"Ahhh! Sarutobi-jiji, my eyes are burning." Exclaimed the petite little eleven year old as she flopped down on the roof of the building where he worked/lived. Sarutobi glanced over at her from where he stood, his lips curving up a little bit at her childish antics while she rubbed her eyes with the back of her small hands and made an irritated sound.

"Well, I'm sorry you're eyes are burning Naru-" He said as he thought, Especially since it's my fault. Her job of protecting the village and carrying out assassinations had been especially brutal on her of late. Wearing the poor child to a frazzle and then some. "But that's only because you've been working so hard. I'll stay up late tonight finishing the paper work that's piled up so that you can rest and get a full nights sleep for once."

Naru perked up instantly and removed her hands from her eyes to give him a calculating look before saying, "Alright, but if I'm bothered or woken up there's going to be hell to pay."

"Language, young lady." Sarutobi growled as he nudged her with his foot.

Naru made another irritated sound and grabbed his ankle and gave a not so gentle pull- trying to throw him off balance so that she could initiate another bout of Taijutsu training. Sarutobi cackled evilly and quickly pulled himself free of her grasp and poked her in the chest the second she got up and said sternly,

"Oh, I don't think so, young lady. I'm not training you anymore today. Not when you're practically exhausted."

The blonde shrugged her slender shoulders and muttered. "Whatever." Then fell silent as she looked away. There was a heartbeat or so of silence between them. Just like there always was as the elder sighed and put his hand on top of her shoulder length blonde hair and said,

"So...PB&J sandwhiches sound okay for a quick dinner?"

Naru tilted her head back and looked up at him and gave him one of her rare smiles and chirped. "Okay." As she took hold of his hand as he removed it from the top of her head and turned around and let him lead her towards the closed door thirty feet away. He needed to feed her, get her in the bath and get ready for the wrestling match that she affectionately called, 'story time'.


1 yr later-

Sarutobi sighed as he peered into his crystal ball. Trying to locate his wayward partner, Naru, before any harm or trouble could find her and made a disgruntled sound when he finally found her loitering outside of the school...again.

Well this isn't going to be good for my heart. He thought as one of the academy teachers- Iruka Umino- had noticed her outside on one of the swings and got an agrieved look on his face, as if to ask the heavens above; 'Kami, why me?' and set his text and chalk aside and told the kids in the classroom that he would be back in a moment. There seemed to be a stray child outside on the playground in desperate need of educating.

It was at this point that Sarutobi let the images fade to nothing and returned his crystal ball to it's original state and leaned back in his chair and ran his hands over his face.

Poor Naru had become a tad bit obsessed with the school and everyone in it of late.

Not that that hadn't been expected at some point it was just that he had no idea how to handle her obssession. But he suppossed that after twelve years of living a sheltered life away from the world, that this was simply her small way of trying to reconnect with what she had been kept from.

It wasn't like anyone could hurt her anyways. She had too much of the demon in her to be truly hurt by something or someone.

Still he worried about her. She may hold one of the most evil creatures within her small fragile little body, but that in no way meant that she understood or knew the meaning of true evil.