think for a moment that I will go easy on you for her sake, Pretty Boy."

"I don't know what you mean, I serve only our great master. And it is you who should hope for me to go easy on you. But it shouldn't come to that." Tuxedo Mask said and then pulled out a small vile of red liquid from one of his jacket pockets and added in a commanding voice, "Now then, you will drink this and come with me willingly, or I will force you. It's your choice."

Yuki chuckled a little with a confident smirk and said, "Geez, Beryl really did a number on you, didn't she? She really has you believing all this crap. This isn't you; you're one of the good guys, which is a lot more than I can say. Now why don't you get back to Usagi-chan, your princess and leave me be."

"Enough talk! Now return with me or die, traitor!" Tuxedo Mask said and grabbed Yuki by the collar, pushing him up against the stone wall.

"Not happening. I know longer serve Beryl, or the Dark Kingdom. I take orders from no one!" Yuki exclaimed and then raised both of his legs up at once and kicked Tuxedo Mask in to the chest, sending him flying back a little bit. With a bit of distanced gained between the two of them, Yuki took his cloak off. He then raised his hand up and a faint cold glow enveloped his hand. "Alright then, let's get started pretty boy."

Back in Tokyo, Ami met Ryo at a small local café where a lot of others their age would often go, sometimes on dates, sometimes just to spend time with friends. Ami figured that was what Ryo was trying to go for. Even though Ami had very little experience when it came to relationships, she could tell that Ryo liked her. She knew he was telling the truth when he said that he admired her and that she motivated him to improve and do better academically. But Ami also knew that it was more than just that, and she was glad. To be honest, from the small amount of time they had spent together she had found that she liked him as well. She wasn't sure where to really go from there though, compared to all of the other Sailor Scouts, Ami had the least experience when it came to boys and relationships.

All of these thoughts were starting to cloud her mind though, she shook them away and looked over the table at the sweet boy who she was sitting with, sipping on soft drinks together and catching up after not seeing each other for a while. Ryo told Ami all about what had happened since he had left, about the different schools he had been to, his father's job, and things of that nature. Of course, one thing the two junior high geniuses had to talk about were the potential high schools they were looking at possibly going to after they graduated from junior high. Ami, having the highest test scores in the nation, had her pick of going pretty much wherever she wanted without any limitations. Although, her secret life as Sailor Mercury meant she had to stay fairly close to the other Sailor Scouts, she couldn't forsake her mission no matter what. Ami wasn't sure when, but it had become a vital part of her life, one that could take priority over her academic life. That was a first for Ami, to say the least.

"Oh I see, well that's understandable. So you're going to make sure to stay pretty close to the rest of the scouts, hm?" Ryo asked, making sure to keep the Sailor Scout talk as low as possible. He also had his pick of whatever school he wished to attend as well; his test scores were among the very best as well.

"Yes that's right. I know that I'm very weak compared to everyone else, but….I just can't leave them to pursue my own interests. They're my friends." Ami said and nodded a little then took a sip of her soft drink from the straw. One thing she absolutely loved about being around Ryo was that he knew her identity as Sailor Mercury; she didn't have to hide it from him. Ami could only imagine how difficult it was for Minako and Makoto who seemed to often find themselves interested in different guys, none of them who knew their secrets. While Ami was by far the least experienced when it came to boys, she seemed to have the great luck of coming across ones that did know and were perfectly fine with it. Ami then blinked a little when she realized something. Ryo and Yuki were the only two boys she had ever possibly liked, and they both had some sort of relationship to the Dark Kingdom. Ami wasn't sure why she hadn't noticed it sooner, but it bothered her a little. Of course, Ryo as a person had no real connection. It had just been a coincidence. He was not a youma, and he as himself had no connection to the Dark Kingdom. Yuki on the other hand….Ami wasn't really sure. She had no idea what was going on in his head. For that matter, she wasn't even sure if she'd ever see him again.

"I see, well have you and the other girls ever talked about all trying to go to the same high school together?" Ryo asked her curiously.

"Umm, actually no. To be honest, they don't tend to enjoy talking about academics in the same way we do. That would be very nice, but I don't know if we will or not. Rei seems to enjoy going to an all girls school and I don't know about the others. They never want to work on practice exams or anything like that." Ami explained.

"I see, well perhaps they don't want to hold you back. I mean, you could go to any high school that you want." Ryo speculated.

"Well if that's the case then they shouldn't. They're my friends, they have done nothing but help me. They could never hold me back." Ami said with a bright smile. Ami had always been lonely before she had become a sailor scout, and she loved it. She loved that she had such amazing and caring friends. She wouldn't trade any of them for the whole world, and certainly not for some high school.

"Hehe, I wouldn't expect anything less of you Ami-chan." Ryo said, blushing a little from how amazing Ami always seemed to him. He paused for a moment, trying to gather his courage for what he wanted to say next. "So…Ami-chan, umm do you think like it if you and I went to the same high school after we graduate?"

"Oh! Well umm…." Ami stuttered a little and paused. "I certainly wouldn't mind. I wouldn't mind at all if we were to go to the same school." Ami said and smiled a little at him.

"I…I just mean because I feel that if I could go to the same school as you in high school, then it would motivate me even more to work harder. Because you know, after meeting the real Ami-chan in person the motivation I get from being around you in person is so much greater." Ryo replied hastily. The truth was when Ryo had seen the little bit of Ami's future he was filled with both hope and determination by what he saw, even as vague as it was. There was someone very special in Ami's future, but he had been unable to see who. To Ryo, that it meant the identity of that person was still to be determined; so he wanted to be that person for Ami. He wanted to try and create a future for himself and not just be a witness to the future unfolding. The future wasn't set in stone, he was sure about that.

Ami smiled more at Ryo's motivations. "Of course Ryo-kun! Let's try to get in to the same school together. To be honest, I really like having a friend who also works hard in school." Ami then looked around curiously, keeping her eyes on the lookout. She had done this a few times before since they had been there.

"Umm, Ami-chan? Are you looking for someone?" Ryo, asked curiously.

"Oh, just making sure we aren't being watched. That's all." Ami said happily. After having the other sailor scouts follow her around on a date and peeking on her recently, she just wanted to know if they were doing it then or not. Ami knew that Usagi and the others meant well but it was a tad embarrassing for her. Luckily, she hadn't caught sight of any dumpling headed girls around them. It turned out that Usagi and Minako had both really wanted to check in on Ami and Ryo, but Rei had insisted that they leave them alone and give Ami some privacy. Especially after them interfering in her love life once already which had ended with her being set up on a date with a minion of the Dark Kingdom. Rei told Usagi she should have learned a lesson from that.

Ami and Ryo sat together for a while more and continued to talk. They then ended up going to the public library together to do some studying. Just because it was the break didn't mean they could slack off. The two of them sat next to each other on the second floor at a small table and studied together. Occasionally they would bump elbows together or their eyes would meet which would make them both start to blush a bit. Ami couldn't help but find that she was enjoying the time they spent together very much.

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