Princess Mercury and Yuki were dancing together at one of the Moon Kingdom's parties in a slow peaceful waltz. Their eyes stayed glued together until the music stopped. Princess Mercury looked up and asked, "So, would you like to dance to another song?"

Before he could answer, a man with long blonde hair tied in to a pony tail quickly walked over and asked, "Excuse me, care if I cut in?"

"Oh, well…." Princess Mercury paused for a moment.

"Sure, that's just fine." Yuki answered for her and pulled back so that the other man could dance with her. Yuki walked away to the edge of the room, where another guy who looked just like him stood.

"Heh, that was hilarious. You were just blocked by that girly man, Zoisite." Fubuki said with a smirk as he took a sip from the elegant wine glass he was holding.

"Shut up Fubuki." Yuki replied simply in a low voice, and then leaned back against the wall next to his twin brother.

Fubuki noticed his little brother watching the princess dance and said, "You know, I heard that pretty boy has been trying to put the moves on the princess. She certainly seems to be enjoying herself, eh?"

"What makes you think I care? Now let's drop it." Yuki replied. He wasn't in the mood to put up with Fubuki's crap. Being brothers, identical twins no less, the two of them knew each other better than anyone else. Fubuki knew that, ever since they were kids, Yuki had a huge crush on Princess Mercury.

"Think? I know you care. I know that you care a whole lot." Fubuki teased. "Anyways, this isn't really my kind of scene. Plus I have something I want to talk with you about, so walk with me Little Brother." Fubuki said then started to walk out of the party. Yuki didn't think much of it so he followed along. He wasn't sure what it was that they couldn't talk about around other people but for some reason he didn't question it.

"Will you cut the 'little brother' stuff? We're twins." Yuki protested as the two of them walked to the outskirts of the palace.

"We're twins, but I'm still the older one." Fubuki said with a smirk; he had made an entertaining hobby out of pulling at his younger brother's strings. Once they were alone, Fubuki looked in to the sky at the Earth and said, "Yuki, have you heard the rumors about the people of Earth? There is talk that they're being united under some witch named Beryl. They say she's planning to attack us here."

Yuki leaned against one of the large white columns and replied, "Yeah, I've heard. What about it?"

A grin appeared across Fubuki's face as he said, "Just thought I'd let you know, that it's true. This….Dark Kingdom possesses a great amount of dark powers. And they will be attacking….very soon. It's going to be a slaughter, Brother. The Moon Kingdom isn't prepared."

"If this is true then we need to go warn the queen immediately, get everyone to safety!" Yuki exclaimed.

"Or…..we could join with Beryl." Fubuki suggested.

Yuki's eyes went wide and he stood there with his mouth hanging open in shock. "…..What….did you say?"

"Just hear me out, Little Brother." Fubuki said then looked back towards the palace, and gestured to it with his hand. "Tell me, why do you think that they are royalty, while we are mere servants? Why does the queen rule over us all?"

"Because she's the queen? What are you getting at?" Yuki asked, desperately. Yuki was confused, confused because his brother seemed to be speaking nonsense.

"Because she has power! The power of the silver crystal; that is the only thing that separates us from her and all the rest. Whoever has the power makes the rules. What if instead it was the two of us?" Fubuki said then paused and added with a small smirk, "You're in love with Princess Mercury, are you not? You have been for such a long time now. You want to be with her, don't you?"

Yuki blushed a bit and looked away and asked, "Why are you bringing that up?"

"Because if we do this, then you can take her as your own. I have it all planned out. Beryl is going to attack because she and her master want the crystal as well. I've already sworn loyalty to Beryl, but she is a fool. We pretend to join her cause in capturing the silver crystal; but then within all of the chaos, we take it for ourselves. We use Beryl then destroy her and all of her followers. With that crystal, that power, we can achieve all of our dreams. We can finally take control of our own destinies, and make this world whatever we wish. Yuki, you can finally be with the girl that you love; something that can never happen as long as you live as her servant." Fubuki explained, trying to appeal to his brother's weakness.

Yuki shook his head and then violently grabbed a hold of his brother by his shoulders and asked, "Fubuki! What are you saying?! What's wrong with you? Are you sick or something?"

Fubuki pushed Yuki's hands away and replied, "I'll tell you what's wrong with me. Yes I am sick, sick of being nothing more than a lowly servant to a princess, and a bunch of royals. I deserve more than this life. We deserve more than this life."

"I can't believe what I am hearing. What's happened to you? What you speak of is treason! You would really betray the princess? She's our best friend! She's practically family." Yuki declared, trying to reason with his brother.

"She is not family! And is she really our friend, Yuki? Do you really think that she sees either of us as anything more than her guardians? Her loyal dogs? We were born for the singular purpose of serving her, and she knows it." Fubuki said. His expression then softened. He held out his hand and he continued, "Yuki, listen to me. We're brothers, and as brothers we can do anything. Nothing can stop the two of us when we work together. I can't do this without you. So please, help me."

Yuki's head fell and he clinched his fist as it shook involuntarily. He quietly said, "Don't do this…don't make me choose between my own brother, and my loyalty." Yuki then turned around and began to walk back to the palace. "Enough of all this, I'm going to tell everyone that the attack is coming. Let's never speak of this conversation again."

Fubuki's cold blue eyes narrowed as he asked, "So then, is that your answer? My brother?"

Yuki looked over his shoulder, back at Fubuki, and replied, "Yes." A second later, Yuki felt his body go in to shock as he was struck in the back of the head by a hard blunt object. He could feel the warm sensation of blood on the back of his head, and his vision became blurry as he fell to the ground. Through his hazy vision, he saw Fubuki walk over his body and look down at him. He was holding a mace made out of ice.

"That's a shame, Little Brother. But as you know, I never ask twice." Fubuki then started to walk off as he added, "By the time you come to, if you do that is, it should all be over. Perhaps I'll come back and see if your decision has changed then, when you have nothing else to lose."

Everything then went dark. Yuki found himself standing in a void, with no signs of life anywhere around him. He then looked up when he saw Ami standing before him, smiling. He tried to reach out for her, and then watched in horror as his brother appeared behind her. His icy clawed hand curled around her neck. Fubuki smirked and said in a low haunting voice, "I'm coming for her."

Yuki quickly shot up in his bed and reached out in front of him with his hand. His eyes were wide as he panted and looked around. He slowly looked around and realized he was in his bedroom. He sighed in relief that it was all just a dream. Well, more like memory, a nightmarish memory. His breathing soon slowed down to a normal rate. He just sat there for a moment; his body was covered in a cold sweat and the blankets were collected around his waist. His bare upper body exposed to the cool air. He looked down at the hand that he had reached out with in his sleep. In his distress, he had transformed his arm while he was asleep. It was now made of ice, and his hand had changed in to a monstrous claw with long blade like fingers. He looked down at the frightening claw that had now become natural to him. He hadn't always had this ability. He had gained it once he joined up with the Dark Kingdom and was infused with the dark powers, along with the powers he already had. Even though he no longer sided with them, that dark power was still inside him. Every day, he could feel it trying to influence him; tempting his darkest impulses. There was a time when he relished it, but now it was nothing more than a poison, and it sickened him. But soon it would finally be over.

About a week before, the scouts had walked in to a trap set by Kunzite. During the encounter, the scouts deflected one of his attacks, and it had ended up killing him. During all of the commotion, Luna and Artemis had found a way in to the Dark Kingdom's hideout. With the last of Beryl's generals defeated, the scouts were now in the planning stages of taking the fight to them, and finishing things once and for all. They hoped that once all was said and done, that things would go back to normal for them. They would be able to enjoy some peace for the first time in a long while.

It had been a few weeks since Christmas, and school was back in session. It was gym class now; Ami, Usagi, and Makoto were all sitting together after running their turn around the gym. It was still quite cold outside, so they had the whole class inside. The three girls were all breathing heavily. Once Usagi had caught her breath, she looked over to Ami and said, "Ami-chan, looks like they're at it again."

Those two…they've been acting like children lately." Ami said, shaking her head a little. A group of the class's boys had all lined to run. Among them were Ryo and Yuki. They were lined up next to each other and kept throwing death glares in one another's direction. The two boys had been butting heads in just about everything, ever since school had started up again. They knew they both liked Ami, but neither really wanted to get in to a physical fight. So they competed with each other in other ways. They'd compete with each other in gym, as well as academically. Yuki had the advantage when it came to athletic things, and Ryo had a huge advantage in academics. But that didn't keep them from working themselves to the bone to beat the other one out. Ryo would push his body to the very limit in gym, and Yuki had been pulling all nighters in front of the textbooks. Needless to say they were both completely exhausted.

"Boys can be stupid sometimes, but it's also kind of cute." Mako commented.

Usagi grinned a bit and added, "That reminds me, recently you've been dressing differently, Ami-chan. Your clothes have been a little showier than what you usually wear. Are you trying to impress them?"

"N-no, not at all. I've just wanted to change things up." Ami said shyly. Maybe Usagi was right.

"Have you figured out which one you like more?" Mako asked curiously.

"I have….but I can't tell them." Ami admitted. Ami hated watching the two of them act like idiots; mostly because on some level she felt responsible. She wanted to tell them, but it was hard. It was hard because she liked them both so much; and she didn't want to hurt either. How could a girl choose between two guys when they were both so sweet? And how could she choose when she knew she would hurt one? Ami's thoughts were interrupted though when the teacher blew on their whistle. The sharp penetrating sound broke through the silence and they boys started to run. Ryo and Yuki ran together neck and neck the whole way through. They then both had to lie out on the ground from exhaustion.

Once the two boys had caught their breath again, Yuki looked over to Ryo and asked between deep breaths, "So, you're psychic, huh?"

"Yeah….why?" Ryo asked, still panting a little.

"So can you see Ami's future? If so, all of this is pointless." Yuki asked.

"Ready to admit defeat, huh?" Ryo asked as the two boys sat up and looked across at each other. "Let's just say that the future can be changed, and it's not always clear. I don't see everything, so let's leave it at that."

"Fair enough." Yuki replied.

After school was over, Ami made her way to her cram school. She sat in the classroom and listened to the instructor, like always, but her mind was elsewhere. She stared down at her notes at her desk and tapped her pin against the paper a little. She knew what she needed to do. She needed to tell Ryo and Yuki how she really felt. She'd end up hurting one of them, but letting things go on as they were would only continue to hurt them both. She liked them both so much; but Ami found that she had fallen for one of them. Whereas the other she saw as a friend.

Ami looked across the room over at Ryo, and smiled a little. His pencil moved across the notebook paper as he took notes relentlessly. His hand never stopped moving. She could see in his eyes the fierce dedication he had to his academics. Actually, Ami had found that he held that same dedication in pretty much everything he did. Ami really admired that aspect of him. Since they were already at cram school together, she would talk to him first. About an hour later the lesson ended for the evening and everyone began to pack up to leave. Ami looked around for Ryo once she had put away all of her things, but he had already left the classroom. She walked out in to the hallway and started to look for him. She found him at the front entrance of the building, talking on one of the pay phones inside. As Ami walked towards him, she overheard part of what he was saying over the phone.

"I see, well that's great news then….Yes, I'll make sure to be prepared in time….Of course I'm looking forward to it. It's a great opportunity….bye." Ryo said then hung up the phone. He then turned right around and said, almost as if he knew she was there, "Hey, Ami-chan."

"Hello Ryo-kun. I was hoping I could talk to you." Ami began.

"Really? Good timing then, because there was something I wanted to talk to you about too." Ryo said, smiling as usual.

"Oh…well then please go first." Ami requested then added, "Does it have something to do with that phone call just now?"

"Yes it does, and you're the first person that I wanted to tell." Ryo said. He then paused and began, "You see a few months ago, before my family moved back to the area, I applied for an overseas program. And I hadn't received a response, until just recently. It turns out that I was accepted, and if I choose to go then I can begin studying abroad in the United States and Europe."

Ami smiled a little, but it was a bit of a sad smile. She was pretty sure she knew where this was going. "That's wonderful Ryo-kun! I'm so happy for you. So...have you decided whether or not you will go?"

Ryo nodded a little and said, "I have. If I decide to go, I know I'm going to miss you and everyone else a whole lot. But…this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. So I've decided to accept the offer. I will be finishing out half of this semester of school, and try to get enough credit before I leave in the middle of the semester."

"I see…" Ami said, she tried to smile and be happy for him. But she was still sad to hear that he would be leaving once again. "Do you know how long you will be gone for?"

"At least two years, I'm afraid." Ryo told him, he was trying to act happy for her sake as well.

"Two years…but that's such a long time." Ami said, looking down at the floor a bit. She then shook her head and looked up at him with a big bright smile, "I will miss you Ryo-kun. But I'm also very happy for you."

"I will miss you too, Ami-chan. But thank you, thank you very much." Ryo said. He then paused and added, "Oh and…about what you wanted to tell me before. I know…I've seen your future. I've seen how this all turns out."

"Ryo-kun…I'm….I'm so sorry." Ami said, her head lowering a little. A small tear ran down her cheek.

"Don't be, I'm alright. I've always admired you, Ami-chan. You've inspired me to always work hard and try my best. The reason I had the resolve to apply for this opportunity, and that I've come this far is all because of you. When I admired you from afar, I always wondered what kind of person Ami-chan was. But now that I have been able to know you in person, I realize that you're even more incredible than I could have ever imagined. I would hope for you to be very happy. But, I already know that you will be. I've seen, along with all the hardships and struggles, a lot of happiness for you and the other scouts." Ryo explained to her. Ryo truly did admire Ami, and he had always had a huge crush on her. But as the two of them spent more time together, he realized that his crush came from admiration. Not affection. She was his muse, his inspiration. He had tried to win her over and become more than friends, he tried to change the future he saw. But no matter what happened, he never received a vision of the two of them together as lovers. Ryo had realized though, that he enjoyed being her friend and that brought a lot of joy to the both of them.

Ami couldn't help but blush at Ryo's flattery. Sometimes he could be just a little too honest. "Ryo-kun….thank you. Please just know that I never meant to hurt you. I truly care about you as a friend."

"Don't worry about it, I'm just fine. And I feel the same way. Anyways, I have a lot of preparations to take care of, so I really need to go. But I'll see you at school." Ryo said as he turned but then smiled a bit and added. "Oh, and in case you're wondering. The kid you two have in the future is really cute."

"Kid…" Ami repeated then blushed a bit at that thought.

"Sorry, I can't say anything else. I'm worried if I do then I'll change the future." Ryo explained and then walked off. Ami watched him walk away before she started off towards her house for the night. She decided to take a particular path that took her past the Game Crown. She hoped to run in to someone along the way. It was cold that night, and a frigid wind blew over Ami which made her shiver. She then turned a corner and saw Yuki walking back from his part-time job at the arcade. She smiled and ran towards him to catch up. When she came up beside him, he heard her footsteps and turned to see her there. "Hi Yuki."

"Hey Ami. I don't usually see you around here at night. You weren't waiting for me, were you?" He asked her curiously.

Ami shook her head and said, "No, I just decided to walk home this way from cram school."

"Oh I see, well that's good." Yuki said.

"It's good? It's good that I wasn't waiting for you? Would it be bad then if I was?" Ami asked as she giggled a bit.

"No….that's not what I meant. It's just that it's cold out tonight. It's good that you weren't waiting out here. I'm glad you weren't freezing yourself." Yuki explained. "So…would you maybe like to walk home together?"

Ami nodded and replied, "Sure. But…could we maybe do something else? I'd kind of like to walk through the park."

"Alright. As long as you don't think you'll be too cold." Yuki said. The two of them then walked along the sidewalk for a bit before reaching the park and walking along the pathways through the trees. Their way was lit by all the street lamps. Another freezing wind blew through the air which made Ami shiver once again. Yuki saw this and slowly removed the coat he was wearing and placed it around her shoulders, "Here, this should help."

"Thanks, but won't you be cold now?" Ami asked as she held the coat around her and slowly slipped her arms through the sleeves.

"No, the cold really doesn't bother me. The only reason I wear that coat is so that I don't look suspicious to normal people when I walk around here." Yuki explained. The two of them walked through the park together for a few minutes before they sat down on a bench near a white fountain. Up above was the clear night sky, filled with countless stars and a big full moon. Over the tree line, they could see the city's skyline spread out in front of them. They sat close together to keep warm and talked about various things. They talked about how the scouts were soon planning to try to attack on the Dark Kingdom. Yuki mentioned how he was a little disappointed he hadn't been there to see Kunzite finally die. All the while, they avoided the topic of their relationship. Yuki slowly cleared his throat and looked directly in to Ami's eyes. He then said, "Ami, there's something that I want to tell you. Something that I've wanted to tell you for a very long time now."

"What is it?" Ami asked, smiling a little bit as she looked back in to his eyes.

Yuki couldn't help but stare at Ami, and be amazed by her beauty. Hey fair skin seemed to practically glow under the starlight. Her beautiful blue eyes looked as deep as the ocean. It was in those eyes that he could see her amazing intellect and tender heart. He could become lost in those eyes, and never want to find himself again. That sweet and caring smile across those subtle light pink lips showed her kindness perfectly. It was no wonder that he couldn't help but fall for her, over and over again. Yuki blushed and said, "I…I just wanted to say, that I….I love you. And…I just want you to be happy. I know that you care about Ryo and me. So please do whatever you feel will make you happiest. If not for your sake, then…mmmm…"

Ami cut him off by pressing her soft lips against his. Yuki eyes widened in surprise and he blushed at the kiss; but he instinctively returned her kiss and wrapped his arms around her. The two of them held each other close. Ami's heart skipped a beat when Yuki told her that he loved her. She hadn't really heard what else he had said after; sometimes he talked too much, so Ami felt this was the best way to take care of it. Ami blushed and trembled when she felt him return her kiss. She smiled when she felt him hold her and rested against his body. They could feel each other's heart beating next to one another. They stayed that way for as long as they could, neither of them wanted to make the moment end. They eventually pulled away to breath and Ami whispered out, "I love you too." This made them blush when she said it.

"Ami…when this is all over and you scouts get rid of Beryl for good, do you think Usagi could use her healing powers one last time? On me? I want to be able to live as a human, together with you." Yuki asked her. Ami simply smiled and nodded. The thought sounded wonderful to her.

The young couple sat together for a little more before they stood up and walked back to their homes together. Ami's arms wrapped around his, and their fingers laced together. What neither of them knew was that they weren't alone. All the while, they had been watched from a figure wearing a dark cloak, hidden in the shadows of the trees. The figure smirked as he watched the pair walk away and whispered to himself, "My my, what have they done to you, Yuki? You used to be so fierce, but now you're just pitifully weak. What a shame. But no matter. I know exactly how to bring you back. Back to your true self, Little Brother."

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